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Music Stuff I Like... Music Stuff I Like...

06-02-2019 , 03:17 AM
thats cool!

hope you like this RayZee

it wont embed for me so heres the link
06-02-2019 , 03:29 AM
the song is ZZ Top, The Grange.
06-02-2019 , 03:30 AM
heres is now a word so get over it people.
06-02-2019 , 05:47 PM
so heres my thoughts on them.

zz top, long beards and annoying music. they came out in the early 70's and for ten years made me miserable then had a giant album eliminator or something like that but it didnt eliminate them. they are still around making the same music and looking the same with those stupid beards.

they might have been the start of that horrible music that comes out of peoples electronic gizmos nowadays.

then came acid rock but that is left for another day.
06-03-2019 , 02:22 AM
ha ha, my gawd you make me laugh Ray

and The Grange is awesome, beards or no beards.
06-04-2019 , 02:11 AM
oh right, it's La Grange you heathens

you haven't been to a dance until you've been to a Grange dance.
06-08-2019 , 03:55 AM
I'm hoping to bring a top ten in no apparent order but with some kid of common thread in here soon.

but who knows.

ok, i will start it tonight.
06-08-2019 , 04:36 AM
o/t but i love these two

06-08-2019 , 04:38 AM
but this is the ONE!!!

06-12-2019 , 03:16 AM
The Beatles and a love song

06-15-2019 , 03:34 AM
i was reading some posts in NVG recently that made me think of this.

06-15-2019 , 03:37 AM
and then wat, this shows up in the mind:

06-15-2019 , 03:41 AM
then we have debbie and iggy

06-15-2019 , 03:43 AM
but the throb is this one

fast forward to it again and again and again:

06-15-2019 , 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by R*R Music Stuff I Like...
i was reading some posts in NVG recently that made me think of this.

I was reading your post and it made me think of this:

06-15-2019 , 06:58 PM
i lol'd at that and then thought of this:

06-16-2019 , 01:41 AM
Private Song **DO NOT LISTEN**

Homage to SA's outstanding thread!

06-16-2019 , 02:53 AM
youth is a great thing and in their nutshell they own the world.


06-16-2019 , 03:15 AM
London, 59 already. ouch.

06-18-2019 , 11:50 PM
i actually met a girl named this today and, once thought this song was awesome. it's not.

the keyboard sound was good at the time so.... give me a bit of credit.


06-18-2019 , 11:54 PM
the strangest thing happened to me a few years ago. i went to a Paul McCartney concert and my favourite song of the night was:

everything he brings is sheer brilliance, Paul.
06-19-2019 , 01:12 AM
**** all of you if i'm not kept on first page,



06-19-2019 , 01:24 AM
this was a canadian punk band which seems pretty generic but back at that time they were avant-garde and managed to put out some good tunes.


but my favourite late 70's concert was Elvis Costello and The Attractions in a very small venue near Toronto.


so it is me Human Being introducing Elvis Costello:

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06-19-2019 , 01:26 AM
06-21-2019 , 03:21 AM
i was at one of my daughter's graduations today. i love that gal. so damn proud!

to help save paper i wont start a new post for this second post.

but this one is for our newest most gracious mod, who came in to this blog a few times:

daughter, wife, friend, or football club.