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04-22-2019 , 05:46 PM
After the Polo games slowed down I instigated some full court BBall with the youths playing halfcourt on the adjacent courts. It was a lot of fun probably played close to 2 hours in my giro cycle shoes which are very nimble cycle shoes but going that hard generated a massive blister on my right foot and left me quite sore the next day.

Took a ride with one of the Orlando locals back to his place 9 miles east of the court crashed out and got back on the road around noon Sunday feeling the effects of unlimited beers and all the previous days physical activity made it quite a slog to peddle west to my targeted camp site of the Van Fleet Trail southwest of Groveland.

It was a real grind but overall a nice ride, good conditions nice scenery wound up arriving at the Bay Lake Rd trail head right around 830pm knocked off in my hammock and got a good night sleep waking today at around 645 was on the road by 730.

The Van Fleet trail is bordered on the west by the Green Swamp Wildlife Management area lots of cattle pasture me and my pal Eli rode it down to Key west many moons ago, there are some parcels of raw land along the trail I wanted to look at which I did and they certainly are raw, like native unspoiled densely packed need a machete and calf high boots to explore.

We stopped for a meal in Polk City then continued on the Auburndale extension then started heading west towards Lakeland along the Highway 92 corridor which we have been on most of the way. 92 west of Lakeland has the highest concentration of mobile homes I've ever seen, feel vaguely like I've viewed these places on an old episode of Cops focusing on either Polk or Hillsborough counties.

Also passed the Publix corporate headquarters or some main distribution facility along with another big logistics center the Saddle Creek facility near Combee Settlement.

About 14 miles away from a nice dingy motel I've stayed at before 1/4 mile from the Hard Rock where I might do play some poker for a few days before venturing over to the Derby Lane where I've never played.
Going to be in the Bay Area until Saturday then will work my way back to Tallahassee.

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04-22-2019 , 05:49 PM
Bike RX box was an Eagle Scouts project, dude on the road bike was riding a pretty snazzy Kestrel, the hammock site was right up against the Green Swamp saw plenty of eyes reflecting back in the beam of my headlamp while setting up.

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04-22-2019 , 07:06 PM

So Great to See this blog, I feel like I can put My mind in each Picture and Story and feels like a refreshing Shot Thanks Cheers . . .

I Feel You, We Need to B Our∑Self We follow no-one else . . .
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04-28-2019 , 08:55 AM
Visiting my friend in Treasure Island who rents these fat tire E Bikes, his kid brother who I knew very well and grew was killed in a pedestrian traffic accident last year very nice to see his family and talk a bit.
He rents paddleboards too a about to go on a 9 party bachelorate stand up paddle board outing that should be great.

Poker at the hard rock went great until I jumped in a 5 10 deep game and expropriated most profits to the stuck reg overvaluating a top pair 2nd kicker vs flopped 2 pair for 4k pot, got owned pwnt and taken to value town but that's fine I was over the limit over the line prime for the picking.

Stopped in at Derby Lane on the way to Treasure Island for some souvenir chips turns out you have to be at a table to get any $1 units so I jumped in a 1-2 and played a very funny hand where I got bad beated for close to a hindu but the best part was the winners exuberant celebration she was very happy about floating me on the flop and hitting running 77 with A7 off so my expedition to get $20 in chips cost me 5x that's ok just roll with the punches they keep coming

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04-29-2019 , 09:51 AM
Forgot to thank Digi Fox for his tripped out SvŽn photo, thanks for checking in my friend.

Was pretty soused for paddleboarding dumped me and SvŽn twice he probably hated it but endured hes doing real well will take the peddle assist fat tire bikes to fort Desoto soon and rip some trails

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05-01-2019 , 08:29 AM
Started the trip home yesterday around 8am after a good time riding the electric assist fat tire bikes at Fort Desoto on Monday.

Picked up the Pinellas Trail not far from Treasure Island and took that all the way to Tarpon Springs, passing through Dunedin and Palm harbor. Had lots of company from other cyclists and pedestrians the trail even had separate paths for each along most of its course.

