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10-14-2013 , 11:47 PM
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10-15-2013 , 12:36 AM

-at least 6 hours of online poker every day

-no more than 6 hours of gta5 online every day

-one mcat practice test a day

-2 gmat practice tests a day mostly for lols but also to build my confidence for playing gta5 online

-i need to get hungry like when i started playing 180s and i would go way out of my way to talk **** and slowroll every reg i could just to let them know i was there to **** their **** up. i eventually got tired of it but i think that's a good mindset, i need to recapture it. i need to get ****in MAD.

-get ****in mad.
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10-15-2013 , 12:41 AM
and start studying Go.

i need to study Go if i'm ever going to become a Go champion, even though i feel like i'm already half a Go champion because i'm already a poker champion and poker is obviously far superior but i mean i don't want to denigrate Go or anything so i'll just leave it at i should study Go.
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10-15-2013 , 01:01 AM
new minimum standards for living:

-stop watching fox news to see what the girls are wearing.

-read two newspapers a day.

-and drink twice as much coffee. but balance it out by adding a splash of booze.
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10-17-2013 , 06:01 AM
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10-17-2013 , 10:28 PM
million dollar movie idea:

so like this one way trip to mars thing they're working on, let's say that's done and it's been a few years and america went the way of rome and had a big downfall or whatever and they had to leave the mars biodome thing stranded and the people that built the mars biodome ceased contact and there's a big nuclear holocaust with the tens of thousands of broken arrow nukes and only a small group of nasa nerds (or buddy comedy?) need to wrangle up as many supermodels as they can from the supermodel convention that happened to be in town before midnight when they hotwire the last remaining nasa shuttle and blast off to the mars settlement (the status of which, at this point is still unknown)

but i want it to be brutally dark, at the same time. like, unsettling to the viewer. i want it like the new bsg, where people are always at risk of getting thrown out of airlocks. and the status of mars is to be like a big mystery, like 40 mins in until we even see mars. it's been 50 years since earth's last contact with mars and they were just discovering underwater rivers so they've got a chance at being a sustaining colony of 750,000 in a large metropolis of biodomes, but maybe not..

so the nerds and supermodels get to mars and it's a wasteland, it's like detroit, and they start going through the ruins and they find samsung galaxy watches with recorded partial messages of what happened to the colony. and it's like a whole miniature society that we discover, like there ended up being a dictator and when they bumped up with the molemen over the water they had a big war but reached a stalemate until internal politics of the dictator being a huge dick weaked society to the point to where the molemen simply overcame the settlement and ate them.

and later we discover the shuttle we stole had nukes on it and it's like ohhh noooo vicious cycle we have to use nukes again because there's no way we can overcome them militarily at this point without them, and then before the decision to nuke everybody all over again there's a chance at diplomatic negotiations, then the most wildcard character chooses to blow them up anyway.

also add:

-some characters on the moon base

-jeff goldblum as a mechanically brilliant grease monkey inventor type who we bring along in case anything jams. but he's also wacky and said he was abducted and we always dismiss his eccentricities until **** finally gets real.

-special seeds or special soil that makes the dictator guy super wealthy and eventually powerful. bruce willis as possible dictator

and ensure:

that the nasa nerds try to guide things to make their situation more like an 80s comedy romp, but it's brutally realistic and we end up losing a lot of good people.

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10-17-2013 , 11:14 PM
I accidentally read some of your blog. I apologize for violating your trust.
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10-20-2013 , 12:23 AM
million dollar ideas:

star trek: the next next generation, featuring michael k williams as anything. captain, number 1, engineering, security, ****ing anything.
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10-20-2013 , 03:32 PM
i've been camped out in my office since friday afternoon, watching porn nonstop and peeing into whatever empty liquor bottles i have left around that i haven't already peed into and recycled, and i suddenly got an intense feeling like i should have been doing something. but i can't remember what it is, or if there's not even a thing at all.

note to future self:

find out if i need to be doing something right now.
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10-22-2013 , 12:50 AM
i keep having a feeling like i'm gonna die any minute of some kind of stroke or aneurysm or heart attack. but i also keep having a feeling like i'm gonna fake my death any minute, so i don't know if this information will end up to be helpful at all.
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10-24-2013 , 05:30 PM
signs i'm gonna die any minute:

i had like a rough cough that brought on a middle chest tightness and lightheadedness and then i walked around and lost consciousness for a couple seconds, but then i pulled my **** together, gave myself a peptalk as i figured out where i was, and finished my tournaments. i haven't noticed any lasting effects except my knee and elbow were bruised during freefall and i slept for 14 straight hours afterward. but to be fair to the not going to the hospital argument, i had been on a serious drug binge and i usually sleep for over 12 hours when i've gone a few days without it.

so my plan is to ignore the incident, and self-diagnose myself as "manly".
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10-25-2013 , 07:26 PM
the corn flakes are in the milk
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10-25-2013 , 07:56 PM
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10-26-2013 , 12:52 AM
is there a dead horse in my bed?
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10-26-2013 , 07:53 AM
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10-29-2013 , 07:27 PM
i've been having those chest pains again, and wicked headaches. i think i'm just exhausted. i have what lindsay lohan had. i'm completely Lohanned out.
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10-29-2013 , 11:58 PM
note to future self:

whenever I consider my ailments may be all in my head, they immediately go away. interesting...
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10-30-2013 , 12:02 AM
Definitely subscribing to this
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10-30-2013 , 12:30 AM
note to future self:

the portuguese family iwc's seem like retirement watches, while the ingenieur family is more of a "getting down to business" watch. I'm concerned I've finally broken all contact with reality.
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10-30-2013 , 03:27 PM

The Davinci Perpetual is making me hot and bothered. It is like a Maserati for your wrist with free valet parking to dat azz.
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10-30-2013 , 04:30 PM
you're wrong in your taste and you're wrong in reading a private blog that's CLEARLY MARKED as super private. the **** kind of encryption does this jank site even use?

back of the portugese perpetual calendar:

back of the davinci perpetual calendar:

also, every time i've been on mushrooms and i've played cards, the mouths on the face cards looked like they were moving, and i imagined they were whispering things, and i'd hate to be afraid of some swiss douche on the back of my own goddamn watch, all biting me and ****, whispering muffled dark secrets into my wrist. no thank you.

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11-01-2013 , 12:23 PM

new starts. definitely getting my life together this month.
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11-01-2013 , 03:22 PM
million dollar ideas:

instead of, or alongside police dogs.. police falcons. trained falconers send out super fast super stealthy airborne officers to disarm criminals from a distance.
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11-03-2013 , 10:36 PM
absolutely necessary **** to buy just before society collapses:
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11-05-2013 , 09:18 PM
Happy birthday SA!!!
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