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woke up quite early for a saturday morning.
brain is slightly less hungover_affected but it is still quite a gamble to decide whether or not to register in 30+ mtts and spend the next 10-12hrs in my beloved library/grinding_office/smoking_lounge/sanctuary et_cet_whateverthefack...
strangely enough, for a post friday night beer&tequila&music&alotofwalkingandtalking, I do feel objectively motivated for whatever it is to come...not only for today that is.
i really do hope bvb_09 will kick some bluedressedidiots_03+1's, it is still one of the 2 most important games of each season and they do have an impact on my mental well being for at least 1 week, in case they really play bad and the game ends with a disfavorable result, or, like after today's game, I will have a joyfull Saturday evening and a great sunday as bvb_09 will reign supreme over those sonsofmotherbitches_03+1.

[link deleted]

clip of the day
[link deleted]

now pls get out of my thread!

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