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Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

05-31-2015 , 10:37 PM

Sabo's Runs his 2nd Marathon !!!1!

(However, his time increased a whopping 4:23 to 8:00.
He'll have to train harder next year !!!1!)

Originally Posted by MissileDog
Actually one band, is ambiguously listed as being at mile 20.6 & at "163 (Washington/6th)". So I figured I'd ask the R&RM folks about that (below). So... game on !!!1! Sabo & me will be playing on the freeway tomorrow morning.

The tentative plan is to start at the start line, and follow the race's course to CA-163. There we'll attempt to walk the freeway north to Friars Rd. This will be in the normal direction of vehicle traffic... and the opposite direction of the Marathon. The world-class runners should just be getting onto the freeway when we are getting off. Then we'll follow the race's course west on Friars Rd to Mission Bay, then extend onto OTL Island, to get Sabo some off-leash time. Next we'll take Rosie Ruiz's cab to the Grape St dog run in Balboa Park, for more off-leash action. Finally the plan is to cut through the golf course, and down to Pershing Dr & the race's course again... which we then follow downtown to the finish line next to Petco Park.
Surprisingly for Sabo... this Sabo Big Weekend™ worked pretty much as planned. I printed out the email I blogged above, just in case. However, I told Sabo just to look like we know what we're doing... and nobody challenged us.

6:10 am0.0 mi0.0 mi6th & QuinceRun6.0Wheelchair Start !!!1!
6:110.10.16th & RedwoodWalk1.3North on 6th Av, etc
6:591.121.3CA-163 off-rampPlay1.7on freeway
7:582.819.6CA-163 on-rampWalk1.4West on Friars Rd
8:15  Fashion Valley Mall(Listen) band: Rock & Roll San Diego
Walk1.6West on Friars Rd
10:00  YMCA(Listen) band: Section 8
Walk1.5West on Friars Rd, etc
11:206.411.5OTL Island CausewayWalk1.5onto OTL Island
11:28 am6.6
OTL IslandMissilate8.6two quick laps ~ off leash
12:28 pm  
(Cab)(17.8)driver: Rosie Ruiz (8.9 mi)
Grape St dog runMissilate17.2Like crazy ~ off leash
Hike1.1Trails and misc cut-offs
2:1124.624.6Pershing & FloridaWalk1.6South on Pershing Dr, etc
3:0926.126.113th & JRun6.0to the finish line...
3:10 pm26.226.213th & K(Done)3.3MPH based on 8:00 'run' time

We started with the Wheelchairs this year... because we had our own kinda challenge race with them. We got on CA-163 going north, and downhill, at mile #1.1 at 6:59. The wheelchair winner's time was 1:52. That split would put him getting on CA-163 going north, and facing a relentless uphill gain of about 300 feet, at his mile #19.6 at 7:23 AM. Sure enough, we passed the elite wheelchairs going opposite directions on the freeway. The winning runner had a time of 2:37. This split would get him onto the freeway at 8:12 AM. Sure enough we got off the freeway at 7:58, just minutes before the elite runners got on it.

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Saturday, in front of the dogs, the Rockies (1-1) dodged elimination by beating the Phillies 5-2. The Phillies (2-1) dropped into a tie for to 9th, leaving the Reds (3-1) in undisputed possession of first. Again... on Wednesday. June 3rd, it's the Blue Jays (0-1, eliminated) at the Nationals (1-3).

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Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-01-2015 , 08:14 PM

Sister J... still not flying Delta.

Sabo is going to have a big surprise coming up... one of his favorites, his Aunt J, is coming to visit July 6th-13th. It'll be just Aunt J this time. Even though they have their own dogs, she'll be flying half-way around the world... simply because she just missed Sabo, and couldn't stand it anymore.

I'm not going to tell Sabo in advance this time... it'll be his surprise when we pick her up. Seriously, with the little Missile, we'd either tell her in advance (or not), and she would 100% know what we're talking about (or be 100% surprised). We'll see how Sabo reacts... as they're both good little dogs !!!1!

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Typo, Post #151: At very end, Nationals are 1-2, not 1-3.
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-06-2015 , 11:45 AM

The Sabotat Expands !!!1!

Sometimes a Sabo Big Weekend™ involves running a Marathon, or a road trip across state lines. But all journeys start with that first step of a paw. This weekend the journey will only be about 20 feet... as we're going to extend the Sabotat out into the front yard.

