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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Pretty sure that promotion would've improved your resume tho.
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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Mm. Well that was the thing.

Pretty much all my friends outside the company have told me that I should have taken it for precisely that reason. To everyone within the company (all embittered, overqualified/underpaid grads such as myself) I'm a hero and have been met with high-fives and approving smiles and laughter for sticking it to the (wo)man.

The guy who's leaving said that his job wasn't so much digital marketing as it was e-marketing with a load of two-bit, borderline-spam email campaigns to previous clients as well as managing the Twitter and social media. He himself told me that I wouldn't pick up any real transferable skills if I were to go into marketing as a career move.

Parents and gf are proud though, which is obviously nice. Kind of unexpected as well. But yeah. I want 25k. That would, after tax and SL repayments, add up to 400 p/m extra. 50 for each extra day coming into the office and actually working.

Anyway, I know that coming from me this is a massive boy-who-cried-wolf-style complaint but I'm not exaggerating when I say this company is going busto in 1-2 years (some people say it'll be quicker than that - apparently they've had to dip into savings for the past 2 months to pay salaries).

Its a complete joke and I'd happily take the 20k job that I've applied for with a different company over the 'promotion' here.

They can suck my balls.
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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

I'm with your parents on this one! Standing up for yourself in these situations can be hard and takes some gut.

Your colleagues' reaction show that what you did probably was the GTO.

Don't feel bad about it!
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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Originally Posted by Rastamouse View Post
Oh I definitely think I'm personally disliked on here. I mean, yeah obviously no-one is going to come out and admit to it but there you have it.

Disappointing though, I mean I've certainly made an effort to communicate the reasons for my conclusions as palatably as I can. Alas the conclusions are unpleasant, so I, the messenger, am getting shot at. Disappointing but I guess I don't really blame anyone.
I will.

That **** I posted in politics about being nice to you....I lied (to myself/meant well at the time). Subsequently, after reading some of your bile itt, I detest you.
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