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GrinderCrovetto scary money dont make money , playing for living

Hello guys , my name is Fransisco and im fron Peru my lenguage is spanish so im sorry about my english , is not the best .

i créate this blog with the idea to get better , and post hands to talk about they , now im having a ugly time at poker , since 3 month ago im stop winning , high variance , dont know what happend , so stressed blah blah blah u know how is this!

so i play on Partypoker nl200 nl100 FR

this is my graphic nl200 and nl100 together

Uploaded with

First hand

Preflop: Hero is SB with 9 of hearts T of hearts
UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 raises to $4, 4 folds, BTN calls $4, Hero calls $3, BB folds

Flop: ($14) 4 of hearts Q of spades J of hearts (3 players)
Hero checks, UTG+2 bets $9.97, BTN calls $9.97, Hero raises to $36, UTG+2 calls $26.03, BTN folds

Turn: ($95.97) 9 of diamonds (2 players)
Hero checks, UTG+2 bets $46.48,

villian who open is a 22 11 3bet 2.2 wtsd 28 wwsf 39 agression 22 27 24

i call with that hand cuz the other who calls is a fish and he can stack verylight

ok so what i think is this :

i flop a monster and i want it make big pot on flop so i decide to play C/R , the question is , when he call my C/R and turn card is not a heart to complete my flush and im with OP ..

I must bet strong and call all in?

i can check call depends the size?

when he bet that size i think his hand is no so strong at all and think i can shove and can heat my straight or fd , and also he can fold some hands...

how play that hand guys?
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Is this nl100 or nl200? 100 bigs deep?
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Re: GrinderCrovetto scary money dont make money , playing for living

If you don't show stack sizes, it's hard to tell if c/r on the turn would have any fold equity. If you're nl100 100bb, I think bet/call the turn.

But, unless stacks are short, I think check/call the flop is good. Unless you are up against bigger draws you are certainly getting a great price which means for sure you are gaining equity. And, you could definitely have better draws - which could mean you'll have more equity on the times the pot is smaller. imo. I'm not that sure about the last part.
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