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Musings of a Noob

I'm alone in the poker community. Not one person in my life plays poker (regularly) and noone is interested in talking about it. That's a lie, my coach talks to me about poker, but does he count? A few of the things I want to discuss are mentally based, so I guess they can apply to "the real world", but I want a poker players perspective, not an accountants.

So writing things up here will hopefully generate the discussions I want to have. I am interested in all constructive points, and have an open mind when views differ from my own. How else do we learn, right?

Before I get in to the first topic in my next thread, a little bit about me...
I was first introduced to poker a little over 10 years ago, hold'em to be precise. Just like everyone else I caught the bug and instantly fell in love with the game.
To do it for a living has been THE dream job of my whole adult life, but I was discouraged at my few half-assed attempts over the years. I just thought "I can beat my mates all the time, why not everyone else?".
It's only in the last 18 months I have really tried to make an effort, but wasn't too sure what direction I should take. I love MTT's, SnG's are alright, and cash games were my least favourite because of being a tilt monkey.
After screwing around for 12 months going from one to the other, I settled on cash games. Weird choice being my least favourite format. I went on a mini heater and made a pretty donk decision to stick with it. Hired a coach, and never looked back. Lies! I did look back, multiple times. If I didn't purchase a 7 session coaching package I would've given up on cash a month in.
It was tough going, but I decided to stick with it and try my best, though if I'm honest it was probably only one step above half-assed. I went in to my 7th coaching session thinking "this cash torture will be over soon", but during that session was when I had my 'ahh' moment.
Battling away at 5NL for about 4 months at a loss was wrecking me, but after that last session it all just clicked, and I spent 2 weeks ripping it up. My mental game work had started to pay off too, less tilty, no longer spewing off a stack or two after a couple bad beats. So everything I had been studying and practicing fell neatly in to place.
My bankroll got high enough to start taking shots at 10NL. The first shot failed, but miraculously I was not dejected by it and was looking forward to building the roll up again for another shot. At that time I cashed in a Sunday Million ticket I won in a satellite, and coach told me to use that money to stay at 10NL.
And that's where you have me right now, a few weeks later, battling at 10NL. Yes I know it isn't high stakes, or even medium stakes, but there is no doubt in my mind I will be at 25NL soon and crushing it, and by the end of the year? Who knows.
I'm no doubt still a noob, but with hard work and dedication, I'm going to lose that tag, and realise a life goal.

I look forward to discussing my journey with you, and all the interesting things that pop up along the way.

Discussion post coming soon...
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Re: Musings of a Noob

5 star
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