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05-18-2015 , 05:09 PM
pictures are great cause i can look at a picture for a couple seconds and be done with it, or i can admire it for as long as i feel like and as soon as i'm done enjoying it i can move on. it's not like boring stupid words. with words you gotta stick with them to get some kind of payoff but with pictures it's just like BLAM beef salad with tomatoes and parmesan
05-19-2015 , 02:48 AM
I hate parmesan, idk why idiots put it up there by themselves instead of giving it on side
05-19-2015 , 02:49 AM
Btw, new record on that torture machine, 60 mins workout yesterday evening
05-19-2015 , 07:14 AM

Why the hate on the parmesan though, you not a cheesy kinda guy ?
05-19-2015 , 08:26 AM
That looks quite a bit like a bowl of dead eels with a bit of afterbirth.
Bon appetite, my good friend.

I've lost 27# (I think I've lost like 80 kilos or 1300 stone).

All the while, I understand nothing of nutrition and calories and exercise less than most dead people.

Down from nearly 200 pounds to 173. I hit 170 very briefly, bit then ice cream.
05-19-2015 , 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by Yakmelk FranFran's blog and stuff

Why the hate on the parmesan though, you not a cheesy kinda guy ?
I like some kinds of cheese, parmesan is not one of them
05-19-2015 , 08:49 AM
J, I expected you to comment on lamb pics
05-19-2015 , 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by FranFran95 FranFran's blog and stuff
Btw, new record on that torture machine, 60 mins workout yesterday evening
05-19-2015 , 09:40 AM
Today's lunch; tuna steak with mixed vegetables on the side.
It was nice.

05-19-2015 , 09:43 AM
I plan to do a 60 mins workout again today, hopefully i'll succeed.
05-19-2015 , 09:45 AM
I have to ask, where do you eat for lunch ?? I might have already but Im thoroughly impressed by the good food you're eating.
05-19-2015 , 09:51 AM
Over the weekends I mostly eat at home or at my parrents/ parrents in law home.

Over the week I sometimes come home to have a lunch with mrs and mini me (if I have some meeting/ obligation on that part of the town or something), or, more often, in some restaurants- again depends on where I am around the lunch time.

Today, I was in the office around 1PM, so I ate downstairs in one nice restaurant (they always have 7-8 dishes on their daily lunch menu during the working week.
05-19-2015 , 06:38 PM
60 mins again, success
05-20-2015 , 10:43 AM
Today's lunch:

Medium-rare beefsteak in asparagus and white wine sauce.

Just ordered it, will upload the photo after the lunch.
05-20-2015 , 11:34 AM
here it is, it was nice, even though, they cooked it medium- well instead of medium- rare, but the piece was really good and soft so I didn't care.

05-21-2015 , 04:16 AM
I went out for a drink yesterday evening with few friends, came home too late to exercise, so yeah yesterday nada workout.
05-21-2015 , 07:59 AM
driving today to Republic of Srpska (Northen part of Bosnia and Herzegovna) to meet my friend and business partner in one project, so I won't have lunch untill then, and he will prolly make fun of me if I take a picture of our lunch haha, so idk will I share my lunch today here or not, we SHALLLLLLLL SEEEE
05-21-2015 , 08:06 AM
Srpska...y'all really named a town Srpska?
C'mon, Vanna, buy a frickin vowel here
05-21-2015 , 08:37 AM
I'm pretty sure it's impossible to pronounce Srpska
05-21-2015 , 04:03 PM
Srpska is not a town, Banja Luka is a town, capital of Srpska. Srpska is a region/country in Bosnia and they want to be totally independent, it's a pretty complicated political issue which is mainly the reason Bosnia is one of the riskiest places in Europe in terms of possible new war scenes. Which hopefully wont happen because last war there was too damn bloody.

All in all, I just came back home, we ate some nice plate of mixed meat with potatoes and mixed vegetables. We also drank two bottles of some nice wine which made me a sleepy driver back home to Croatia. Plus I entered and went out from Bosnia within 5 hours so they were questioning me a bit on the exit, they treated me as a possible weapons smuggler lol.

Oh yeah, and I got a speeding ticket in Croatia on my way home.

We can call this day complete I guess.
05-21-2015 , 04:04 PM
Sorry for pictureless lunch today but it was not a good situation to take pictures today, I promise one for tomorrow
05-21-2015 , 04:11 PM
Also it's 10pm and Im a bit tired, being around the whole day from 8AM so Im not sure I will exercise today.
05-22-2015 , 08:22 AM
Can we at lest get a pic of speeding ticket?
05-22-2015 , 08:57 AM
I just wanted to throw it in trash and I read this lol, I can pm it to you if you're interested in how tickets look like overhere, but please dont share it on the forum it contains my address and everything