After the nice start on the trail it would be a tough go on exposed blacktop along highway 19 winding north through several miles of strip malls into and leaving New Port Richey.

Made my target of Homomossa Springs albeit slightly later 830pm than anticipated because of a double flat tube situation involving the trailer wheel and rear.

A pair of bikers came through the trail near my camp at close to 4am asking if I had a patch kit, helped the guy get fixed and off they went to their homeless encampment, a fun diversion from the normal. Lots of critters were moving around in the woods keeping me up anyway.

On to a bike shop in Crystal River my cranks have loosened up slightly which could be a total immobilizer if not corrected should cover close to half of my 170 miles home today, the balance tomorrow right ahead of some wet weather approaching from the Atlantic

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05-01-2019 , 10:19 PM
After a flat and side tracking thanks to the unsecured Jack Russell terror three miles south of Chiefland who crossed four lanes of Highway 19/98 twice made to Old Town where I reprovisioned then backtracked to my beloved stealth camp on the east bank of the Suwanee would have liked to make Tennille.

One of the highlights was crossing what remains of the 1/3 completed trans Florida canal which was started in the 1930's worked on piecemeal until being shelved after 70 million spent and what must have been quite a lot of digging. The canal is now protected with a 300 foot buffer on either side the section I crossed is on Hwy 19 just south of Inglis and ran due west into the Withlacootchee Bay. They have a bike trail running along it but that will have to wait.

Also spent some time at the very cool Herschels General store in little Otter Creek which used to be a stop on the florida passenger rail line. that runs alongside much of highway 98/19, such a shame we lost the robust passenger rail system of the past. Did spend a short break north of Gulf Hammock to spell SvŽn from his torture ride at a trestle that spanned a nice little spring.

Believe it or not the even tinier than Otter Creek, Gulf Hammock has retained its post office and is even scheduled to have a new one built despite being in the middle of a very rural area less than 10 miles south of Otter Creek. Mailed some postcards at the OC P.O and the postmaster there said it made no sense to her but guess it's kind of neat for these shrunken communities to hang on to those cornerstones of civic life.

Chiefland is right up there on the cities I speed through, safely out I started venturing off 98 North and West to link up with the Nature Coast trail rode some great pasture and planted pine forest rural roads along the way. SVňN ran himself ragged it was hard to keep him from overheating all he wanted to do was show off his wheels on the last parts to mighty Old Town.

115 miles to Tallahassee going to look for a predawn start and dusky entrance back into the Capitol of this great state.

Pictures to come cell signal here is weak

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05-02-2019 , 07:07 AM
Got up at 615 was rolling by 7, quick stop at the Gasso and then on to Perry and their huge construction zone

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05-02-2019 , 08:34 AM
These ones precede the previous set which. Were from the tail end of yesterday

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05-02-2019 , 08:40 AM
Lots of good radio experiences, yesterday they had an interesting guest talking about how our brains are affected by modern GPS proliferation, she speculated navigational words might have been some of the first uses of language couple other good points. Did a little dead reckoning myself on the way from Chiefland to the nature coast trail. In cross city short break on to Tenille

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05-02-2019 , 01:47 PM
Quick rest in Perry which is just under the halfway point with 60 miles to home. Used the gas station compressor in Tennille too top of the rear tire I inflated using my travel pump yesterday and can feel the efficiency gains big time. Always kind of risky trying to run close to 100psi using a compressor with no gauge but we did it.
A few miles past Tennille there is Deer Run Rd which is slightly longer but rejoins 98 after a mile. Svenski a good run before we get another chance on the St Mark's Trail 20 miles south of Tallahassee
Just past TStopped off in Salem for water and then an abandoned motel in what's left of Athena.

The first mile or so into perry was finished roadway now we are back to the textured shoulder that is such a pain to ride on it makes the sidewalk an option. Stopped in the Subway and forgot they dont have veggie patties which is fine with SvŽn he got the ham off my BMT.

The surface and overall ride experience will skyrocket a few miles past Perry on 98 once we get out there can see a 13-15mph pace depending on wind.

