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On yer bike On yer bike

11-01-2018 , 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by HankTheBank On yer bike

Hopefully the ballot initiative here in Floridas upcoming election will restore released felons voting rights more rapidly and in greater numbers the current system is one of many blemishes on our criminal justice system.
John Oliver did a story on this, and the clips of the clemency board meetings are astounding.
11-01-2018 , 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by ZenRabbit On yer bike
John Oliver did a story on this, and the clips of the clemency board meetings are astounding.
ZenRabbit great video John Oliver has a big audience glad he contributed to the effort it surely will make a difference.

Rode on from Palatka to Hawthorne where there is a 16 mile rail trail connecting it with Gainesville, took me close to midnight but knew a secure quiet place to camp would be well worth the effort.

The trail is quite scenic and includes a deviation from the rail line up lake Alachua full of tight turns and nice broadleaf hardwood stands, meadows and scrub brush.

Just finished breakfast with a former JJ'S coworker and polo player who now does JJ'S and plays polo here in Gainesville. Only 150 some miles to home, looking forward to the Nature Coast trail which connects Fanning Springs with Cross city. Other than that the Goethe State forest is real pretty and lightly traveled might take a new route into town to save some miles on the last stretch.

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11-02-2018 , 11:06 AM
Made it back this morning around 3 am, felt like packing it in around dusk 70 miles out after getting soaked by some rain but rallied at Perry where with 50 miles to go I just knew I'd make it home and since the rain had stopped it was a lot easier to enjoy the ride.

Had a good ride set new personal 2 day mileage total somewhere around 450.

Some songs you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing, this is one of them.

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11-02-2018 , 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by ZenRabbit On yer bike
John Oliver did a story on this, and the clips of the clemency board meetings are astounding.
11-02-2018 , 08:07 PM
11-25-2018 , 12:21 AM
Lil brother flew down from his home in NYC to visit for a day we rode bikes around town visited the recreation of Mission San Luis where Spanish and Apalachee Indians lived alongside one another for a few decades. The meeting lodge pictured behind us is where the Apalachee would have big meetings a capacity of 3000 they say, the pine trees required for the main posts just be somewhere in the 80_100 ft range.

Guy with the recumbent bike was packing up at the St Mark trail head, gotta love his helmet sun guard which is called "Da Brim".

Today was the Florida vs FSU football game, pedicab operators from Gainesville, Orlando and other nearby cities come in to cash in on the attendees the fellow with this awesome fuzzy upholstered cab put two motors both ends, a subwoofer, and loudspeaker powered by two car batteries.

As the fans were leaving I had to snap a picture of the cute little gator girl posing with a decapitated Seminole head, they sure are nuts about college football down here.

Gonna do another trip soon as I'll take off from work for a few weeks while the business dies off with winter break.

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11-25-2018 , 01:40 AM
Svėn nesting in his safe space

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11-25-2018 , 02:29 AM
So cute Hank. Sven is lovely
12-22-2018 , 12:13 AM
Setting out tomorrow on a 7 to 9 day trip with my buddies Steven and Sven to Dauphin Island Alabama and back. Met Steven playing in local ultimate Frisbee games he has never done any multi day & night bike trips and has never done more than 60 or 70 miles but seems more than capable of achieving both if his late 70's American Bicycle Corporation (made in Allentown PA!) steel road bike can meet the challenge.

First days route will likely be:,+Tallahassee,+FL/Devil's+Hole,+Florida+Trail,+Youngstown,+FL/@30.4248917,-85.5213492,10.75z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x88ec5f9c7d0066dd:0x601 4aab9b307ed2d!2m2!1d-84.256697!2d30.442641!1m5!1m1!1s0x88930c81c3159549 :0x7867b9b894dd8550!2m2!1d-85.519295!2d30.493152!3e1

The last 7.5 miles of that route would be using the Florida Trail which is unpaved but likely more compacted than the sandy service road off highway 20 that takes you to our camping destination at Walsingham Camp in the Ecofina Creek Water Management Area.

If we are low on time upon arriving at Blountstown we may just continue on Highway 20 towards Pitt & Sylvan Springs where there are other camping options closer to the roadway.

Day 2 should land us in the Destin FL area where we may have someone to crash with if not there should be ample stealth camping spots on Okaloosa Island.'s+Hole,+Florida+Trail,+Youngstown,+FL/Destin,+FL/@30.3976556,-86.418918,9.41z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m10!1m1!1s0x88930c81c3159549:0x78 67b9b894dd8550!2m2!1d-85.519295!2d30.493152!3m4!1m2!1d-86.0321771!2d30.4765726!3s0x8893c20dd2a671b1:0xef2 bcf9b1b6d0035!1m5!1m1!1s0x88914379c940f4b7:0x17a48 bdb46584c32!2m2!1d-86.4957833!2d30.3935337!3e1

Day three if we are up to it will end at Fort Morgan on Mobile Bay or if we make the last ferry to Dauphin Island by 5:45pm there is a warmshowers (couch surfing for bike tourists) spot we can take advantage of. The plan is to spend a day there on Dauphin Island see the fort and other sights, rest up and then head back home. Anytime your riding a whole day along the coast wind becomes a potential hurdle and my limited knowledge of the likely prevailing winds is that it won't be at our backs.!3e1

The two forts Gaines and Morgan were pivotal in the civil war battle for Mobile bay and Gaines on Dauphin island has been restored. On the weekends they have a working blacksmith shop and periodically fire off the cannons so definitely a cool attraction that I visited back in 2014 on a previous tour.

