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Music Stuff I Like... Music Stuff I Like...

09-15-2018 , 04:22 AM
One funny part in the Woodstock movie features Port-O-San man, lol. You have to watch the whole thing to appreciate it.

09-15-2018 , 04:28 AM
"it's not that you're behind it's that you can't keep up". lol lol

wish I could write **** like that
09-15-2018 , 04:30 AM
"that's what it is"
09-15-2018 , 11:06 PM
Originally Posted by R*R Music Stuff I Like...
I didn't delete your post. Sure Gerry is ok but I found his tunes kind of boring so I likely would have delated your post if I could have, Sorry about .
that. That doesn't mean he wasn't a genius. Mozart was probably a genius too but I'm not planning on posting any of his **** up.

I'm probably going to post up some Rock and Roll stuff next like The Stones or something.


But all that said I do really like Stuck in The Middle and he does actually have some great later tunes so I may post something GR again.

What is you favourite Rafferty tune?
09-16-2018 , 01:36 AM
09-18-2018 , 10:57 PM
Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window

Pretty sure the girl in PJs is Safe For Work

09-18-2018 , 11:02 PM
Sometimes when I was a kid I felt lonely. Maybe that's liked this song.

09-18-2018 , 11:09 PM
09-19-2018 , 01:13 AM
09-23-2018 , 12:40 AM
My biggest hope for this thread is that it is eclectic.

09-23-2018 , 12:43 AM
09-25-2018 , 01:20 AM
I just love this
song and it is a harvest moon tonight:

09-25-2018 , 02:27 AM
The moon is a harvest one tonight:

10-01-2018 , 01:18 AM
neil young
and the cars are on my list of your list of listening

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10-04-2018 , 10:32 PM
If you've done this, then good on you

10-04-2018 , 10:48 PM
Time to peruse the forums and see wtf is going on tonight at twoplusywo.
10-04-2018 , 11:17 PM
10-04-2018 , 11:41 PM
This **** is pretty good ****. Not as good as the **** I'm ******** but damn good nonetheless.

Especially live. Saw these dudes warming up for ZZ Top along with The Pretenders.

10-04-2018 , 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by Ray Zee Music Stuff I Like...
about time you came alive
Thanks Ray

to you:

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10-04-2018 , 11:52 PM
Was thinking of bumping this thread & there u are. Music Stuff I Like...
10-05-2018 , 12:04 AM
and Ray that is one of my all-time favorite video live songs ever. So HIGH regards to you!
10-05-2018 , 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Very Josie Music Stuff I Like...
Was thinking of bumping this thread & there u are. Music Stuff I Like...
Taken by this,
10-05-2018 , 12:45 AM
yes very nice. that one was new to me. thanks.

hyde park n.y. 2 hours north of the city. f.d.r. and vanderbuilt were from there. plus some incredible buildings. was exclusive half a century ago. hudson river is against the town.
10-06-2018 , 03:50 AM
For a brief time John must have figured a left handed guy was weird.
The Beatles.

10-06-2018 , 09:33 PM

I've been fortunate to see them live several times.