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I will crush PKR MTTīs-challenge


short story: im semiyoung man from finland and b/c I need new challenges in life/poker I have decided to start play on PKR micro stakes mttīs. Iīve made few rules and goals for this jouerney:

1. play only max 5% of your roll per tournament (satellites included) (at start not so important rule )

2. play at least 80 tournament per week at PKR

3. report at least once a week here how tourneys goes at PKR

4. make 20% roi minimum

5. start year 2016 with healthy roll to play midstakes mttīs (2k-3k roll)

this project starts next week, but I probaply play few tournaments before that. starting roll is 20bucks

wish me luck,


ps. that is here same nick what I use in PKR, invite me your friend there if you maybe start read this blog and want to watch my progress
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Re: I will crush PKR MTTīs-challenge

House of blogs is more for general type blogs and less about poker blogs. If your blog is going to be focused on poker, you may prefer to have it in the Poker Goals and Challenges subforum. Let me know if you'd like me to move it there.
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