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Support group for poker/life encouragement!!!

Poker is my life or life is poker,
Or am I just being a f*****g Joker

Originally from Nepal, I am a permanent resident of the USA. Started as a hobby after work, the game of poker turned into my life's only passion. I played on fulltilt and pokerstars till black friday almost everyday during my free time. Then, I joined Bovada to get my fix. I am a winning player there but never had any big score ($840.00 highest cash) but with the belief that success follows excellence, I didn't give up.

My dad passed away last April. I quit my job and left everything in the states to come back to Nepal overnight. All of a sudden, my life just turned upside down. I literally spent 6 months altogether with my family(dad,mom and a younger brother) in last 11 years. With a lesson, enjoying life with your loved ones is one of the biggest life experiences, I decided to grind from Nepal. If I do any work in life, it's going to be only poker and recieve the freedom it brings.

Bovada blocked me for playing from Nepal and I logged back in to my old pokerstars and fulltilt account. I had $0 in fulltilt and $0.01 in pokerstars and some points worth about $20. I started grinding sats and 0.50 cents sngs. I did that for about two months and one day got second on Daily dollar for $100. One win after another my bankroll went up to $800 at one point. Then, the inevitable downswing crushed my bankroll and that go-getter confidence.

I sit at $270 bankroll today, which is all the money I have in life and just a few months left before I have to go back to US to maintain my permanent residency. I know I can do it as everything is possible in life and law of attraction is always working for you. I am sure we all have some kind of story that drives us towards success. Let's share it and encourage each other to get to the top.
Are you guys with me?

************************************************** **************
P.S.: Sorry for a lengthy post and thanks for your time.
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Old 11-09-2015, 10:57 PM   #2
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Re: Support group for poker/life encouragement!!!

First off, I am very grateful to the website and all it's members for being able to spit my thoughts out in writing. Expressing myself might help someone but mainly helps me become a better person or poker player.
I wrote this poem today, hope you guys like it.

Life seems to be a race
Moving in a very fast pace
Ignorant about own ignorance
Oh lord! What a disgrace

Are we only body, or the soul
Who are we, what is our goal
Rather enjoy freedom and solitude
Where is the love and gratitude?

All we are, branches of one tree
Letting go, being happy is free
Clear mind, vision and positivity
Aligning vibration to parallel reality

With love and peace, let's comment
Living life fully, moment to moment
We, the master and universe, the Jin
Confused? Just look within

Don't have a title yet. Any suggestions?
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Old 11-19-2015, 04:41 AM   #3
Join Date: Sep 2015
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Re: Support group for poker/life encouragement!!!

Nov 19, 2015 1:30 PM

Hey all, I only played poker for about 100 hours so far this month. With my goal to get back into US with some poker winnings, I am trying hard to satellite into the PCA event but haven't passed through 2/3 phases in $2.20 tourney. With more effort and commitment, I believe it will happen. Had some tournament cashes but tired of small/min cashes; bankroll sits at around $200. I can definitely do better than this. I am kind of confused right now about making the correct mathematical decision or listen for that little voice inside my head, which is always there to guide me to victory.

About life, just got through a major festival (Tihar) in Nepal, one of the reasons why I couldn't log more hours online. It comes down to would you enjoy life at the moment or sacrifice it all for poker. Either I am playing poker too much or partying like a fish, need to find a balance. Playing cards is one of the ritual during Tihar, mainly Three card poker, in which you sit down on the floor making a circle and the number of players could be as many as 17. It's a fun game, more like a gamble but a great way to socialize among friends and family. However, nobody understands poker and my passion for it, I thank two plus two for filling that void.

Being in a beautiful mountainous country, I get to go hiking or sight seeing time to time. Last week, my brother and I along with our two cousins decided to hike this mountain nearby my house. Little over an hour later, gazing through the trees and challenging the gravity, we reached the summit. The cool wind breeze, breath taking views of mother nature and some home made liquor, life can't get better than this. Just to top it all off, a bunch of fully grown wild marijuana plants smiling at your face make you blissfully appreciate the natural beauty. That got me thinking, should I just drop everything and meditate in this peaceful environment rest of my life while advancing in my journey to salvation.

Love and Peace
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