Truth be told... Sabo is here to keep Grandpa company. Sure... I'm an out-of-the-closet dog lover, and so was probably going to get another dog sooner or later. But it was Grandpa's wistfully remembering Flower, and several times saying how nice it would be to have a dog around the house... that finally got me off my butt and down to the pound.

Grandpa's an avid gardener, and when he's out 'digging in the dirt' is when he really likes a dog out there with him to keep him company. This works out great when Grandpa is working in the back yard. Sabo has 24/7 access there, and he will bolt out back immediately upon hearing any gardening activity out there.

However... the current big gardening project is in the front yard. The unfenced front yard. The front yard that needs the north side gate open to move the wheelbarrow, etc back-n-forth from the gardening sheds in the back yard. The front yard whose porch has the mail box on it. And the front porch that also has the pedestrian door into the heavily used garage, which during to day is usually open, along with the vehicle door which exists right onto the street.

Now... none of this was a problem with Flower. She was trained never go out into a street, and she wouldn't wander out of sight of the front door. So back then Grandpa could just let Flower out front, leave the gates open, etc... no worries. This wouldn't work with Sabo.

Construction netting to the rescue !!!1!

Still, Grandpa has consistently from day#0, wistfully, mentioned how nice it would be if Sabo could hang out with him in the front yard too. Because of the issues I've listed (and blogged about) above, I've been very hesitant to make this happen however. But just as it's Sabo's job to keep Grandpa company, it's my job to facilitate that. So I needed to thing outside-the-box.

Since part of this project, it seems, is about digging long trenches... an idea somehow found it's way into my noggin. I'll just get a roll or that construction netting shiz they use around trenches, some metal stakes, and fence off the garden work area, along with access to the north side gate. When there is active gardening going on out front, the gate can be left open, and Sabo can enjoy an expanded Sabotat. Otherwise, and of course overnight, Sabo will be behind the closed and locked gate as usual. The usual pedestrian access to the front porch will not be effected.

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Last Wednesday, in front of their own dogs, the Nationals (1-3) were shutout 8-0 by the Blue Jays (1-1, done). Later today it's the Mets at the D'backs. If the Mets (2-1) win they would tie the Reds for first... and eliminate the D'backs (0-0).

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Broken Pix, Post #29: The pix above the caption "San Diego State University" was similar, but not identical, to the above pix of Hepner Hall.
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Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-07-2015 , 10:33 AM

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

The D'backs also used the same adorable pix of this pug & family (with updated graphics) to promote their Bark at the Park, in both 2014 & 2015. Sabo, of course, went to that 2014 game. He almost went to this game too.

I thought long and hard of just repeating our same Circle Trip of Western Arizona that we did last September and March. Although different, Chase Field was definitely cool, and as I said... I'm for sure going to see another game there. I'd like to see a night game with the roof open (it was closed last nght). The D'backs did a fantastic job last year. And more general... Sabo & me got this little vacation down cold... and we know we'll have a blast !!!1!

In fact, I really had four candidate plans for Sabo's big summer vacation (a) just call going to the Dodger's game the big trip, (b) repeat the Arizona Circle vacation, (c) do the A's dog day, or (d) do the Giant's dog day.

The argument against the Arizona Circle trip is that we would have then done it three times in ten months, and since we are tentatively planning to go to spring training again next year... that would make four times in 18 months. The argument for the A's (and against the Giants) games was the Sabo hasn't been to either park, and the A's are substantially cheaper. The argument against both the A's and Giants games is that it's a longer drive, and the hotels and dining will cost more. Of course I ended up picking option (e) the two most expensive of the above... the Dodgers and Giants.

Also... the truth can be blogged now... while out cocktailing in Old Town Scottsdale in March w/ my brotherman D, I met a hot milf-aged ginger named Stephanie. As she was a reg there, we she took us bar-hopping all over Old Town Scottsdale. At last call, just before I poured her into the cab I got her back to Chandler (a PHX suburb)... she called me to exchanged phone numbers. However, she said her phone was messed up... which must be true, as it doesn't connect, but only dissolves into static when called. I gave it one last try just before this weekend... and if her phone would have worked, and I could have talked her into going to the D'backs game, I would have made it option (f) all of the above games. Oh well... maybe I'll run into her again next spring training.

So... what was the news?

Yesterday, in front of the dogs, the Mets (2-2) lost to the D'backs 1-2. The D'backs (1-0) move into an eight-way tie for second, half a game behind the Reds (3-1). This upcoming Tuesday, it's the Brewers (0-2, elim) at the Pirates (0-3).

