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New to poker, dono what to do? First post.

I've been playing poker a little over a year, usually just low stakes cash games with friends once a week. I win or profit almost every cash/tournament we played the first 6 or 7 months. But the last few months I've been losing and it seems to be because my opponent (close friends) play any 2 cards and I cant put them on any sort of range. And on top of that when I flop a monster, they get lucky. They are not experienced or obsessed with poker as I am so I understand them not caring too much about playing stupid.

I started playing when I turned 21 (a year ago). After a month of realizing I love the game NLHE and winning 5 straight home tournaments, I went to the casino for the first time and won there too. Since then I have been playing each week with the friends and playing on pokerstars, homegames, free money..blah blah blah. I didn't have much of an income and i couldn't find any real money sites that would allow me to play. But I dominated a couple leagues in home games for about 6 months. And haven't been back to play at the casino since either. I'm broke. I've played a few freerolls on other sites where its 3000 people looking to win 10 dollars. I've been in the money in those and started playing in small stakes and eventually I'd lose it all (3 dollars)

But the last couple weeks I've realized I really haven't played any REAL poker the last year. I finally got a good paying job (as a dealer in a casino) and I deposited 20 dollars (high roller) online. I entered a 2 dollar tournament last night and ended up beating out 350 to win 150.00 first place prize. I tend to do good in deep tournaments. But, I woke up played just .05/ .10 stakes made another 20 dollars then went a played heads up .50/1.00 (big jump) went up a little early and then lost it all. I thought I played good I had a real good read on the guy but he hit a few sets against my top 2 and i couldn't fold it.

long story short I don't know where i stand as far as poker playing goes but i would like be a successful online player. I decided today to take a 2 week break from the game, I don't know if that is good or not but I've been losing a lot to my donkey friends and its taking a toll on my confidence. I also just started reading 4 different poker books..super system, sit 'n go strategy, Harrington on hold em cash games and Daniel Negreanus wisdom for all players. And if I'm not playing I'm watching live cards down replays..

Anyone been here before? advice? Im having trouble getting something started i spose...

any advice would be great.
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Re: New to poker, dono what to do? First post.

Welcome to variance. It's a very long road.
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