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05-24-2022 , 05:23 PM
Silbury Hill II

They were selling cheap train tickets for May, in an attempt to get people out into the country and improve their mental health. Fifty minutes on the train to Swindon, then thirty minutes on the bus to Avebury, and then Iím in an alternative, more natural reality? Hell, why not? Such a beautiful walk from Avebury up to Windmill Hill, in the benign, Wiltshire topography. Wild, Spring flowers, white, yellow and purple; birds chirping; white clouds lined up along a sky blue sky; and not a soul about. I was wrong, Silbury Hill can be viewed from afar, but from above. Thatís one of the unnerving things about it, how low it sits in the high landscape. An edifice to be looked down on, not up to.
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05-24-2022 , 05:52 PM
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05-26-2022 , 05:07 PM
Chelsea is beginning to look nice for the Jubilee next week. Expensive floral displays on many commercial establishments, which may even be shaming the stragglers into action. In any case, this week is Flower Show week. Aliums are in, lupins are out, and encouraging the bees is most definitely in. The overcrowding is tiresome, and the judging is madness. How can an obvious work of genius such as the Ice Garden only be awarded Silver Gilt?

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06-07-2022 , 02:27 PM
I shall miss the Jubilee. Thursday was unlike every other Thursday in every way, driving through the Silent Majority spilling out over Grosvenor Place and Hyde Park Corner, completely unsupervised. Friday was a dream. Not much traffic, and everyone walking around chill, for a change, enjoying the sunshine and the holiday. A political mastermind gets in the cab, but I take no notice. Instead, I buy a bottle of Dubonnet at Gerryís on Old Compton St. A walk around the Mall and St Jamesís park on Saturday afternoon, and I almost wish Iíd stood around for another five hours to witness the concert. Although Iím an anarcho-revolutionary Trotskyite, that was one well-executed piece of theatre.

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06-17-2022 , 05:20 PM
There is a heatwave, and everyone is off to Royal Ascot, and I have managed to find yet another unsuccessful way of looking at the Conjecture. I also have an innate sense of sanity, and have recently been living on a diet of salad and sparkling mineral water. My older and more self-destructive brother died on this day last year, so a day off and some pints in the heat and the shade of the Cricketers pub in Enfield is appropriate. There isnít much to say. I canít bring him back, can I.
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Yesterday , 05:13 PM
I knew little about Primark, except that they don’t advertise, and there is an overlap between the many punters who ask me to take them there, and those that visit Selfridge’s just up the road. But today is a half-day, because I need to do some holiday shopping. It’s some bargain basement place, and their #1 menswear seller is this Sex Pistols, God Save the Queen, t-shirt, rack upon rack of them, and I need a sun hat, and just there is one that fits fine, and in olive green, my second-favourite colour. And then you have to queue for ages in order to pay their cheap prices. This is some next-level ****.
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Yesterday , 07:05 PM
When you're in need of menswear, try Grace Brothers.

(At least I think you're old enough...?)
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