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06-30-2019 , 01:44 PM
Typical weather in this area.
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07-01-2019 , 08:33 AM
Got a late start yesterday and rode 80 miles. To Kountze(pop. 2200) where I found a good park to camp in these small. Towns in rural America are great for that seldom will anyone bother you.

Its .somewhere between 200_250 miles to. Austin which I'd like to ride in two days , was feeling a bit tired this morning but got woken up with just a little pinch of . Crack.

Good camping 115 miles away think I can manage, had two . Flats. Yesterday one. In trailer one. Rear. Wheel which. .must have. Been a tack. Or roofing nail

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07-01-2019 , 10:57 PM
Made it .around 105. Or so. To Richards Tx camped .out. near the town ball field. .. highlights were. .the. Honey island country store and riding. Through the Sam Houston. National Forest.

Caught. The Houston. Classic rock station the eagle. Well .on FM. No surprises with their. Playlist .but. it was crystal.

Legends of country 97.3 was coming through well, they hit me with .some unheard material enjoyed that.

Austin .probably out of. Reach tomorrow got rather hilly 1/3into .ride it will likely stay similar as we .go. west.

Back 2 back SvŽntury would be a first might have .go 4 . That

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07-02-2019 , 08:49 AM
After releasing SvŽn from the hammock today he decided to. Bark at a .passing walker near our. Encampment good .to have. Such. A fearless guard dog.

The. .Bastrop area 100 miles . Away has. Lots. Of camping options need shower going on. 3. Days w/out

Feeling good otherwise .excited. to. Pass through. LaGrange. After. Having heard about .it from those bearded guitar maestros so. Many times

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07-02-2019 , 10:16 AM
Found a good country station "the mix"
What a great song!

On to Navasota
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07-02-2019 , 10:25 AM
So awesome I googled map the bike route from Platte Ville to Austin, seems very interesting.
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07-04-2019 , 12:59 AM
In Austin staying with a friend
Stray dog bolted from owners property during thunder event, stayed at Park Prairie Park last night got new rear tire for trailer maxis hookworm, also doubled the handlebar wraps.

Janky bike is from some guy at Bastrop gasso using his cute daughters to sell NA beverage to customers

Playing a underground game for first time its weird some guy brought nitrous, I'm 2x on the 7-2 off bluff 1 for 2 interesting dynamics

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08-09-2020 , 07:46 PM
Hey Hank itís been a while hope all is good and youíre staying safe.

Just read your other thread about your trip to Playa Del Carmen or aborted trip. Thanks for sharing that here with us.
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10-01-2020 , 07:05 AM
If the weather is reasonable i will be taking the new blade out for a bimble and most likely end up over at on yer bike the other side of Aylesbury
Might even try and get a first ride of the year on the FOT

If any one fancy a trip out let me know

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