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04-09-2015 , 07:02 AM
I'm not an expert there, I bought some one meal packs of oatmeal- you mix that with water and it tastes meh.. For cerials I bought some nestle fitness, it tastes a bit better and I eat them with milk.
04-09-2015 , 07:06 AM
All in all, ham, eggs, fresh bread, pate, sausages, toasts... all these are the breakfast for this healthy thing, but I'll survive 60 days. I can do it.
Even Mrs is mocking me. Wtf
04-09-2015 , 07:18 AM
I'll come home in 20 mins to have a lunch, I can take photo of these oatmeals yak if you are interested to know how they look like.
04-09-2015 , 08:18 AM
Good luck fran
04-09-2015 , 08:36 AM
Thx diggeridoo bro
04-09-2015 , 09:39 AM
Ah yeah, I didn't see the oatmeal part, thought you had some special cereals with no sugar (I always think of cereals like honeypops or whatever its called and had a hard time imagining one without sugar =)). Cereal is a great and cheap way to start the day imo.
04-09-2015 , 12:19 PM
i microwave my oatmeal with milk
04-09-2015 , 02:04 PM
I'll try that tmrw morning thx
04-09-2015 , 02:09 PM
I had boneless drumsticks and rice&green peas for lunch, that was 5 hours ago, so I'm hungry, I need to come up with something for dinner.
04-09-2015 , 02:22 PM
Are you into salads or not so much ?
04-09-2015 , 02:27 PM
Not that much, but I should try to add them to my menu I guess. Nice tip, thx yak, I'll have some chicken or tuna salad for dinner now.
04-09-2015 , 03:20 PM
Chicken Caesar Salad, that's it's name, at least mrs said so.
04-09-2015 , 03:47 PM
I have a bad imagination. need images
04-09-2015 , 04:09 PM
lol ate it, it wasn't that bad after all, she bought me some nice sauce. I'll start taking pics tmrw SA sorry I forgot.
04-09-2015 , 04:10 PM
So, note to myself: take a picture of healthy lunch and post it here.
04-09-2015 , 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by FranFran95 FranFran's blog and stuff
Chicken Caesar Salad, that's it's name, at least mrs said so.
Haha, the reason I said it was because I just had some chicken caesar salad, I used smoked chicken instead of grilled (tiny bit easier) though but still pretty good choice imo. Cant go wrong with a tuna/pasta or rice cold salad or something either, especially during the warmer days.
04-09-2015 , 05:58 PM
yes, it was nice, I enjoyed it actually, I had it with grilled chicken. I maybe try something with tuna tomorrow.
04-09-2015 , 06:41 PM
the trick to not being hungry is eating a ton during your regular meals imo
04-10-2015 , 02:44 AM
that means I.shouldn't have changed anything in the first place lol, hi mKay it's Friday
04-10-2015 , 02:45 AM
Day 3

day 3 is here, I'm still doing fine, I'd like to thank my parrents and yak for believing in me.
04-10-2015 , 02:46 AM
Off to eat some oatmeal, I'll try to microwave it, I hope SA wasn't trolling lol
04-10-2015 , 03:03 AM
My parents basically force fed me that stuff for years, if it weren't for that I'd probably be still able to eat it now. My advice would be, go easy on the oatmeal and add a bit of extra cold milk maybe even after taking it out of the microwave. Else you'll get this super glutenous kind of thick porridge that always felt like a brick in my stomach, maybe it was just me though.
04-10-2015 , 06:52 AM
I didn't microwave it, I dont like microwaving food. Now I had a lunch and I took a photo of it as I promised:
04-10-2015 , 06:54 AM
So, it's salmons chirashi plus some salmon sushi.
04-10-2015 , 07:39 AM
Wow nice, is this at home or at the office (or is your office at home ?) ?