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05-24-2019 , 12:59 AM
Thanks Da_Nit, think the guy in the truck was just being friendly possibly someone I know from around town not sure what they said. That section of hill is close to a %3 grade and half mile in length so you can get going close to 30 if your cranking hard, the basket and coroplast liner create a lot of drag so even on the longer steeper hills it's kind of hard to get going much over 35 which is fine because you really shouldn't be going that fast anyway in these settings especially during the day when there are more cars out on the road.

Dipping my toes into the Power Director video editing software, it's a little less daunting having some explanation from a coworker and having produced my own very basic video of Svėn showing off his athleticism. Going to try and sort through all his clips and put together a highlight package, the sheer volume of footage from our polo journey is such that it would take a while to sift through capturing the best moments and stitching them together.

Got a trip to Bradwell Bay and the Apalachicola free gun range set for Sunday with Steven, should be 60 miles with 10-15 on sandy forest roads with a hike on the Florida trail midway should be fun.

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05-30-2019 , 10:11 PM
Friend helped me finish off Svėn's little highlight here it is.

Last Sunday me and Steven rode out to the Apalachicola free gun range and sighted the rifle hit a target at 120 yards but lost a 5 round duel badly to Steven the 20'' barrel and .308 round makes for quite a report still getting used to that.

Last year I went out 3 times looking for hogs and found a very promising site off Highway 20 in the Apalachicola Bradwell Unit there is an abandoned hunting cabin on pilings near the Ochlockonee river and Pittman Creek which made for great camping might get out there once before departing as there are some hog hunt dates approaching.

Got a Garmin 20 which is a very bare bones GPS cycle computer which will be helpful in logging the miles on my new bike so I know when to change the oil in the gearbox. Here is the link to our ride out to the range.

After departing the gun range we had planned on riding to Bradwell Bay but I rolled the dice on a non motorized vehicle trail which although beautiful petered out into wilderness after 2 -4 miles leaving us with the option of back tracking or trying to walk the >1 miles worth of untamed forest with our bikes. The forest road 383 seemed tantalizingly close on google maps but it took us the better part of 3 hours and much difficulty between the density of the vegetation, yellow flies, thorn vines, saw grass, fallen trees, and sweltering heat I damned near had a medical emergency after 2 hours of that and no water.

Steven had a bit of applesauce let which somehow revived me enough to make the final push that and some blueberries foraged along the way. At some points we had to walk ahead to trample the thicket in order to be able to pull the bikes through, also had to offload one of my panniers to Steven and narrow down the width of my steed.

Steven had a stick break the derailleur hanger on his bike so we had to summon a ride back to Tallahassee, here are some photos with Steven applying mud as sunscreen and bug repellent.

My bike and kit are getting close to ready, got the front rack installed with the dynamo front light on the crown of rack way out front and higher up which should be vastly better than off the steerer tube of my frame.

Bike polo regional qualifier for the North American championships tomorrow, the crew from Tampa/St. Pete will almost certainly win largely because we've lost our best player Bob who moved to L.A but the plan is to give em hell and score a few goals along the way.

Also it's a joy to be back on Imgur, all I needed to do was leave Beta mode!
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05-30-2019 , 10:36 PM
Cool update, love the vid, Sven seems to be having so much fun.

You mentioned Imgur? Do you have a smart phone? If so the Tapatalk app is super easy for adding pictures to posts.
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05-31-2019 , 09:02 PM
Hey Da_Nit, thanks for the compliment on our video the last clip is him running home down the grass along a sidewalk and it's not sped up he just has some serious jets when he wants to!

I've used Tap to post photos up until recently because the forum codes seemed to have vanished, I think the resolution is better with Imgur and using the tap app I cannot seem to insert text between images which bothers me.

I'll use it now out of convenience, its always good to have options like using a bicycle brake lever as your car door handle.

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06-21-2019 , 10:21 AM
Day 1 of our big adventure, got on the road late 930am bc we had to pick up a laptop case at P.O.

100 miles to Pine Log St Forest near Ebro, could not find Svėn's cowboy hat which is ok because he hates wearing it anyway. When I adopted him his name was Stetson and the hat was included.

Bike is a tank will be lucky to do a rolling avg of 10mph the trailer and kit is like a wind sock, high of 94F good times.

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06-21-2019 , 01:40 PM
Sitting here at the Citgo on SR20 by the section of 267 that leads to Quincy enjoying one of my favorite travel pastimes reading the itty bitty rural newspaper which. Is great value at 50 cents, coffee refill to go with banana bread only 75 cents.

