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Making my life Awesome! (Highstakes MTT)

Good Morning! What a beautiful day, isn't it!

Those words... You want to be able to say those to yourself every morning. Unfortunately for me, that hasn't been the case for a while.

But first, let me tell you something about me. I'm 25 years old guy from Finland, playing, living and breathing poker. My true love.
I have played many different formats in my 8 years poker career, but now last 2,5 years I have played professionally multi table tournaments (MTTs). I started playing MTTs with as small bankroll as 500 euros. Luckily didn't go broke there and now I play MTTs up to best value highstakes buy-ins although I still play the best small stakes games. Usually my grind schedule includes MTTs from 1e rebuys to 215 dollar majors.

But now you know my games, what is this blog about? Another guy blapping about MTT variance?
I try my best that this isn't the case here. This blog hopefully shows my road to a better and more enjoyable life. I have lived my life way too boring and way too unhealthy. You don't even notice that one day, you are just grinding, sleeping really little, no exercise at all, medicating your burnout symptons with different ways to blaze your brains....

It isn't the way that I want to live. I want something more, something better, A Better Me!

I have taken couple of weeks holiday, just chilling, relaxing and exercising, started meditation and have been reading a lot of mental game of poker. I know what I need to do, now I just need to proceed. And this blog will be a way for me to share my trip to a better me. Hopefully I can also share some poker thoughts and big scores. I'm full of energy to go back to grind mode tonight. I am also thinking about starting to stream my games regularly, probably need to buy new PC monitor for me to have a better stream setup.

My goal is that every blog update has some value to readers or at least something interesting. So you won't see any couple of words posts, and that is the reason why I think I will update my blog once or twice / week. Probably closer to once / week although you never know when you get the inspiration to share your thoughts.

Style, Style is a Difference, a Way of Doing, a Way of Being Done

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Re: Making my life Awesome! (Highstakes MTT)

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