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alchemy of poker

Hello fellow alchemists,

my name is bennie and I really don't like writing texts. This is because I think my written texts are poorly argumented in English and I can't express my thoughts well enough. So let me start from the beginning, I am 38 years old and I really like playing poker obviously. In my so called real life I majored in physics and history at the University of cologne. Currently, I am teaching on the one hand at the university of cologne didactics of physics by teaching students how to be a teacher because I am writing my PhD in physics. On the other hand I am working in a middle school as a teacher in physics, math and history.
So if you add up my working life I have 3 jobs at the same time. Writing my PhD, teaching, and poker. Sounds like a lot but additionally I really like doing sports and I have a loving family and recently new married wife who supports pursuing my dreams. The first and only thing I have ever wanted was to earn money by playing games. I somehow do this already with my pupils by playing learning games. I've always liked playing games myself from chess, skat, nes, snes to semi professional magic, cs and now poker. I started with limit holdem but always liked tournaments because of my tournament experience with magic. So sngs suited me until black Friday. I stopped playing because full tilt froze some of my br. 2 and a half years ago I started playing poker again and redeveloped my nerdiness for the game. I literally could spent countless hours with poker. Realizing this I knew I had to change my ways to keep improving.
I started with writing better targeted goals. I am still bad at it but I also got better. For me any kind of knowledge is not given I really have to work hard to understand all kinds of concepts that I want to use. Maybe I am a bit slow but I think I can only teach it if I fully understand it. This I have learned from Feynman because he argued that if he can explain any physics to his grandmother he had understood it well enough to build up on that.

As you may imagine by reading this now one of my goals is of course playing better poker.
My ideas of achiving this are first of course to teach poker to see if I have understood the basics. (just pm me if your are interested, for $25/h up to any $5 tournament).
Second, is to stream my sessions to improve my decision making process because in my opinion funneling ranges is key.
Third, is to improve my social community in poker. I work with a lot of people and luckily I am a positive guy with some very good friends in my life. But I miss enriching relationships in poker. So I thought if I open up a little bit more, write a blog and make a discord channel for everybody I maybe get to know more people who like to talk about poker on a regular basis.
Finally, I have to hold myself accountable and possibly, I join the br challenge too.
I really don't know where this route will take me but I just want to enjoy every bit of it because I want to become the best poker player I can possibly be. I try to write a post for every month or every two weeks if time allows. It's super tough to get all my jobs done and pursue poker as a job too. Especially if it comes to writing my blogs and learn how to stream. I played Abi 10 on titan and Abi 5 on Party and I mix mtt set and my sngs. Recently, titan has blocked all German players and I have to add other poker sites like stars, chico or wpn.

Attached you'll find my latest graphs for tournaments.

That's it for now guys.

I want to close my blogs with some funny/inspirational quotes:

You are what you think. You become what you think. What you think becomes reality. - Phil Hellmuths Mum

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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Cologne
Posts: 10
Re: alchemy of poker

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