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09-27-2018 , 03:45 PM
i nama ukinuli vize

11-06-2018 , 04:57 AM
Updates needed
11-06-2018 , 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by FranFran FranFran's blog and stuff
Today played hotter 109 and 6max hyper 55$

Bricked both.

Started well on bot... lost like 4 flips/60-40s vs short stacks on hotter 109.

6 max hyper, I dont know what happened, I obviously lost some shipament. Cant remember.

Maybe piddlenator remembers he can manipulate time and stuff.
Nope can't remember
12-22-2018 , 06:45 PM

Will zoom 100k hands to see what happens.

1% done.

Starting at NL25 bcs no bankrol and stuff and I dont want to upload moneyz on pokerz bcs that makes zero sense. Im spending for 10 people already without uploadingnto pokerz.
12-24-2018 , 07:31 PM
Happy Christmas Franko
12-24-2018 , 09:18 PM
Thanks piddlenator, merry christmas.

Played something smallish, drinking too much cant play more these days.

We’re at 2khands2%
02-14-2019 , 01:56 AM
this thread was never nice and soft
02-15-2019 , 12:39 AM
It was the nicest and softest.
02-15-2019 , 05:03 AM
04-04-2019 , 03:18 AM
04-07-2019 , 11:19 AM
A friend of mine has been working over there on an oilfield devolpmemt in Tengiz Atyrau for 3 years now and seems to like it
Quite a change from being a geotechnical consulting engineer in the uk
I must ask how that all came about
06-11-2020 , 10:42 PM
update pls fran
03-19-2021 , 10:29 AM
Yeah, Fran, what's new?
03-19-2021 , 10:59 AM
03-20-2021 , 02:31 PM
Are you winning Franco?
03-21-2021 , 02:05 AM
Franco always wins.
07-04-2021 , 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by FranFran FranFran's blog and stuff
I'll come home in 20 mins to have a lunch, I can take photo of these oatmeals yak if you are interested to know how they look like.
Still waiting on photo.