Sabo is so under this fence !!!1!

As for the enlarged Sabotat... well Sabo & me went to the hardware store, and bought some stakes and a roll of the orange netting, and installed it as pictured above. Sabo was trapped inside the house while it did this... as I had the north gate open. When I had finished, I went inside to open Sabo's doggy door up again... but I didn't tell him about the expansion. After giving me the big greeting (as I was 'gone' as far as he knew), and getting the love for a while... he wandered out back.

I went around front to watch what he did. Sure enough, in just a few minutes... he very tentatively wandered out through to still open north gate into the front yard. There he say Grandpa &, and came over. After politely saying 'hi', he wandered over to the netting, gave it the old 'nose nudge', and then causally went right under the netting... like he's done this before.

Today's project... try again, this time also holding down the bottom edge of the netting.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-08-2015 , 03:18 AM

The Sabotat has been expanded !!!1!

Sunday, Sabo got another trip to the hardware store (he s the hardware store). We picked up a box of garden staples, and a bag of zip-ties. That seems to have done the trick... bit I still gotta finish up some odds-n-ends like rigging up a proper human gate.

Just like the day before Sabo was inside the house while I 'stapled' down the bright red netting. Then I came in, and re-opened Sabo's doggy door. Sabo gave me the big greeting, then after getting some love, wanders out the doggy door. I go out on the front porch and join Grandpa to see what happens.

Garden Staples to the rescue !!!1!

Well sure enough, in a few minutes Sabo comes running through the north gate out into the new front yard Sabotat enclosure. He took a while checking the whole interior out quite carefully, marking a rock or too. Then he came over to say hi to us... which he couldn't do, as the front porch is outside the expanded Sabotat.

So that little Sabo... he showed what a smart dog he is. He then very carefully and slowly makes three full inspection laps around the circumference of the netting, trying it where he went under yesterday, and a few other places. Then he trotted directly over to the two foot wide makeshift 'gate' I left un-stapled. There he tried directly to force his way trough the netting a couple of times... extending his noggin all the way outside the enclosure... but not getting any further.

Then... he backed off, and causally wandered back into the back yard. And a little later walks up behind us inside the house, nudges the screen door I forgot to latch open (oops), and comes out to, finally, say hi to us on the front porch. Basically he pwned me at my own game... gotta that Sabo !!!1!

Sabo has seen this kinda fence before ~ in Kingman, AZ
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-09-2015 , 09:58 AM

First Sabo Pix Ever ~ 2014-2-25

So, yesterday we tried putting the extended Sabotat into service. Sabo, once again, carefully inspected the inside perimeter, and again tried to directly force his way through the makeshift human 'gate' in the netting. Then... he started in on getting through the fence around the front porch ~ shown w/ Sabo on the porch in the pix above.

Well, the front porch in about two feet above the yard. That little Sabo looked at trying to jump up and through those bars pictured above. Then he systematically moved over to a planter box which is about even with the porch level. Here he made a couple of attempts to squeeze between those bars... without success. It didn't seem he could get his front shoulders through.

However, a few minutes later, he tried again... this time easily getting his front shoulders through. Then he got stuck fitting his belly through (like healthy dogs in general, Sabo is just slightly wider here). Then he spend an awkward moment... stuck halfway through the fence, with all four legs flapping like a fish out of water. Finally, he did manage to squeeze the rest of the way through.

Gotta that Sabo. He's really a terrier... that's for sure. So today (if it doesn't rain)... zip tie more of that netting around the front porch fence, and make a more substantial human 'gate' in the netting.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-10-2015 , 03:45 AM

The Extended Sabotat is good to go !!!1!

Well it didn't rain, but it's been hot, humid, breezy, with dark skies. What we call 'hurricane' weather. We don't get actual hurricanes of course. We do occasional get this kinda weather when a tropical storm goes up the Sea of Cortez... often to become what Zonies call a 'Typhoon', if it continues on over there.

The extended Sabotat, now with a wooden makeshift gate, and orange netting attached to the front porch fence, seems to work just fine. Grandpa was out front all day working on his garden... and Sabo went out there, quickly checked it out, and then spent the whole rest of the day curled up next to me inside on the couch.

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Tuesday the Brewers (1-2, done) beat the Pirates (0-4) by a score of 4-1. The next game in front of the dogs is this Saturday: the Rockies (1-1), trying to avoid elimination, at the Marlins (0-1, elim).
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-11-2015 , 05:27 PM

They're back !!!1!

