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I'm lookin' for change. I'm searchin' for change... I'm lookin' for change. I'm searchin' for change...

09-04-2019 , 10:08 AM

Of course you don't give a damn about me (who, what, when, where, how, why) and my hypothetical wife and four children))
I appreciate your respected precious time, let's get to the essence of the blog:

The goal is to reduce the duration of sleep from 8 to 3 hours.

* I will reduce it by 5 minutes a day.
* Iíll be blogging for four months (two months, during the completion of the goal, and two months after)
* Reports every day / two.

I believe that the greatest accomplishments begin with clear goals and masterly time management.

I have a clearly inspiring goal, now Iíll take care of time.
I feel that the main key to time management is sleep.
So, let's start with sleep.

I take determination, discipline and strong will on the road.
For how long they will last, we'll see.

I will try!
09-06-2019 , 03:29 AM
Day 1: 7:55

The first five were very light.

Day 2: 7:50

Five more minutes. Now we have 10 free minutes with which we can already work. For all those who complain "I have no time." Now you have 10 free minutes for your children, friends, hobbies, sports and more.

Day 3: 7:45

Another easy day, woke up without an alarm. Waiting for the next 5.

Day 4: 7:40

This time with an alarm clock. But I felt very fresh.

The first 20 did not notice.
It’s already obvious that I was lazy for at least 20 minutes.
09-08-2019 , 08:28 AM
I'll continue to write on another forum, I do not like the local design.
Wish u best!
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