At $2 for Mon-Sat the Tallahassee Democrat is far less appealing Especially after they moved the production from their in town facility. to. PANAMA City. Lot of it is AP and Gannett/Usa Today none of which you'll find in the Liberty Calhoun Journal. Here is. a link to the wild video of a Blountstown Pd (former) getting into a father son brawl at an area Mexican spot around 2:30 am

I'll be passing through Blountstown in 20 miles kind of poking along on account of some rain showers and playing with set up/cameras. That Mark's the halfway point, should be lighter traffic west of Blountstown , ETA 930 10 pm.

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06-21-2019 , 10:21 PM
Writing to you from Hardees/Gas Station at the junction of 231 and 20 near Youngstown FL. Steven, Svėn and I made a stop on our Holiday New Year tour of 2018 and microwaved canned black beans then mixed them with garbage can salvaged french fries, the have lots of outlets and a wifi signal that my phone can access but laptop cannot.

The ride here took a lot out of me between the light but persistent headwind, 95+ heat, and heavy load. My plan is to peddle another 5 or so miles and camp just east of the Pitt and Sylvan springs boat ramp so I can take a dip in the Am and clean up.

Lost some time when a friend rode his sport bike out 40 miles east of Tallahassee to see me off, he didnt tell me he was coming so when I got passed in both directions by the same sport bike going well over 120 mph in the space of 10 minutes I was close to calling the Sheriff to report a lunatic out on SR20.

We had a nice chat in the baking sun then he rode ahead to Bristol where he picked up a Gatorade and some ice to bring back. Despite the electrolytes I was getting some muscle cramps in one leg which required a few short breaks.

After passing the Apiary west of Blountstown another sport bike passed me and the rider looked back at me long and hard before turning around and riding towards me on the shoulder so naturally I made room by moving to the grass he approached with full face helmet reached into his backpack and pulled out a cold Sunkist soda. Fist bumped him off without him saying a word was a pleasantly weird encounter with someone out on SR20.

Getting some good photos and video with the gopro but cant quite figure out how to link the camera and phone via bluetooth or wifi so they will have to wait, as will the trips first Svėntury.

Got the Krispy Kreme shades this morning on a coffee run with David for free because they couldn't find the price on the POS system.

The Garmin shuts off and resets when I plug it into my dynamo USb or battery bank so I'll have to try adding juice when its paused on break, I've got too much stuff and will have to send off or give away a few items and streamline this rig otherwise it will be a long crawl to the divide MTB trail.

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06-22-2019 , 11:56 AM
Wound up riding 7 miles from the Hardees to Ecofina Creek public canoe launch which is still closed to the public due to hurricane Michael damage.

Nice spot behind some downed trees on the loop road was quite close to SR20 but the insects did a nice job of muffling the engines.

Took. A dr bronner's bath in the creek then realized I had lost.a. sandle so rode the 7. miles. Back to Hardees but sadly no sandal might turn up on the grass off the shoulder, maybe it came off the trailer 20. miles prior but I can rest easy knowing I tried!

Slept in a little and am a bit worn out, cup of tea, power bar. and water will revive me.

Turned off. Lap mode and all sounds on the GPs so let's see how long it can run, going to. Pass the hot poker action at Ebro and continue west .on 20 all off which I've never ridden on, some monster. Causeway later today to link up with the coast. Hot and humid going to feel like well over 100, Svėn not eating his wet food going to try some beef. Jerky.

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06-22-2019 , 01:10 PM
Very cool update, stay cool and get lots of fluids, hope you and Sven hold up.
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06-22-2019 , 06:21 PM
Staying well hydrated Da_Nit, not sure about Svėn he seems to get by on very little.

Taking a break in the comfy chair of a CAT piece of heavy equipment parked off a side round a few miles east of Freeport soon I'll get off 20 and head south on 331 which will take me across a gigantic causeway and towards Santa Rosa and Miramar Beach. Hoping to make it as far as Okaloosa island or beyond, at 50. Miles for the day.

Busch man had a sizable knife in a sheath. On his belt, taken in the Gas Station near the Ebro Motel which looks lovely.