This last Sunday morning ~4am, Sabo got another confirmed opossum 'treeing'. This one was a big one, significantly larger than Sabo. It was just on the other side of the chain-link fence, up in the 5-way Sabo corner. Sabo was jumping up and down to the so-called 'fourth terrace', where they were face-to-face, and giving that opossum a very stern yapping. I called him inside for the rest of the night. The Wednesday before that, Sabo might have got another one. In the middle of that night, he went nuts running around the small tree near the middle of the second terrace. I didn't climb up there, however, to verify Sabo's treeing. I just called him inside for the rest of that night too.

Some other critters are back again too... and I swore I blogged about it last year, but search is telling me no. It's those pesky ants. Well anyways, the ongoing drought has forced the ants indoors to look for food, and especially water. Now, Grandpa keeps a very clean house here... there isn't any people food left out. That's not the problem.

Ants (the creatures) suck !!!1!

(IIRC the movie was OK)

However there's water in the sinks, and Sabo's got food & water down. This year, so far (and it's still Spring), we haven't had them going for the water. But they've just recently been getting all into Sabo's dog rocks.
Now, this wouldn't have been a problem with The Missile, until her dotage. She was a glutton... if you put food in her bowl, she was going to eat it. We had to tell the boys to just not feed her. They'd always fall hook-line-sinker for her "Owe-no, my master or god-uncle forgot to feed me, help I'm starving" routine. One time, by mistake, a big-o-tub of dog rocks, about twice her weight, was left open while we were are work. That little dog was found laying in front of the tub, belly bloated... but still nibbling a single rock every five or ten minutes.

I used to feed an older Flower as one of my chores. She had her food and water bowls outside. Her brand of dog food was Gravy Train. Which are dog rocks you prepared by mixing it with hot water. She was always very excited about dinner time, and she'd always dig right in. I also remember that I'd scrape that dried out disgusting crud from the day before, as often as not. What I don't remember is seeing the ants getting all over it... maybe it was just that disgusting.

Sabo, however, is very different. As I've blogged, he's what they call a 'free feeder'. I just keep his food bowl full or rocks, just like I keep his water bowl full of fresh water. He doesn't get excited when I fill up the food bowl, and he doesn't overeat. He pretty much matches the usual portions on the bag, or just a little bit less.
Two bags of dog rocks ago, I got him still another brand. This was at Petco, and was relatively expensive. Sabo ate down the first two bowls in pretty quick order. So I thought, wow he must really like this brand. It had a small number of tiny cubes of a variety of bird meat mixed in. The next time I fed him, he figured out he could just pick those tiny cubes out of the mass of rocks... and he went right back to his 'free feeding' ways with the rocks. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

Our Ants can Swim

These ants are really cramping my little boy's 'free feeding' style.

So, what's the well-known, common-sense, thing to do here? Well, put the bowl of rocks in a pan of water, creating a moat the ants can't cross (see above). Yeah, I tried that last year... and it turns out our ants can swim. The ants backed off shortly afterwards, for unknown and unrelated reasons, so I let this go.

This year they're back again. And again, the old moat trick hasn't worked. A lotta ants died, but they were all into the rocks, and had a line going back-n-forth... just like last year. Both times I just quickly tossed the rocks... so it wasn't really clear how or where they were swimming. So I'm going to try a little controlled experiment this time. I also know a couple of other tricks if I can't figure this one out.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-14-2015 , 02:23 PM

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Champion.

Yesterday, Another Two Bit the Dust.

Saturday, we had the Royals 2 @ Cardinals 3. This wasn't only a 1985 I-70 Series rematch, and a possible preview to the 2015 Series, as each team has the best records in their leagues... it was also a double-elimination dog day game. The birds & dogs (1-0) win eliminated the monarchs (1-1). Also, we had the Rockies 1 @ Marlins 4. The fighting fish & dogs (1-1, elim) eliminated the rocks (1-2). Next weekend, a Sabo Big Weekend™, as we start both summer and the second half of the dog day season, two or three more teams will be eating the Dirt Sandwich...
Sat Jun, 20: Giants (0-0) @ Dodgers (0-0), double elimination game. Sabo !!!1!
Sun Jun, 21: Pirates (0-4) @ Nationals (1-3), double elimination game.
Tue Jun 23: Reds (3-1) @ Pirates.

Sabo's so eating this !!!1!

