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Integrating myself into Poker Communities

Hello 2+2

My name is Will, and I am pretty much brand new to this poker community. I've been playing poker for about 14 years. I am now 22 years old and living in Montreal Quebec. I'm finally at a point in my life, where I'm ready to take this game to the next level. I've been serious about the game for a while, but I've never given it the commitment needed to actually succeed to the levels that I want to achieve.

I have now committed myself to achieving these goals and it started the beginning July this year. I deposited $115 USD onto PokerStars for the beginning of the Micro Millions tournament. I don't really remember how many tournaments I played, but it wasn't that many. I ended up min cashing in 2 events, and went pretty deep another event.

After the MicroMillions ended, I decided I want to make sure my deposit at the beginning of July will be my last. My goal is to make about 1,000 withdraws from Stars before I have to reload my account again. In order to make this achievement a reality, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do this "the right way". Before I played another game after the MicroMillions, I had about $109 left in my account and I knew I had to make a plan. My ultimate goal would actually to make that $100 into $100,000. Pretty big at the moment considering the starting BR, but not impossible, but like I said before, if I'm going to do this, I have to do it right or it will never happen.

To begin I decided that my first task is to create BR rules. I've read, and watched enough videos to know BR management is the number one key to success. It's also something I've neglected in the past which, despite the moments of playing bad, would probably be the reason I've gone broke in poker as often as I have. So I looked up the Chris Ferguson rules and made those rules my rules.

My second task is to keep track of all of my poker results. That's also something I never did before and would only rely on PokerProLabs for my results. I'm sure I could keep using it, but I figured that I would probably be more reliable and would help keep me more organized in terms of my bankroll management, and then I don't need to always re-search myself again and again online.

Thirdly I wanted to keep myself accountable, so I created a blog on PSO(pokerstars poker school). I figured that if there were people who would eventually follow my progress, that would help keep me in check. For my first few posts, I did get some responses, and some responses that helped me in adjusting my rules to be as strict as they can be for my situation. I was also hoping that by posting those blogs and commenting on others, that maybe I'd be able to find some other people to root for in their challenges. Unfortunately, the site is pretty dead and I don't think I'm going to get what I'm after there. Hence I'm here.

I have heard about 2+2 quite often, and even had this account created in February, but I haven't done anything to use it to my advantage. There are a lot of goals I'd like to achieve in joining this community that would help my game on the tables, and also improve my quality of life outside of the game. Things like finding a poker coach, find poker friends, either in Montreal, people who play on Stars, maybe find someone to stake me to help my further my progress, and maybe find some games to play in Montreal as well. I'd really like to get myself in the middle of the poker community, be well known, be a player who people respect, and achieve results that reflect the work that I put into this game.

Thank you for your time reading this post and posting your comments. This site seems to be pretty alive and active, and I hope that I can contribute.
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Re: Integrating myself into Poker Communities

I would consider reading a lot of the stickied threads at the top of the homepage of your favourite subforums on the site. Whether it is tournament poker, sitngo or a variety of cash-game forums.
Whilst your overall goal is admirable 100- $100,000. To get there via BR management will be a long journey - even if you work hard, run good and stay disciplined.
Bankroll management is important. Very important. But I would suggest that you set goals that are not subject to the variance inherent in poker. Important areas that you might look at as measures of improvement will be error rate:
how often you make a mistake? This might be bet-sizing, a betting action, a game selection or seat selection error, a bad choice of time to play.
Another will be:
Discipline and temperament related: are you tilting during your sessions? How often are you playing too often or for too long.

Good luck.

Read the stickied threads, remember we all have a lot to learn about poker and life. Success is hard earned. And be respectful on the site and at the poker table.
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Old 08-27-2015, 05:35 PM   #3
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: Montreal
Posts: 25
Re: Integrating myself into Poker Communities

Thanks Digger..

Great reply! I will take your advice for sure! I made the goal $100k but I am totally aware that it's not going to be a straight line to the goal. One of my main goals to is to really make goals that as you said, are not money related. I'm still figuring out what good goals like that are, maybe even tasks that are as simple as "200 $1 SNGs played in a week" or something like that.. I'd start with small and very achievable goals and along those lines but if you have any other good "goals" to put on my list please let me know.

I will definitely take some time to read those sticky threads you mentioned and will be taking notes to help me improve my game for sure!
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Re: Integrating myself into Poker Communities

looking for games to play in Montreal? You are right next to the best poker room in Canada. Playground. Good luck on your goals tho. interested in following your progress.
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