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Music Stuff I Like... Music Stuff I Like...

12-07-2018 , 04:08 AM
Hey sports fans I'm still here.
12-07-2018 , 04:09 AM
THINK is at 1:43.

12-07-2018 , 04:18 AM
Earth, wind & fire - September ... Great song indeed <3
12-07-2018 , 09:34 AM
THINK! and happy Friday!
12-14-2018 , 03:39 AM

You should seriously hang in there for 3 minutes to hear one of the greatest guitar solos ever!!!
12-14-2018 , 03:57 AM
good stuff. for a song about lsd.
12-14-2018 , 04:05 AM
i like chicago. one of my favorite groups at the time. too bad one got killed in a wreck and another shot himself. musicians have a short life span.
12-14-2018 , 04:53 PM
Just recently in London.

Peace! We need make love not war back!

12-14-2018 , 08:32 PM
Peace & Love
12-15-2018 , 05:19 AM
it takes two sides both wanting peace.
12-16-2018 , 05:28 AM
12-18-2018 , 02:55 AM
12-18-2018 , 03:43 AM
you got a sleep disorder or what. most all your posted music is done late at night. get some rest. bad weather is coming your way.
12-18-2018 , 03:49 AM
12-18-2018 , 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by Ray Zee Music Stuff I Like...

“Lullaby” is a derivative of “Lilith & abi (go)”. Lilith is the Goddess of the dark side and was known to steal children in the dead of night, hence the lullabies before bed.

12-18-2018 , 03:52 PM
wow cool. so many of the things we use are derived from past things we feared or hated.
12-19-2018 , 01:57 PM
I love me some Bill Withers, thanks.

I started with Ain't No Sunshine and kept going through his greatest hits. Couldn't quite enjoy Just the Two of Us as much as I used to because I associate it too much with Dr. Evil & Mini-Me. lol
12-25-2018 , 09:29 AM
Merry Christmas Grinch!
12-27-2018 , 02:49 AM
Great big Merry Christmas to you Miss Very Josie!

01-24-2019 , 11:24 PM
I'm going to be in the jungle soon so I thought I'd post this beauty up. More to come.

01-25-2019 , 01:17 AM
you want a real jungle song and not that namby pamby crap

01-25-2019 , 01:21 AM
now we are talking

01-25-2019 , 01:24 AM
ok fine but I'm pretty sure you were at my grandmother's wedding.
01-25-2019 , 01:25 AM
real rock and roll with it

01-25-2019 , 01:27 AM
yea i might have been there and met the family. possibly you are mine.