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09-14-2018 , 10:42 PM
om ****ing g I love this sonand this guy. RIP one of the greatest. Way too early.

09-14-2018 , 10:59 PM
did you delete my Gerry Rafferty post or did I never post it? Either way I stand by it, dude was a genius
09-14-2018 , 11:15 PM
I didn't delete your post. Sure Gerry is ok but I found his tunes kind of boring so I likely would have delated your post if I could have, Sorry about .
that. That doesn't mean he wasn't a genius. Mozart was probably a genius too but I'm not planning on posting any of his **** up.

I'm probably going to post up some Rock and Roll stuff next like The Stones or something.
09-15-2018 , 12:39 AM
09-15-2018 , 12:45 AM
09-15-2018 , 12:48 AM
09-15-2018 , 12:57 AM
a 70s t-shirt

get stoned
eat wet cement

09-15-2018 , 01:06 AM

In an interview this song title got explained.

It was getting late, he needed a song title, he looked at the clock, it was 25 or 6 to 4.

09-15-2018 , 01:07 AM
the whole ****ing thing is really so great... esp the lyrics...

09-15-2018 , 01:26 AM
partly the pips

watch the pips, they are extra ordinary(sic).

toot toot
09-15-2018 , 01:35 AM
but this is probably closer to greatnessL

and any kids around here, be patient, get to the end to see how Michael Jackson was influenced. Brag.... saw the show in Vegas last month.

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09-15-2018 , 02:02 AM
Safe for work, just not safe for me. This girl is so sexy!

09-15-2018 , 02:13 AM
bring it, Nena

09-15-2018 , 02:23 AM
and then BOOM the hottest evah

09-15-2018 , 02:28 AM
oh and the drummer at 1:39. woohoo
09-15-2018 , 02:47 AM
I am one of those souls who still loves Vegas. Jersey Boys was a 5 star show.

09-15-2018 , 02:51 AM
and if you carefully listen to that song you will hear one of the greatest basslines ever!
09-15-2018 , 02:57 AM
and truly epic and unparalleled in how it covers a recording studio session.
09-15-2018 , 02:59 AM
yeah I usually post about 20 or less words a post.

But (big pause)

I still give SageDonkey a lot of lee way.

You had to be there.
09-15-2018 , 03:11 AM
ok wtf was I waiting for. The Rolling Stones. There plans on being lots of that. And for all the heat Keith Richards gets this will prove you wrong.

09-15-2018 , 03:18 AM
I have to say I've seen them twice, in '78 and '81 and Brown Sugar was amazing. Could be their best live song ever?

In '78 they started with it.
09-15-2018 , 03:40 AM
There really was a great Indie time in the late 70's earlt 80's.

09-15-2018 , 03:45 AM
09-15-2018 , 04:08 AM
This has a bit of NSFW thank ****ing god and it is my favourite coming out of Woodstock


09-15-2018 , 04:11 AM
To me Woodstock is the best coming of age movie you will ever see.