SvŽn doing real well making lots of admirers

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05-02-2019 , 06:45 PM
Still going through your blog but love it. Makes me want to get on my bike and ride. Very interesting stayed up a an hour or so in bed last night reading it. As a guy with a typical office job, typical family life etc. itís fascinating to read out someoneís life that doesnít fit the normal conformities.
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05-03-2019 , 01:58 PM
Just found this last night. Such great updates, recaps, and photos. I'm from Austin now but grew up in NWFL in Destin. Got into cycling big time a couple years ago, primarily for health. Fell in love with it.

Been eyeballing FL for some longer distance/overnight rides.

Keep it up and be safe! Will be following along.
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05-03-2019 , 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Da_Nit
Still going through your blog but love it. Makes me want to get on my bike and ride. Very interesting stayed up a an hour or so in bed last night reading it. As a guy with a typical office job, typical family life etc. itís fascinating to read out someoneís life that doesnít fit the normal conformities.
Thank you for the nice words glad you enjoyed and definitely get back on the bike!

Arrived 8pm yesterday after much efforts, a top 5 performance for sure

My laptop arrived I'll have to upload some footage

Pics of David's new bike and my camo gear from Herschels, also a nap at cabbage tract wma on the 98

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05-03-2019 , 11:40 PM
Just finished this, just wow, really interesting read. I love all the pictures you take and really agree with your point that traveling by bike you get to see and explore so much more. In an odd way it reminds me of several articles posted a few years back in the Houston free press where I live. Theyíd make these huge day walks along some of the longer roads in this town. Places almost all Houstonians would drive through but the experiences and what you see on foot is so much different.

A summary of my favorite walking tour they did, Telephone Road.

Full article unfortunately the link of pictures from this article seem broken.

Obviously not the same thing as there mostly exploring urban sprawl on day trips by foot while youíre covering hundreds of miles in multi day trips by bike mostly through scenic rural countryside. However same vibe to me.
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05-04-2019 , 09:29 PM
My bike which I bought for like $150 used at a local bike shop along with my kids trailer which Iím guessing my wife paid a lot more for than my actual bike.

Just a small ride with the kiddo to a few parks. Heís going to visit my in laws in a few weeks. While heís gone Iím hoping to do some longer day trips.

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05-09-2019 , 07:46 AM

. . . . Tnx
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05-13-2019 , 09:44 AM
Da_Nit, I really enjoyed the links to Houston Chronicle's walking tour of Telephone Road which happens to be the name of a great Steve Earle song I'm sure you're familiar with.

Love the trail along buggy for your child, when I was a toddler my parents took a trip to Sanibel island and carted me around on the .back of a bicycle, perhaps that factors into my obsession with the activity.

A Octopus thanks I mostly do ride safe, but. A gambler still will take the occasional calculated risk to get the juices flowing. I've yet to ride in Destin but love that area Especially going north into the rural forested areas Ebro, Vernon, Chipley.

If your looking to do some longer rides in Florida I'd highly recommend looking at the Big Bend, Forgotten Coast some of the most undeveloped parts of the. State. I'll likely pass through Austin in a few weeks. On my impending bike adventure keep an eye out for me

Digi Fox ty for the swirled up portrait of me and David who I. Forgot to mention is sporting a "Dan-Bana" one of America's greatest fashion contributions in my opinion.

Decided to move my blog elsewhere maybe Crazy Guy on a bike or R/bicycletouring
I'm working with someone to edit and compile a few videos with the footage taken on me . And Sven's big polo loop. That will get put on my YouTube channel in bits and pieces .

My new bike is here, 18 speed belt driven pinion gearbox Co-Motion Pangea, came with a front dynamo hub and light my pal Ed from bicycle house installed the. Rear dynamo light so very fun. The belt is less efficient than chain but has other advantages Especially on a potentially 10,000 mile journey over many surfaces. Going to run 4 panniers plus trailer which will be modified to protect SvŽn from the elements. And free of my luggage so. He has more tail room.

