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01-12-2017 , 11:48 PM
Wasn't that something Einstein grappled with - what to do if it's unclear if a particular innovation is a net positive to society, and whose role is it to decide (after his work led to creation and use of the atom bomb)?

Guess one of the by-products of technological innovation is that it's made some jobs obsolete. So in an age where an increased global competition for jobs has led to greater income disparity, guess there are some such as yourself who question whether computers and robotics have truly been a net gain for humankind?

We had to take an ethics course in school that addressed these questions - and basically we were told that it's not really the 'nerd's' place to *not* innovate ... instead it's the leaders of the world who have the responsibility to look out for peoples' well-being?

The struggle is real - and people do seem to be looking to leadership for relief. Wasn't that supposed to be the reason people have been voting for Brexit and Donald Trump? Guess will have to watch and see if changes such as those will lead to improvements/progress for people/society?

Hope things are going well with you PrsHarlequin! All the best!!

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01-13-2017 , 12:37 AM
are you any more interested in XOM? loosening sanctions on russia would be tremendous for them and it looks like their ceo might become secretary of state and US president trump is being blackmailed by russian intelligence agents
01-13-2017 , 01:19 AM
Hey ScreaminAsian!

Oh yes, read all about the blackmail potential on

Those are good tips! Have heard good things about gas for this year - and Warren Buffett owns lots of oil stocks. Maybe something to add to my watch list, in case my stocks don't do so great?

There's supposed to be an app out now that will send out a notice any time Donald Trump makes a tweet about a company, but it's only available in the US ...

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01-13-2017 , 01:40 AM
short stocks more like
01-13-2017 , 02:01 AM
Oh dear, yes ... haha!

Night everybody

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01-13-2017 , 07:08 PM
Portfolio Update - Earnings Season Edition

Gosh, *just* noticed how much volume and price changes increase during earnings season. Guess because it's not super-pronounced on the graph, but there does seem to be an increase around earnings time, with stuff being more flat in-between?
(Yahoo Finance changed their graphs, and now people are petitioning to try to get them to change things back to the way they were - hopefully things get changed back! (if it's not broke ...))

Here's the calendar of annual reports releases for my stuff:

Guess there's a chance Amazon could go down, since they've been building more fulfillment centers? And then there's a chance it could go up too? So maybe important to just hold it? But decided to sell my ULTA and buy more Facebook today - guess am getting more comfortable with short-term trades ... and there's no tax, because it's all in tax-free accounts ...

Before (left) and After (right)

Guess will buy ULTA back sometime before they have their earnings report in March. And hope Facebook doesn't tank like last time they had an earnings report Guess anything's possible, so will maybe just try to stay focused on the learning experience for now, and will see how things go

Hope everybody has a nice weekend!

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01-14-2017 , 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by TrustySam Work Space for Learning How to Research Stocks
his work

-But yeah no, according to evidence (some coming out just recently) it's The (broader) Theory that he ripped her off.

Long live Emperor Akihito, Prs is... Grinder

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01-14-2017 , 02:48 PM
Wowww ... some dishy gossip there

These two sound like they must have been all the talk back in their day - complete with bitter divorce

That's very clever of her to take those interest payments after the divorce and use them to invest in real estate to pump up returns ... although it sounds like maybe Einstein should have been giving her the actual Nobel Prize there as well?

Wonder who *really* came up with those theories?

What an interesting person, and interesting story Prs It's been extremely refreshing to have interesting stuff in this thread for a change!

Best of luck with the grind!!

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01-14-2017 , 06:34 PM
20/20 - The hope for Shared Prosperity

Although this thread is mostly about investing in stocks, guess more generally it's a thread about economic growth?

And yesterday, managed to catch the end of this show that isn't something would normally watch, but was really glad to have seen. It was a report on just how wide the economic divide has gotten over the last while - like even firefighters in some counties don't make enough to be able to support their families, and have to work 2 or 3 jobs (16hr days) just to make ends meet?

Sounds like there's been some heavy-duty Amaya-type squeezing of profits happening over the last several years - and it's appalling to hear about, because the people in these videos are some of the most hard-working people have ever seen.

And it's even been happening at some of the companies have invested in, like Google, Facebook, and Visa Guess part of the problem some of the time has been that people don't always know that it's happening, because there's been a rise in the use of contract workers, who get a far fewer benefits?

ABC is planning on doing yearly updates, so will be able to follow along see if Donald Trump is able to make a difference, and improve conditions across the board.

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01-15-2017 , 02:08 PM
Sunday Funday

Saw a new Grumpy Cat avi at 10nl today - that made me smile

Grumpy had a real upsurge in avi popularity at the microstakes a little while ago - almost as popular as the The Joker from Batman circa 2013. Get so distracted by how cute Grumpy is, can barely concentrate on my play

Was so unhappy with my 10nl graph for last year, decided to put a little effort into seeing if would be able to right the ship - just spent a couple of minutes every night reviewing my hand histories, and hopefully that's been enough to make some difference?

