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04-11-2015 , 07:39 AM
Yeah exactly

Well, I'll have to dissapoint you, I didn't take photo of the soup :/
04-11-2015 , 03:18 PM
I didn't eat anything but fruit after the lunch- so that's a success, I didn't exercise today- hangover and everything- so that's a fail- now I'm one day behind with exercising, I'll try to do two 20min trainings tomorrow (in the morning and afternoon).
04-12-2015 , 08:10 AM
I dont know about you, but the weather here is splendid , good luck with the workouts!
04-12-2015 , 08:21 AM
The same here, I'm out on some BBQ, yeah double workout today it should be fun, will come back with results laters.
04-12-2015 , 04:17 PM
I almost quit after 30 mins, but somehow I completed 40.

So I'm now at 100/1200 at the end of day 5 which puts me back on the track.

It would be great if I could repeat 40 mins training tomorrow too bcs I'm traveling on Tuesday, but we'll see.
04-13-2015 , 02:01 PM
Day 6

bump, I'm going to exercise and sleep in few hours, waking up at 4:30 AM tomorrow, driving to Split, will jump into the sea when I finish my work there.
04-13-2015 , 02:54 PM
Mad respect. I really want to reduce my sugar intake, and eat healthier, but man that **** is hard.
04-13-2015 , 02:54 PM
Why jumping in the sea though? Sounds cold.
04-13-2015 , 03:02 PM
it is ****ing hard, and I'm not sure I'll make it, but I'll try, I'm still alive.
04-13-2015 , 03:03 PM
if it will be too cold I won't swim obv, but ppl told me the beaches were full today, so who knows..
04-13-2015 , 04:31 PM
130/1200 good night
04-16-2015 , 06:40 AM
Day 7
-1 point I ate in Burger King on the highway while returning home, I was starving.
04-16-2015 , 06:40 AM
Day 8

Let's hope I won't fail in exercise part at least
04-16-2015 , 08:04 AM
In on page 1!
Don't die
May the force be with you
04-16-2015 , 08:10 AM
gtfo J, if you showed up earlier I'd succeed, now be a support to make this exercise goal at least.
04-16-2015 , 09:08 AM
Read the thread.
Wtf are you thinking?
No sugar or chocolate? No bad food (but booze is okay)?
80% of my diet is bad food, sugar, and chocolate. I don't eat much bread, tho. Everything I know about nutrition I read on the side of package of Oreo cookies.
And don't get me started on exercise.

Good luck with your endeavor. You must be a bit loony.

04-21-2015 , 03:41 AM
Fran Fran, how is it going?
04-21-2015 , 05:05 AM
I'm OK with exercising, but I lost motivation to update this blog bcs I failed with my diet :/
04-21-2015 , 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by FranFran95 FranFran's blog and stuff
I'm OK with exercising, but I lost motivation to update this blog bcs I failed with my diet :/
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
04-21-2015 , 05:12 AM
What part did you fail at ?

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04-21-2015 , 05:15 AM
I ate in Burger King that day when I was travelling, I woke up at 4AM driving 400 kms for a meeting then driving back 400kms and it was like 3PM already and I didnt eat anything that day- starving - and then I saw a Burger King on the highway.