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game called omaha

hello everyone. (was never good in english @ school so dont be too hostile)

i have played now seriously over 4year for my main income. just looked up last cash game tx nl hands was from year 2009 so it have been close to 5years plo / plo8 / some mtt(fish).

everything started at absolute poker freerols 2007. 2008 i turned 18 and did my first deposit to cdpoker. somehow i managed to win few hundred euros without knowing anything of the game. my backroll was somethin like 1500€ and i did took too big shots to nl 200 etc.. lost about 1000€ and withdrawed something like 500€ and forgot poker for few months.
after that i did deposit several times between 100-500€ and lost everytime (i did work backthen and lived with my parrents so somehow i had money way too much i think) lost overall close to 10k€ in 2 years. allso used close to 20k€ just gettin drunk in 2years. after 6months in army i was totally broke.
i moved to bigger city and started studying to be computerscience engineer. somehow i drobbed out from school after first semester and started play poker seriously.
actually probably the first big thing me to try to play seriously was after i saw the guy who played against me at ipoker 2008 when i started to be highstakes regular now at late or 2009.

my friend introduced to me game called omaha and i really have never had interest to play holden since then.

long story short. have had 5 winning pokeryears in row. last year was actually second worst ~+15k$, (2009 played only few months +5k~)

i wanted to start this blog to keep track what i do pokervice.
this year havent been so kind to me yet im break evn and over 20bins under ev. also just busted out from sunday "major" in smaller site in ft buble JJvsTT cl pot(really i play only sundays few mtts just for fun).

before my poker "career" i played 8years game called counter-strike.
i was pretty good at it and its actually fun to see old top class finnish opponents from this game in medium or highstakes now.(i mean +1k stakes).

my goals for year 2014
- +40k$
- choose games litlebit better than last year
- not to bet sick big sportbets like lastyear
- go to see serie A, La Liga and premier league match ( 11.1 allready saw fulham-sunderland @ craven cottage)
- visit in asia/africa/america or atleast have 2-3week break in some nice country in europe.

btw i play plo 50 -> 200, cya at tables

there will be typos, too tired to read the whole post.
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Sloppy Joe
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Re: game called omaha

Good luck on accomplishing all your goals.
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