So, going to test things out today, and take it easy ... hope everybody has a nice day!

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01-15-2017 , 05:58 PM
I heard you like yo, breads.

Asian is traditionally posting nekid ladies to keep us motivated through Sunday, i can't post her hot naked men (phone charging) but im gonna give that woman some Serbian

traditionally prepared


and served.

More flour less yeast so it have to be delicately readied left wrapped in maiden clean clothes hand 'battered' in few rounds for a longer time, thick very strong crust but soft and substantial on the inside even when cold ened, this product is the metaphor of the whole culture's ideals and often the centerpiece of festive family gatherings (if there is anyone Left to make it Properly that is..).
It is further used as main tool for various Orthodox rites, like the one you found for xmas, although those are special more cake-like brands like that special communion one 'broken' by people in the streets for good luck health and harmony in the new year..

Next to decadent traditional pork roast (Turks no likem piggies yo) and similar meaty specialities, this bread is often the first thing that disappear of the felt. It is so literally so good for you, stomach, that it has a reputation as a natural sponge for larger quantities of alcohol and unavoidable grease induced tummy acid and heartburn. -Older more experienced people will be all over it, before anything else served. 'Cures AIDS' is one of the running crazy Serbs dark humored jokes but please try to understand -if we wouldn't have learned to laugh, at ourselves before anything else...

But don't even think about trying to make, this one, for that OOT thread in your Ontario warm home Samantha. It will never 'strike' 'just right' without a key ingredient. Slow thick wood fed, old smoked well built stone Furnace with those rocks masterfully positioned to keep more warmth, circulating inside and boiled rakija and wine circulating outside.... cmon Packers.
01-15-2017 , 07:55 PM
Better than roast pork and wine ... yum, dat Serbian bread looks delicious! It looks so good, bet would even go great with my all-Canadian plate of spaghetti

The wood-firing is really special - here they only use that technique on pizza

Lucky you PrsH - Serbian food sounds amazing!!

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01-15-2017 , 11:52 PM
Watch List (Possible Alternatives)

Found something to add to my list of stuff that looks like it might have some promise in the future? This one caught my eye because the company seems to have a lot of growth potential, although there's a lot of uncertainty too ...
(have to have a membership to read the full article, but the top part is visible )

Guess this company has a monopoly of some part that's used for automatic driving - but it sounds like nobody knows for sure how easy/hard it will be for someone else to develop something similar or better?

Price Estimates

Here's that page on for Mobileye - the analysts on average seem to think that the price will rise almost 50% in the next year, although the range is very wide too ...

Warning Signs

The company doesn't have any debt - but guess the price may have gotten a bit ahead of earnings ... so a fair number of people have shorted the stock and expect the price to drop rather than rise?

Analyst Reports

And here's the analyst reports that are available for free at my bank (TD Canada Trust):
Reuters -
S&P Capital -

It sounds S&P is a bit unsure of what might be in store for the company as well?

Guess if the market really starts to expand, their earnings should start to improve, and there'll still be time to buy next year?

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01-16-2017 , 12:04 AM
Tim Hortons

Got the last Chocolate Lava muffin at Tim Horton's today with the coupon that comes free with my Double Double Visa

This has to be the best credit card in the world - are there other cards that give out anything better than a weekly chocolate muffin?

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01-16-2017 , 09:07 PM
Agenda For This Week

It's kind of feeling like the calm before the storm, with Trump scheduled to get started on his 'day one' agenda this Friday-ish?
  • enforce United States law
  • begin work on border wall
  • pursue constitutional amendment to put term limits on Congress
  • institute hiring freeze for most federal workers
  • eliminate two regulations for every one passed
  • five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists
  • impose lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments
  • ban foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections
  • withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • label China a currency manipulator
  • begin work to end foreign trading abuses
  • lift roadblocks on the Keystone Pipeline
  • cancel payments to UN Climate Change Program
  • end the “war on coal”
  • repeal ObamaCare
  • begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • remove “criminal illegal immigrants”
  • cancel unconstitutional executive actions
  • begin the process of filling the Supreme Court vacancy
  • cancel federal funding for “sanctuary cites”
  • suspend immigration from “terror prone regions”

Hope we're not busto by Monday

Anyways, guess will just take it easy this week, and keep looking over articles on the internet and stuff. There's also the Celebrity Apprentice episode with Warren Buffett on it tonight

Famed Billionaire Warren Buffett Offers His Sweet Tooth for a Unique Challenge

In the 9pm episode the teams are presented with creating a new See's Candy for none other than world famous chocoholic Buffett. Two representatives from each team are flown to Omaha, Neb., to present the candy to Buffett in person. Preparation is key in this task as one team fails to do their homework.

It's a pretty good show - with a little learning about business and marketing and all that, with a good dose of entertainment thrown in. Not sure why am the only one that seems to be watching?

