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Poker Diary

Just finished my biggest win session live on my local River Rock casino in 1/2NL. I'm just starting out really. I won my first few times at casinos ranging $200-$400, then lost 2 consecutive times and got let down.

Past 3 weeks, started to play online poker to understand the game more, pretty much lost $600 + in there. I do ok, but eventually I get tilted cuz i can't stop playing and then lose everything and simply, when I'm in home environment, I don't think as hard as I do live I think. I belive I'm just more of a live person than a online person even though I know u can make a **** ton more online, but whats good if I'm losing?

After taking a 3 week break from the last 2 losses. I was pretty much just playing nit/tag, bought in for $200, went up to like $600 in less than 2 hrs, then went on tilt, dropped back down to $400. Then this crazy hand came, villain was asian dude nerdy glasses, plays pretty tight too.

Shortly before this hand, Hero had 3 betted 2 guys to $40 when both of them bet $10, i didn't notice their shortstacked, but one all in'd for 20 to call, and I was just trying to jack them up with 72 off, but in the end it was 20 more to call so I just did it and doubled this dude holding 10 8o lol. Maybe this had an effect on this hand. Other than this hand, hero was pretty straight forward and nitty/tag.

Villain bets 15 in EP, Guy after villain bets 15, Hero raise to 45 with AKss in late position,

Villain calls.

Flop comes

K 10 8

Villain checks, I bet 40. Villain re-raises to 100, I tank and call.



Villain checks, I check


Villain All ins for 290, I tank for like a while and called.

He said "you got it, nice call"

I took his whole stack of $300+

I was so suprised, like wtf, I was in shock when I won, this guy is so tight and we're both pretty deep, I was so scared he shows me K10 or something, but in the end I scooped it up good.

Shortly after, last hand of the day:

5 ppl left on table.

Button all ins $75, Hero ( $800 stack ) calls, BB ( $900 stack ) calls, EP ( $150 stack ) calls, Last dude ( $60) all ins.

Hero holds AKo.

There was a huge fuss about the sidepot and stuff and then I took that time to go ask the lady on my left and the 3rd guy who isnt all in just to "shoot" because I didn't wanna risk my winnings any further, as I think I've won enough for the day of $600 +. They both agree in the end.

Flop comes 10 7 5

Turn: Q

River: J

Lady on my left thought her QJ 2 pair was good saying out loud and flipped it over, and I showed AK, and she said "u slowrolled me??"

I don't know if its just me, but live is so much freaking easier than online.

I was more suprised than happy at the moment, I was in shock. I couldn't believe i scooped 2 big pots within like half an hr at the end of my session. CRAZY CRAZY day... the poker future is looking bright

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Re: Poker Diary

Jesus christ, didn't poker today but went Blackjack wit a friend in the end I came out even, but right when we're about to leave my friend sees his friend and his girlfriend. My friend started talking to him while we were right beside a roulette table. So I asked if the girl knew how to play roulette, then she said no, i told her to pick couple numbers. And we played $100 inside and we hit nearly biggest stack, doubling up, then did it again 2nd time and in the end of 3 rds. I earned $400, i handed her $100 chip as a thanks, and her bf ( i totally forgot about him at this point ) comes in the middle and says no, and we part ways. He wasn't too happy about me using her girlfriend as number picker, but whos laughing and walking away wit $400. My frd said hes a 19 yr old drug dealer... he was still learning to add and subtract when i was on the streets HOMIE
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