Fired up the Uber app a few weeks ago and was able to make around 25$/hr for close 30 hours, slowing creeping my way to 1000 deliveries!

Sleepy time, long day ahead.
12-22-2018 , 12:15 AM
Svėn's new sweater underneath old one, thanks Mom!

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12-22-2018 , 04:16 PM
Just scarfed down two fried egg bacon & cheese sandwiches here at the highly reviewed Altha Diner we have covered about 2/3's of today's 90 miles. Hank Williams III "Country Folk can Survive" came on shortly after we sat which was appropriate for this very rural part of North FL Liberty county.

On the topic of country we stopped at one of the two gas stations in Hosford I visited on my first endurance ride to Ebro last year, walked in behind a shirtless feller and saw a clearly posted "no shirt no shoes no service" sign taped on the door. Went to the ice machine and looked back to see he was leaving without having purchased anything, asked the cashier if he got the boot for violating the dress code and she said "sure did, signs right on the door!".
Instead of going to his truck and grabbing a shirt he just drove the 50 yards across the intersection to the neighboring station and did his shopping there!
So when we came back today I went and gave my business to the more lenient vendor even though I was fully clothed much more active over there anyway which makes sense the rules sticklers are really costing themselves with that policy in those parts (Hosford).

This part of the state got real torn up by the last storm seeing the damage gas been quite a sight, roof a torn up power lingers and poles down everywhere.

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12-22-2018 , 04:26 PM
21 miles of road to go before the florida trail head which might wind up being a quagmire seeing as we've had lots of rain and well who knows if the trail tenders have gotten around to clearing whatever debris is on the path.

Svėn will get to stretch his legs while we ride longest hes ever been on the bike, this trip is a bit of a dry run for a much longer ride summer 2019 to parts unknown so far so good he whimpers occasionally but mostly seems content to surf the basket and do lots of sniffing.

We changed time zones to central after crossing the very substantial Trammell bridge over the mighty Apalachicola River. The flood plane extends well beyond the banks if that river so they have to keep it elevated for some distance on either side of the main channel.

Made the mistake of riding on the protected pedestrian walkway on the eastbound lanes not knowing the westbound lanes had a big shoulder. People love tossing beer bottles on the walkway and there are very few drains so lots of glass accumulates but we managed to avoid getting any tires gaped which would be quite the disaster.

Steven is feeling it, he has flat peddles much less efficient bike but is coping. Time to motor on, gotta get to camp before sunset or

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12-22-2018 , 04:30 PM
Also want to take a dip in the Devils Hole before the mercury plummets! Much easier to set up a camp in daylight.

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12-22-2018 , 04:59 PM
Svėn just had a sniff off with Patches in the Altha supermarket parking lot.

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12-23-2018 , 01:39 AM
We made it to the Florida Trailhead right as darkness was setting in 5:30pm or so and found predictably many downed trees. In around 1/2 mi we had to dismount and maneuver a dozen obstacles so we decided to bail and take 231 south down to 20 and west into the Ecofina Water Management Area eventually we found a great spot near Williford Springs where I'm nestled into my hammock with Svėn keeping my lap warm.

Steven built a fire nearby and is sleeping sans tent next to it, a little smokey but the fire noises are nice and combat the drone of cars off in the distance traversing the 20.

We had a real good day and due to the change of plans feel like this qualified as our first Svėntury we are right around 100+ miles.

At the junction of 231 & 20 we stopped at the hardee's/gas station and made use of their microwave to heat up a can of black beans and our Dollar General tortilla chips to scoop em up. Also salvaged some uneaten fries from the rubbish bin which tied the free feast together nicely, paying $5 for one of their items seemed wasteful when were lugging around dead food weight.

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12-23-2018 , 01:50 AM
Here at our camp I fired up the MSR whisperlite stove and heated up a can of spaghettios mixed with a tin of sardines packed in Louisiana hot sauce which turned out to be reasonably tasty and very nourishing.

Tomorrow we are shooting for a minimum of Okaloosa island which is 70 miles and possibly more if we can manage in order to make day 3 easier so we can make the last 5:45 PM ferry to Dauphin Island.

