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ufm8 grinding life ufm8 grinding life

03-21-2019 , 11:52 AM
About me:

23 years old, working as a line cook. Apologies in advance for the mistakes or misspellings I may write as English isn't my native language.
I've been through global ups and downs in my life (as almost everyone else) so I will keep it short for now: I've been from being a intelligent child, good student with strong social skills to a jobless drug addict in a matter of a year or two. The second "phase" began after my graduation from HS and a violent trip to Amsterdam, followed by the news of my father's passing. I went hardcore on lot of drugs (no hero, meth, and all their derivates though) until the odds of my mother surviving me were honestly quite high. Got a dishwashing job and succesfully cold-quitted hard drugs. I now rarely drink anything else than beers. Still smoke sh*tload of weed and close to a pack a day of PM though.
Life's on the way up, got promoted to the line about a year ago. Pay is far from great but thanks to my communist country I only pay 50% of my rent.

As for today, 3/21/19:

Liferoll: 3.5k$
Monthly pay: 1.5k$
Monthly rent: 480$
Monthly expenses: +-600$

Money that can potentially be saved: 420$

Main goals:

Die as old as I can, if possible without having to work 10-5 for 40+ years.
I also want to make a change in people life, especially inside the lower-class communities and drug addicts.

Main plans and what you will see around here:

- First of all, I need to take care of myself by eating healthier and bigger meals as well as hitting the gym at least 3 times a week (6'2, need to take some mass) and quitting every substances I'm addicted to, except cafeine. You can expect reports about food and my global shape, physical and mental.

- Second of all, I have to develop new skills and profit from them. Started by getting HTML2 noob lessons online. Had a great idea but need to know HTML5+Java really good first. I also need to read books and watch movies in Spanish as I'm not fluent for now.

- Other things: Only play Deuce Seven 4fun online, and play some live NLHE/PLO when finances are good. That's about it, will try to squeeze in some content.

FYI this list is far from complete and will constantly be updated.

Life is good, have a nice day

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