Best of luck riding and in life to all it's been. .fun sharing my adventures here and reading a bit about the other bloggers, feel like some. Adjustments need to be made in order to stay on a more healthy path.

My loose plan is. To ride from Tallahassee to Antelope wells NM jump on the Great Divide mountain bike trail, ride to Banff Alberta hang a left to Vancouver Bc take 2 ferries to Seattle then coast on the tailwinds all the way to Cabo San Lucas, another Ferry and then decide whether to continue south or back .towards FL.

All the best, Hank.

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05-19-2019 , 12:16 AM
Going through the GoPro footage, apparently the thing takes great photos as well based on this shot of Sven running along 441 south of Gainesville along Paynes Prairie.

Some footage from the first few miles leaving Tallahassee on US90

Sven boarding his buggy at the Camp Horse Manure by the Oxford Downs, flies were everywhere!

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05-19-2019 , 10:21 AM
Love the video of Sven riding in his trailer.
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05-19-2019 , 10:35 AM
Iím glad you enjoyed the walking tour story of Telephone Road. I believe the Steve Earle songs where part of there inspiration for making that tour.

Florida does seem an idea place to make some bike rides.

Your upcoming ride seems epic. When you end up heading out this way towards Austin let me know. Me and the wife may need to make a trip out to Austin.
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05-19-2019 , 10:25 PM
Florida probably gets more miles ridden by bicycles than any other state in the nation, we always lead the league in fatalities which would align with my first point.

Thanks Da_Nit I will definitely keep that in mind, looking forward to Austin as they have a reputation for being bike friendly and kind of eccentric.

SvŽn riding in the modified buggy on the way to bike polo this evening. The foam noodle is set up for easy removal underneath on the trailer tubing are little sections of adhesive velcro which attach to bits placed on the bit of clear vinyl shower curtain bunched up behind him. The white coroplast sits atop two bicycle rims cut in half bolted to the trailer, should provide a little shade and rain protection on our upcoming odyssey.

I'm tying up loose ends here and will leave around the 7th of June there will be a regional bike polo tournament hosted here in Tallahassee at this indoor roller hockey court which is a total blast to play on, can't miss that.

Covered two shifts for friends at JJ's which was fun after such a long absence, first day I did 25 deliveries from 11:30-4 which is a pretty high number. The sprints from point to point are good training especially over a 4 hour period somewhat similar to interval training, but I'm getting paid albeit poverty wages.

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05-19-2019 , 10:46 PM
That picture put a big smile on my face, what does the warning sign say? Canít make it out from the picture. Very nice setup, Sven seems to enjoy the new gig.
On yer bike Quote
05-19-2019 , 11:12 PM
Da_Nit there is an identical one on the opposite site they say "WARNING: Beware of the Dog", Sven is not a biter of humans but in this litigious era it's good to cover ones bases.

Next step is probably to put a foam footprint down on the base of the trailer to give him a little more comfort, ordered a new thru axle that is compatible with the B.O.B trailer so I'll probably do a short little mini trip with the new bike and set up to get a feel for everything and make packing decisions. There is a place called Bradwell Bay in the Apalachicola National forest that wasn't touched by the rampant logging of the last two centuries so there is a 100 acre pocket of old growth slash pines and swamp black gum which I've never seen. Now would be a good time to go because it's been really dry and hot lowering the amounts of standing water one would normally encounter there.

Another place I've been wanting to visit is the uninhabited St. Vincent's island which has no road access and was stocked back in the early 20th century with exotic Asian game animals for sport hunting. The only species to take hold and survive is the Sambar Deer which can weigh up to 700 lbs and once a year are available to be hunted on a lottery system. The island is pretty wild there are supposedly large populations of feral hogs, not sure how I'd get there but one part of the island is only 1/4 mile from shore so swimming would be an option!

As promised here is the return trip from my earlier delivery video to the state Capitol;

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05-20-2019 , 12:15 AM
That video is awesome, the looks on peopleís faces when they see you walking through the capitol building with your helmet mounted GoPro are priceless. You seem to be gunning it down those streets is that normal speed for you? Also what did the guy in the truck say to you?
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