Still not sure how to insert text between photos on the app but below there is a hitchhiker Santa in Altha, a clothed micro dog who came out to greet us and didn't bark once, the Chipola river and our Hardees rally snack. Had to do a little riding on the sandy road which was pretty but challenging the last bit of road we took to camp is way looser sand and will be a PITA tomorrow Am getting back to SR20.

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12-23-2018 , 05:22 PM
Steven has some knee inflammation that will prevent us from our goal of Dauphin Island Al so we paddled on down SR20 to the very well maintained and lake filled Pine Log Forest near Ebro.

We snuck in on the forest road, showered and set up camp while that was going on the camp host showed up with her lovely little terrier Cupcake who Svėn in an out of character moment growled at from his perch on the picnic table. She made small talk for a bit then explained her role there during this Svėn gave cupcakes loins a thorough sniff complete with shallow muff dive, long story short the park is technically closed to public which we would have seen had we entered via the proper channel.

However its Christmas and the camp host seems generous, she says no problem stay the night it's almost Christmas! Great so I late registered the 1pm $200 MTT and just busted having played pretty poorly but as a consolation prize I have a few hundred to put in at the 1-2 and a lovely view of the desolate dog track area of my favorite Fl poker venue.

You appear at the tournament registration cage with cash and they exchange it for a raffle style ticket without checking ID or asking much else. Friendly game lots of the players are regulars of this tournament

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12-23-2018 , 05:29 PM
One guy in for 4 buy ins he seemed loose and wealthy, played decent and caught me on the turn with a classic donk bet on trips when I had top pair on a draw heavy board.
Poker is kind of boring maybe if I build a cash game stack of 500+BB we can discuss hands but that seems a pipe dream.

Probably head back to Tallahassee tomorrow, I'm happy with Stevens heart but know the discomfort of an inflamed joint it makes pulling long days an exercise in maschocism.

When I get my next bike it will be capable of shredding the sand roads, I dont care about sacrificing rolling resistance and speed the versatility must be priority #1!

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12-23-2018 , 08:11 PM

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12-24-2018 , 02:47 PM
Couldn't get any momentum at the cash table before I blasted off my stack at 1-2 with an ill timed shove and thanks to Wells Fargo for refusing to increase my ATM daily limits I probably would have done more donating.

Anyhow the Pine Log was very nice camping and instead of heading back on SR20 were gonna head to the little panhandle town made semi famous by documentary film maker Erroll Morris's film of the same name; "Vernon".

It's on Netflix if anyone is interested not sure about this YouTube version of it.

He originally set out to document its reputation as "nub city" because it had the highest per capita rate of insurance claims for limb loss/injuries. Some of the townsfolk didn't want the attention so Morris was threatened and eventually assaulted so he changed the focus of the film to just highlight some of its colorful characters.

I've heard the Turkey Hunter is still around perhaps we will run into him, then its off to Holmes Creek for a camp sight probably a 20 mile easy day.

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12-24-2018 , 08:14 PM
Had a nice short day and spent a little time in Vernon it turns out the Turkey Hunter died 5 years ago according to someone who knew him. The sandwich artist at the Ebro subway referred to the movie as a "mockumentary" and some of the residents of Vernon dont seem to think the film was very flattering which makes sense.

Vernon is similar to a lot of the small coal towns nearby my hometown in Pa in that once had far more people and prosperity until changes in technology reduced their economy, here it was the arrival of the railroad. They still get some tourism dollars from kayakers and canoeing enthusiasts because from what I've seen and heard the Holmes creek is very pretty.

Shared route
From (30.6571575,-85.6705481) to Pine Log State Forest via FL-79 S.

2 hr 0 min (25*mi)

1. Head southwest on FL-277 S toward Culpepper Ln
2. Turn left onto FL-79 S/Main St
3. Turn left
4. Turn left
5. Arrive at location: Pine Log State Forest
To see this route visit

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12-24-2018 , 08:23 PM
We lucked out again and found a great place to camp along the Holmes creek on the a piece of the Chattahoochee water Management state land, the locked gate had a gap on either side big enough to slip past with the removal of one pannier. There was a sign on another gate saying something about the land being leased to an apiary outfit the Tupelo honey made famous by a song is associated with the region Especially in the Apalachicola basin not sure if that's what they have here but seems likely.

Feasted on a pot of quinoa mixed up with gas station canned pintos in "light sauce" and a can of sardines which Svėn goes nuts over. Should be more clear weather might split the balance of miles back to Tallahassee into 2 days depending on what kind of camping options we find.

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12-24-2018 , 08:27 PM
Guy on the scooter has some really choice vulgar things to say that didn't make a whole lot of sense but it was entertaining.

Good example of mummified roadkill not sure if its s raccoon or coyote

Picked up a 50 cent Washington county weekly paper at the gas station with overturned pump, a little light reading before bed.

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12-24-2018 , 08:29 PM
There was a brown bag clad can of Busch on the trucks dash, good times out here in the panhandle

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