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Just a loner trying to make it in this world

So some background about me. I'm 27 years old, I like poker, I don't love it. I got hooked on poker after watching the 2010 main event on ESPN. Seeing all those young guys making it deep in the main event was really exciting. It seemed like a dream come true and I wondered how it felt to be in a position like that. So I started playing play-money on stars and eventually transferred to real money. I played 9 player and 27 player sit-and-gos and 180 man MTTs until Black Friday happened. Well I was a losing player but I didn't lose that much, I think it was $50. I didn't see it at the time but Black Friday was maybe the best thing that could have happened to me poker-wise. It allowed me to take a step back and study the game and improve. Otherwise, I might still be a losing player or might have quit poker altogether. Its crazy to think about all those what-ifs in life. My screen name was FallVGet^ in case you were curious or happened to play with me back in the day.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous that it's been 6 years and we still don't have legal online poker in the US, except like 2 states with niche markets? Casino lobbyists buying politicians anyone? Or does the government just not give a ****?

Post Black Friday I started playing live cash games and have done pretty well. Not "crushing" per se, but doing pretty well. This year hasn't been very good for me poker wise however. I've had my first downswing since I started playing, losing about 8 buy ins @ 1/3. I did book a winning session last time I played after I got it all in on the turn w/ Ac4c two pair vs a min-raise w/ a set of kings in a limped preflop pot and managed to bink a river ace. So it felt nice to win a big pot even if I played bad. I also managed to win by bluffing in multi-way raised pots after I limped called w/ marginal hands and got a bluff through both times, which felt really good. Hopefully I can turn it around and get back on track because losing sucks.

My next post I'll go over my personal life up to this point. I'll also share my random thoughts and experiences as they come up. Hopefully you found this more interesting than I think it is. Peace. See you on the flip side.
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Join Date: May 2014
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Re: Just a loner trying to make it in this world

So right now I'm going back to college after having spent the past 7 years or so playing poker and working at a lot of different jobs for very short periods of time, and trying a bunch of other things that didn't work out. I'm majoring in music technology because I love music and being able to help make music for a living sounds really appealing to me. I've played the drums since I was 11, so that's my background in music.

I was thinking about maybe starting a poker club at my local college. It's kind of a small school however, so I'm not sure how many college-aged kids would be interested in that. I just think it would be cool to discuss poker, maybe review some poker books or videos, discuss poker hands that I/they have played. I find the strategy behind poker pretty interesting. I'm also interested in getting better at chess, just as a hobby obviously because there's no money in chess, everyone's solid (or probably better than me).

Just some random thoughts I had. I've never found stand up comedy that funny. I've found personally that just interacting with people creates more funny situations. It's also less contrived and force fed down your throat. I guess that makes me weird for not liking it. I also have a very weird sense of humor, it's hard to explain. I'll recognize some things as humorous, but I won't actually laugh at them. Other random things will just make me crack up. Is that weird? With that said, I think it's cool that Kevin Hart is so involved in promoting poker even though I personally don't find him funny.

Last of all, I'm doing a speech for my public speaking class. It can be about any topic (as long as its approved by teach). So I'm going to be doing my topic about the band call The Strokes. Very awesome band whom makes great music (or did for a time). It's almost like it's not homework. I've also got an audition coming up to make sure I'm still enrolled in the Music Tech program. I've got to play a solo on the drums and a solo on the xylophone. Drum solo should be no problem. Xylophone I've only been playing since November last year, but I've improved a lot in a short amount of time. I predict I will pass. Hopefully I'm not wrong. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Re: Just a loner trying to make it in this world

TP GOAT. just sayin'.
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