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from ray to zee from ray to zee

02-08-2015 , 04:04 PM
Name a few?
02-08-2015 , 05:53 PM
I saw Mike Sexton at Aria last night. Does he count? He made some good financial decisions.
02-08-2015 , 10:49 PM
idolized for making the big money and keeping it over the long term. that is the only prerequisite i was making. nothing to do with how they made it or their character or being liked or not.

some made it and then lost it and made it back. but are really just an accident waiting to happen again.

doyle and chip certainly played high as anybody and held on to their money. as well as dan harrington. billy walters for sure. billy baxter also.

most of the younger players havent had the time in and had to fade the ups and downs and be able to weather it through.

there are quite a few others that made it big gambling but werent in the high action. and a few that i havent mentioned or overlooked.

the most respected are the ones that played within their abilities and worked their way up and invested the money wisely and let their fortunes grow.
02-11-2015 , 02:47 AM
for a day or so they had white gooey rain in oregon and washington. mostly in the eastern part of the states. people were worried of course and waited for the analysis to find out what it was.

seems it was from a big dust storm in northern nevada oregon and the dust went up and then down with the rain.

i know it would be scary if i were outside and it was raining that stuff on me.
02-11-2015 , 10:44 PM
When it begins to rain slime, I worry when the frogs will come.
02-12-2015 , 01:35 AM
the latest news on the slime rain is that the weather department analyzed it and said it was from the dust storm. other scientists wanted to also test but the weather people said all of their samples were contaminated and were not of use anymore or maybe even lost.

do we have a conspiracy theory here? could it be something else that the public shouldnt know what it is? or is it just the dust slime in the rain?
02-12-2015 , 03:31 AM
02-17-2015 , 01:28 AM
this is the best profession in the world. right now for instance if you live in the north east u.s. it is cold and snowy with a hard time getting around. but being a poker player you can jump on a plane and take your job with you to the west which is having an early spring with warm weather beyond belief.

you can do the proverbial follow the sun and while at it pick your own playing (working ) hours each and every day or take a day off or more if you choose.

golf in the morning and work at night. or poker in the morning and do the night thing for yourself.

its a great life as long as you can maintain the self control to manage it.
02-24-2015 , 04:04 AM
been playing some small buy in tournaments that the blinds move up pretty fast. so i like playing hard early on to get chips or go home. i dont want to sit too long and then have to play a hand where i am sure to get called because i dont have a lot of chips.

its works well as often when they are tight early on, i get to build without any showdowns. then later on i have chips to put pressure on those trying to get in the money.
i do get to go home early often but i am not there to last and play.
03-08-2015 , 11:39 AM
other night i get down to 5 at the table. three that ante themselves broke and one good player in my way every hand and robbing and playing tough. after awhile i am still lowish on chips and low man at the table. so my nemesis takes a walk for a hand or two for a smoke and leaves me with the afraid to go broke rocks. perfect for me to pick up a few blinds and get back in play.

but i pick up two black aces under the gun and decide its best to let them have a flop as with top pair they will double me up for sure. well i did and went out to split trips. thats the chance you take so called slow playing aces.
03-08-2015 , 12:26 PM
I still like your play. I slow played aces until the turn after a guy 3 bet me preflop. I got like 7k chips from him in a 10k chip tourney at 10/20 blinds. It was kinda beautiful.

Last edited by Udummy; 03-08-2015 at 12:41 PM. Reason: He had JTo and flopped a J
03-08-2015 , 12:55 PM
yes it can be a good play if you pick the spot for it. it is terrible to do when you are just giving a free flop to those that wont gamble with anything unless they out flop you.

in my spot i would get the blinds only if i raised any amount at all unless they had a big hand. and they guy ahead of me would be raising to steal ahead of me most hands and forcing me to push and get called. this was a better spot to take a chance to get chips.
03-10-2015 , 08:13 PM
you cant get to pushy on some of the players. not because they will play back at you and run you off.

but because they just call all the way down. mostly with good hands and dont raise for whatever reasons. its common for a player to call your bring in raise and just call you all the way down with kings and a rainbow board.
you have to be careful when you feel a tug on the end of your fishing line.
03-28-2015 , 01:17 PM
in some games even if good, it is tough to win. why is that. well one i play in is very loose and most pots are raised going in in this omaha hi low split game. you get a max of about 20 to one if you call the raise and hit and win the whole pot. so most all your decisions and skill is based on the hands you start with and whether you decide to play after the flop. if you do the structure almost makes it mandantory to see the end.
the game looks incredibly easy but still tough to win.
03-30-2015 , 08:36 AM
lately things have been breaking around the house. like plumbing leaks and such. what a pain to deal with and get fixed right. its mostly deferred maintenance as we all put things off and they come back to bite you.

