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02-17-2018 , 07:22 AM
Sam you would be such a loss to House of Blogs. I always save your blog to read for when I need cheering up. Just post occasionally maybe. If you aren't enjoying it at all that's different, then it's time to stop but if you just want to cut down on frequency, do that.
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02-17-2018 , 03:16 PM
Guess these are tough times we live in, where there's so much to be stressed out and unhappy about - and maybe that's left the world in short supply of those in this climate who are still able to notice and appreciate and celebrate what's good in the world we all share, and the people who are in it?

My hope for all of you is that if you found comfort/understanding/encouragement/companionship in this blog, that you'll find those things in other places. There's so many interesting people in the world – this will be an opportunity to explore new stories, and find new joy

Thanks everybody, for your love and friendship - it's meant a lot to me
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01-25-2020 , 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by TrustySam

Felt much better after exercising yesterday than will usually wind up feeling after a nap Must say though, it wasn't the most exciting way to spend 30 minutes minutes - while pedalling away yesterday, was really wishing had picked up this bike instead ... the one with the laptop stand that makes it possible to play pet rescue while biking away It looks like it might even have a snack and beverage holder in the upper RH corner? lol

Tried going for a walk as the sun was setting, as my exercise for the day - guess today was my chance to get a little fresh air and enjoy the outdoors, while it was a touch warmer. So that part was lovely - it's still pretty cold out though, so wound up feeling slightly warm from the exercise, yet also cold at the same time because of the wind ...

Also, the street lights were already on by 5:30pm! It was that dark - so the scenery's quite different from how it was about 6 months ago

Coindesk just sent another push notice with a new article - great news, it looks like some of the hard wallet makers including Ledger have started to announce that they'll be setting in place protections to keep everybody's bitcoin safe?

So it looks like will be able to keep my bitcoin on my wallet after all, which is nice to hear Had seen some stuff on how to go about manually splitting bitcoin, and it sounded pretty technical (eg. bitcoin futures contango ). Guess there's always a chance as well that they might not go through with the fork?

Hopefully your wallet will be doing something similar HUMBLE. - thanks so much for stopping by with the words of caution about what to do to keep my coins safe. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that because bitcoin is so technical, and there's so many different opinions being posted all over the internet all the time

Wow thats really great
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