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old hand
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playing with life bucks, grinding for a living

I'm currently a 50nl-200nl reg on stars, I play 6m/9m (sometimes hu) regular and zoom but mainly regular. I've only moved to 200nl near the end of july so I've still got a lot to learn.

It has been awhile since I've made a PG&C-type thread and after going on a pretty big ds recently I thought it would be good to start one up to keep me focused and motivated. So I thought I'd start a thread here in HOB rather than PG&C because I will treat this thread more like a blog than a challenge since right now I feel pretty comfortable at my games and I'm fairly happy with my hourly so I'm in no rush to jump through stakes, that said I still have lots of goals but I'm going to take it easy.

A bit about me:
I'm a 21 year old guy, from toronto, currently travelling (living in budapest atm), have yet to start college, still exploring other alternatives as I really don't think I'm fit for a 9-5 type thing (not to sound cocky or anything)

My poker timeline:
I started playing poker recreationally in mid 2012 but at the time I wasn't really learning much at all (hardly playing). After working a lot for about 2 years I started realizing that I'd probably end up very depressed if I had to work a day in, day out kind of job so that is when I started fantasizing about playing poker professionally (though I was still pretty bad). Early 2014 I started studying the game a lot and made my first 2p2 account, I deposited about $20 and started grinding at 2nl (reading CTM like the bible), I moved up to 25nl by april after learning a ton but ended up going busto after a tilt run and was back to square one :/. At this point I was living alone working a part time job and trying to make ends meet on the side and was planning to start school the following mid-semester, by now I wasn't too focused on making poker a career and was slowly conforming to the "realistic" economic approach. One uneventful day in september of last year I realized I had enough points on my FTP account to buy a $2 sng ticket and pretty much ended up running good and ran my roll up to 4k by 2015. I learned a lot during this period and ended up quitting my job to play poker overseas, ik very irresponsible, but luckily for me it went okay.

Life/poker goals:
progress towards beating highstakes
save money
gain skills in other fields
live a healthier life style
have fun

Plan B:

I'm a realist and I understand the current state of the poker economy but as long as I'm able to make a decent income of it I'll continue to play, but with that said poker right now is just a short term thing for me and I'm not basing my future on it, atm though I feel the highest ev for me is to invest my extra time into studying poker but once I see games are dying I will try and invest my time (and money) in other fields, not to make it sound easy or anything. At the end of the day poker is poker so for all I know I could be busto by next month but I'm gonna try my best to continue making it work for me, it just sucks having to make regular withdrawals and stuff but I guess theres no way around that so w.e.

anyways I'll probably be posting hands so I look forward to future discussions and stuff

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Re: playing with life bucks, grinding for a living

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Re: playing with life bucks, grinding for a living

House of Blogs is more for general less poker related blogs. Sounds like you'd be better to have this in PGC, especially if you're going to want to discuss hands. I can move it there if you'd prefer. Totally up to you.
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