Chochawhatchee river sorry know it's spelled wrong, had some serious channels and monster cypress trees. Very pretty

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06-22-2019 , 09:59 PM
Busch Man = Florida Man
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06-22-2019 , 11:21 PM
No shirt, no shoes what a boss right? Made it to Destin about an hour ago going to camp at Henderson Park will blast through Pensacola tomorrow. Got some of my garmin stuff uploaded but the unit is still losing battery after about 12 hours going to have to troubleshoot that.

Bridge across Bay to Santa Rosa

Day 1


Sitting on someones discarded chair

The new Sven cam was having condensation issues with the camera case

My friend the speed freak

Getting to bed too late and missing the prime cool morning hours, gotta try and rectify that!
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06-23-2019 , 08:48 AM
Got a nice early start looking at Gulf State park. 80 miles away

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06-23-2019 , 03:13 PM
Some great pics.
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06-23-2019 , 09:24 PM
Ty DaNit, made. It to. Fort. MORGAN ferry landing at. 728pm last ferry to. . Dauphin Island leaves at . 715, so. .I'm camped in some. Buggy ass sedge grass hidden from. The. Prying. Eyes. Of. Ranger. BOB. Tomorrow. 830. Ferry and on to Mississippi. I'm in Alabama btw. Yah. Lots of. Good gopro .photos. videos but I'm pretty. Whipped did. Over 100 , at least I'm. .getting to. Bed. .early sorry. My. Screen on phone is. JACKED UP!

a ho hum picture. Of. The dunes .
At. OKALOOSA island, amazing how. Much litter is .on. . the side of .road there maybe. But hey its. A little pocket of. Undeveloped barrier .island in .an .area that is highly . Developed.

Tomorrow we will visit. . The home. Of Forest. GUMPZ good friend. BUBBA. Bayou LaBatrie always. Makes me smile

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06-24-2019 , 10:05 AM
Enjoyed last. Nights camping there was. Lots of animal noises. Including a pair gigantic sea birds (pelicans?) Who had massive. Nest in the crown of an. 80ft pine.

Took a. Dip in the ocean after my ride yesterday have a small rash/chaff. On inner thigh hoping. Not. To get flesh eating bacteria.

On the Ferry to. DAUPHIN Island now naturally saw some dolphins straightaway off the bow, looking forward to Vietnamese food in Bayou Labatrie big expat. Community there.

Svėn very. Subdued chilling in. His berth not. Eating much. Got to. Find a wet food he. Likes

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06-24-2019 , 10:06 AM
Z. Pics

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06-24-2019 , 03:21 PM
After exiting the ferry and peddling a bit it became apparent the rash would risk escalating into something real unpleasant if we went for another full day of riding so grabbed a tube of Desitin and headed over to the vacation home of a user who allows touring cyclists to camp beneath his near beach front property.

Washed my dirty clothes, charging up batteries, and combing through the 2000+ photos from my gopro. I didnt Intend on having that many but the remote seems to be damaged and goes. Into burst mode sporadically taking 30 shots in quick succession.

Doesn't hurt that there are a nice looking group of women renting the house who don't mind us being there.

Can look over the bike a bit clean the belt and adjust front brame which is slightly out of adjustment. Legs feel good, beach visit in a bit maybe a trip to Fort Gaines.

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06-25-2019 , 03:29 PM
Sitting here at the Subway in Hurley having accumulated 43 or so miles for the day since departing Dauphin Island at 7:30 AM. Back to following the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Maps for a while until at least New Roads LA where there is a cool place to stop for camping more on that later.

Kind of neat riding some of these roads almost 5 years after having ridden them for the first time, there are some vivid memories coming back like being put up at the Pentacostal Church a few miles back and playing basketball in their rec center.

A little hilly here still super hot, humid and bright but theres no headwind so we can average around 10+mph.

Some pictures from the previous days:

Highway 20

Coastal areas near Destin and Pensacola

Very wide shoulder on section of Okaloosa so let Sven have a romp along the dunes

In the past he has been very skittish around water and hates being wet but maybe out of loyalty, seperation anxiety he followed me right into the surf. Could also be the very gradual transition from earth to water that permits his tiny legs to feel things out.

Bridge leaving Dauphin Island

On the Road to Bayou LaBatrie some cyclist out for a trainer rode along for about 8 miles and we chatted about things it was a nice time he sees lots of touring bicyclists living near the route.

Inbetween here and Texas are some of the worst roads for biking most of the shoulders are itty bitty even worse some shoulders are textured with rumble strips so you have to ride in the roads which carry moderate traffic at a decent clip. Thankfully there have been no close passes or people getting aggro think the very visible trailer and it's precious cargo might have something to do with that!