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01-17-2017 , 01:10 AM
Well first i enjoyed BronBron's demolishing by GSW, the only prospect that perversely excite me more is a Canadian team winning a pro US ''World Championship''. Yes preferably Raptors, then Jays right in the feels, or any skaters if nothing can do as well.
Then close to +40 it got too sad even for me so the energy surge reminded me that i got new biig rib joint pliers the other day so i changed two bathroom faucets like a real...big boy. Well changed one and regummed/fixed the other. This is a GTO house and leaks will not be tolerated. Yes that pun was big reason for the whole post.

-Celebrity Apprentice i did i did watch loong ago as a freshman, part of a group homework in our 'credits filler' optional 'easy peasy' Business Management course was -Trump. Prof mainly wanted to teach us how cold Donald treated people as just -another resource... Profs play was at the final homework review when he said 'You are all great talented kids and you all did great but i'm gonna give a B to one from each group. Prs, who did the worst/ least job in yours, you as a (natural born alpha) Leader have to single out one, or im marking You a B, Prs... ' But Prs not some tourist Prs stared right back at Chan and coldly said 'Sry John gfy give Me the B'.
'Wp you also had to learn teamwork and importance of unity and harmony in a workplace, yall from Prs group get As'. And some obvious tag along slackers from the other less performing (small, 5 peeps a) group he actually 'Bd'.

I swear it all true we were turning it in through Student's email don't make me search the paper... When i started building this wall o text for some reason I thought that it might 'interest' you as well Sammy, or you are just that polite aye. Anyway you seem a bit too obsessed with that sham leveraged bankruptcy Trump-puppet and it seem that even 'hijacking' these blogs is fine as well, even when done by modern German men that might just need a good ass whooping... I think that energy drink is finally wearing out it gonna be a 6am dinner and bed. Might even catch you at emptish Stars again, sorry if clogging your lands with my nonsense, will stap...
01-17-2017 , 06:39 PM
Hey PrsHarlequin ... of course, everybody's welcome in this thread! And your posts go a long way to classing up this dopey thread of mine

Hope you're not too disappointed to hear that because this thread was set up to discuss the stock market and investing, this blog is not likely to have much more in it than stuff related to greedy corporate profit-taking. And that requires pay attention to that 'Trump-puppet' () - because next to corporate earnings and the company CEO, the US President's possibly the next greatest influence on share prices.

Would be great to see you start your own blog - you have some great stories that would make for a fantastic read! Also writing can be very therapeutic ...

Cheers PrsHarlequin!

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01-17-2017 , 10:24 PM
sam is very diplomatic. you should be ceo of XOM
01-18-2017 , 01:16 AM
Hey SA

Right now am feeling about as smooth as Trump Guess Obama was very smooth, so got very used to his easy breezy demeanor - remember this time he got *super frustrated* with Congress?

Gosh, things sure are going to be different by the end of the week - hopefully will be able to wipe the sweat off our brows with all the stock market $$ that'll hopefully be pouring in ... otherwise ...
01-18-2017 , 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by Horace Ambrose Work Space for Learning How to Research Stocks
While investing in Amazon also look for the prospect of earning above average returns on capital. Also look for whether a company has competitive edge that prevents these returns from quickly eroding. For further detail you can have a look at should you buy amazon stock ?

Hey Horace! Those are great tips - have heard some people mention those factors, but have been reading so much stuff, everything's gotten a bit jumbled around in my head So that really helps that you list them clearly and concisely as you just did - and then tie it in to Amazon as an example

Also very nice to see some reassurance that things seem like they should go pretty well with Amazon for quite a while

Guess the world's changing quite rapidly - but hopefully 2017 will be a great year ...

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01-18-2017 , 09:51 PM
Saw a preview for the Peoples' Choice Awards which are on tonight, and it looks like the special guest star of the PCA High Roller, Kevin Hart will be getting an award - would it be for Central Intelligence?

Forgot that Aaron Paul played the bad guy in that movie - wonder if maybe he might have told Kevin Hart about the PCA? Maybe next year they might bring along The Rock?

Just going to keep taking it easy for the rest of the week, and rest up for next week - in addition to Trump taking office, there might be a couple of earnings releases next week too if this calendar is accurate?

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01-19-2017 , 10:28 PM
Just munching on a little bowl of red grapes and watching CNN, trying to absorb and process all the changes as they unfold ...


The political spectrum's so wide in the US - guess just a change of party can be quite a big adjustment ...

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01-20-2017 , 07:06 PM
Haven't really had a chance to catch up on everything that's happened today, except for what's been posted over at ... which isn't much

Just going to go out to dinner with a friend, then come back and check out some of the other coverage of today's events

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01-20-2017 , 10:50 PM
Tuned into CNN to watch Anderson - and there were these two little kids playing the fiddle at one of the inaugural balls, so wound up dozing off ... only to be woken up by the first dance starting off with 'and now, the end is near ...'

US Magazine may have the best coverage of today's highlights after all

Everyone's wondering if Barron might be autistic ...

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01-21-2017 , 01:30 AM
meh ...

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