so i made a list and there is like twenty things on it i need to do soon around my house and yard. it is i bit overwhelming to say the least.
03-30-2015 , 08:40 AM
it is a pain to eat right and not have bad habits. but as ive seen over and over those that dont take care of their health are dieing all around me.
smokers that ive played cards with throughout my lifetime are mostly sickly or long gone.
same with the fat guys and those that dont excercise and get out in the fresh air. it isnt certain you will suffer but it seems so to me.
03-31-2015 , 02:49 PM
Which work-outs do you prefer?
03-31-2015 , 04:18 PM
ive never been a workout kind of person. tried it and cant get into that., i try to walk alot, like at least a few miles a day, and make a point of not getting the closest parking space and such. i go fishing, hiking, golf, swimming etc. also do alot of work around the farm. which includes lifting and mostly moving around. its my take on an active lifestyle than a sedentary one.

working out with weights or on machines is great. but it is a short workout and builds strength and muscle. but the active lifestyle on your feet is the key in my book.
04-01-2015 , 03:55 AM
That is good thing for sure. I live in a very urban environment with an office job. And I struggle to make myself work-out. But as a teenager I lived in a country, where you had to grow big part of your food yourself. So basically everybody had a veg garden and some fruit trees. And you just had to be active at least three times a week between spring and autumn with planting and watering. And the food was a lot healthier, than what I buy now in a grocery store.

You have a book? Want to post a link? I mean where you can buy it.
04-01-2015 , 10:14 AM
no books on health just books on poker, although i should write one as its an interesting subject.

most people care about their health but do little as the instant gratification tends to overpower long term goals that are not realized for decades.

being an older guy i just have seen all my peers that have smoked or lived a sedentary lifestyle die around the 60 year old mark. when younger you think that is old until you get there and find if in good shape you can do and live like you did when young, instead of hurting with aches and pain and taking all kinds of medication.
04-02-2015 , 03:49 PM
okay. you will vary whether you raise or reraise on third. lots of considerations that come into play. if you are a machine type player that just plays straight forward take your edge and jam. nothing wrong with that.

but if you have imagination and can outplay others on later streets you may want to delay your betting till then. that may bring in players that would fold to your raise or the jam that comes around to them. those having a paint in the hole my call too much but do they stand jams on third. if they do how long before you clam them up? if never then jam them.

also you run into getting jammed out if you brick on 4th and have reraised going in on third. thats a big penalty to pay when if it wasnt raised you get to see another card possibly because smaller pots dont get jammed as much as there isnt much to protect and the players dont get emotionally involved in getting even with the raisers.

not raising on third gives you some reads later on as to their holdings. if they have to pay alot for third they just go until they cant play on because of the action or boards that are too scary. if cheaper on third they will justify in their minds that they have a chance with weak hands later on and will pay off your made had from 5th on as long as they have the hope.

overall you make your money in razz on the later streets when players pay off too much, draw dead, go to far with dead cards out, or dont bet or raise when they have way the best of it. these things will happen more if they arent as afraid of your hand.
all things to throw in the mix instead of just the math of a certain street
04-08-2015 , 12:19 AM
i played an awful lot of pot limit omaha with dave during poker tournaments back when he was still new to playing in the united states. he came over from the english games and did quite well right from the start. Those games were very good and we all played very long hours to get it while it was still good.

pot limit omaha was new to the wsop, and myself being one of the first to start the games which by the way took all the live holdem players away from the no limit, took off so fast a race horse couldnt catch it. right from the start we had the average pot with about four to five or sometimes more players being all in. this is true. and the games were big. Commonly seen were four side pots and as a result the play was so slow it was boring. But the pots were exciting to say the least.

Dave showed up a couple years later and fit right in. He was witty and new how to handle the live players and take their money and having them like it. Not so with others who soon went away.

Few didnt like Dave and they only were ones that were jealous or mad from losing to him so often. Lets hope another Dave Ulliott comes along to keep up the games excitement.
04-08-2015 , 12:31 AM
just popping in to say I enjoy this thread
04-12-2015 , 01:43 PM
there was a cool story on tv this morning about a guy who in canada has a store that sells trader joes products because he likes them so much. you see they dont have stores up there so he goes to seattle and buys a van full of stuff for full retail and takes it home to resell it.

seems like a good deal for both parties. but trader joes has been trying to stop him from doing this. i would think they would sell him food at wholesale. or even let him be and have him promoting their goods.
04-15-2015 , 12:21 PM
While it seems like a win-win, it becomes a trademark protection issue. There may also be issues regarding the importation of food products.