There's a couple private campgrounds 40-50miles ahead it has been a while since I've stayed at one and to keep this rash at bay good hygiene is going to be essential.
Sven doing good after destroying a can of Vienna sausages in the morning, should have a good shot at getting done for the day before sundown.
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06-25-2019 , 03:37 PM
Went for a ride without the bags last night around the Island you can see where the bottom of the rack connects to the from there is a small aluminium plate that bridges the two, there is a matching one on opposite side. My friend Ed from the Bicycle house spent an hour customizing those so we could run the trailer hitch easier. They look professionally done, he's also the guy who set up my rear dyno light. Had a lot of help putting this together, especially with the trailer I'll have to get some pics of the custom fender we built.

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06-28-2019 , 08:33 AM
Camped last night at Perry's Bike Hostel a non commercial bike tourist only place built on her property that has hosted thousands of cyclists including myself back in 2014.

Night before was at the Franklinton LA PD behind their vacant K9 kennel.

two nights ago by the Airey Tower campground DeSoto National forest.

DeSoto NF:

Pascagoula River was in the news lately so timely that I crossed it when I did.

Sometimes you're better off riding the micro shoulder

Biggest darn fly I ever seen

Time warp in Clinton LA

East Feliciana Parish Courthouse build in 1843 also in Clinton

Prison Industrial complex is strong in LA, they even have a working cattle operation at the DCI facility near Jackson complete with an underpass of SR10.

Hoping to make Chicot State Park, getting a little late start had coffee with Perry who also had cooked me dinner. 95+ miles to go .

Yesterdays ride was the first one I completely captured on one GPS battery, did really well considering the increase in elevation +/-

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06-29-2019 , 11:42 AM
Made it to Chicot State park last night around sundown got a nice spot off a hiking trail along a cypress swamp.

Lost my MP3/FM radio opted to pick up a 18$ Walmart AM/FM glad I did otherwise would have never known about Second Samuel's great family friendly song

Also caught WKILL out of Moreauville which played some classic hits along with agricultural price updates and a 5 minute segment on local obituaries.

Dragging ass out of Ville Platte, just about to leave the walmart not sure about a destination tonight but did well over 100 yesterday.

Should be in Texas soon, yeeehaw

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06-29-2019 , 12:35 PM
Nice update, Ville Platte is in the middle of nowhere. My company tried to transfer me there, I declined.
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06-30-2019 , 02:14 AM
Da_Nit that may be true but they take baseball so seriously there that the local 12 year old all stars game was being live broadcast on the classic rock station listened for a bout 30 minutes. Also on radios although the one I'm using is 10x as big and half as good as the Sandisk MP3/FM player fiddling with the tuner knob and hunting for AM stations is way more fun and engaging than just hitting a scan key, even if it can be infuriatingly frustrating. There are those rare moments when depending upon angle of device and atmospheric/geographic conditions you might get an AM signal from some broadcaster 800 miles away.

A user who doesn't even own or ride bicycles has allowed me to stay with her do laundry and hang out with her 3 large dogs all of whom have had their way sniffing sven despite his objections. Sven tried mounting the large German Shepard mix from his perch on a recliner which is something I've never seen him do.

From yesterday's crossing of the Mississippi on the James Audubon Bridge

Awful wreck memorial on SR1 near Innis

Crossing the Atchafalaya River east of Simmesport

Sven on the levee between Simmesport and Hamburg

Old SR1 along the levee was very lightly traveled but a bit bumpy they had some corn growing which reminds me of home in Pennsylvania.

Not a very good picture but if I had looked more closely at the fence surrounding these animals I would have noticed that in the corners were electrical components, I wrongly assumed that because it was barbed there wasn't any current running through it. Reached through to get a closer shot and ZAAAPPP knocked the camera right out of my hands.

Say more crushed turtles in the last 150 miles than I've ever seen, at least this guy appears to have died of old age or gluttony, maybe poisoned who knows.
Getting chased by lots of dogs lately, finally had the Sven cam in place for a triple threat.

Here is a short video taken a few days ago from the eastern part of Pearl River County Ms.

Here is the crawfish pond pump station I sheltered at during an intense 30 minute rain storm, came across it just as the rain started coming down.

Probably won't get an early start tomorrow but we will try to beat the heat if possible, on to Texas.

And my GPS from yesterday, put a new high score before the battery died looked at the map and the total would have been about 115

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06-30-2019 , 03:07 AM
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