For the first time since spring training in mid-March, Sabo's going to the game !!!1! Yep, we'll be making the drive up to Dodgers Stadium, where our Uncle B will join us. As I've blogged, the Dodger's do their dog day in the all you can eat section (unlimited Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, Coke products, and water)... so I foresee a (real) Dodger Dog in ending up in Sabo's belly, maybe two.

This will be Sabo's fourth MLB game, in his fourth venue.

It's at an unusual time, 4:15... for Fox TV. But it's a true day game, as it should finish before this Mid-Summer Night's Eve sunset in LA: 8:07 pm. The dog section which is the right field bleachers, opens at 2:15. The Dodgers are promising a gift bag, and a on-field walk at 3. Ironically, it's also movie night, where fans are invited onto the field after the game to watch The Lego Movie. Dogs however are not.

Our Ants can Swim
Originally Posted by MissileDog
... Yeah, I tried that last year... and it turns out our ants can swim. The ants backed off shortly afterwards... This year they're back again... So I'm going to try a little controlled experiment this time...
Again, or reasons unknown and unrelated, the ants have completely disappeared. Maybe they know they're not supposed to be able to swim, and when I say I'm going to go all scientific on them... they back down to keep their little 'secret' safe.

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Another Typo, Post #141: The Jun 13 Royals-Cardinals dog day was also omitted. There is no Cardinals game on Jun 22 (not a game vs. Rangers as in the post).
Associated Typo, Post #142: The remaining dog days for the Royals was two (not one as in the post). The Rangers had no remaining dog days (not one as in the post).

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-16-2015 , 03:52 PM

Yep. The Summer of
2015 The Year of Sabo is Almost Here !!!1!

@San Diego 2015PDTJune...
Earliest Sunrise5:40 am7th-17th
Longest Daylight14:1815th-27th
Start of Summer9:39 am21st
Latest Sunset8:01 pm28th-30th

Officially, summer is still a few days away... however yesterday started the days with the most daylight (in minutes), and tomorrow ends the days with the earliest sunrise. Also counter-intuitively, the latest sunset doesn't start until a week into summer. Actually around the solstices, the times change very little. From June 7th-June 30th, sunrise is 5:40-5:44, sunset is 7:55-8:01, daylight hours are 14:14-14:18.

We think of summer, of course, as a 'start' of things. Actually it's the end of the days getting longer (in seconds)... which always makes me a bit sad. Then, I remember we're way up here in the middle latitudes. There's about a six week thermal-lag, which neatly centers our best weather in the summer season. Then I'm happy again !!!1!

This weekend proper, Sabo & me already have a Sabo Big Weekend™ worth of events planned... as we're going up to LA for the Dodger game on Midsummer Night's Eve (Sat 20th), and on the first day of summer (Sun 21st) we have a big IWW meeting to host... not to mourn, but to organize part of the Joe Hill 100th Concert Tour.

But that don't confront Sabo celebrating his solstice. We're just going to spread it out over a fortnight... kinda like the signs of the solstice itself are spread out. Last year for the summer solstice, Sabo & me enjoyed the epic The Strange Sides of Rose Canyon Sabo Big Weekend™. This winter we started the big enchilada: Sabo's Complete Trail Guide to the Tri-Canyon Parks... which has been on hiatus this spring. This made picking the theme for this Sabo Big Weekend™ EZgame... Smash-up & Redo & Reboot.

Originally Posted by MissileDog
[2014]... The Theme... is... Sabo Hikes Rose Creek... the Sabo Twist is... on the wrong side of the tracks...

Friday PMNorth Jetty, Vacation Island#, Capehart Park*
SaturdayCapehart Park*, Mt Soledad Park, Doyle Park*
SundayDoyle Park*, Nobel Park*
MondayNobel Park*, Miramar National Cemetery
Tuesday AMMCAS Miramar, Alliant University, Maddox Park*
* Leash-free dog runs. # Shore access....
By tradition, Sabo Big Weekend™s start at noon the Friday before. However, this time we're going to start at dawn the Wednesday before, and put a long full day in. We're going to redo last year's Solstice Saturday.

To celebrate the earliest sunrise, we'll return to Capehart dog park at 5:40 am. Although outside the scope of the Tri-Canyon project, we're effectively going to do Sabo's Guide to Soledad Park as we redo our morning hike from the only other trail head. Our afternoon hike will again take us from Revelle Dr to Doyle Park. This is in scope, and to be 'complete' we'll be taking mostly different trails this year.

As I blogged, Sat 20th, we'll be up in LA, and in the middle of Sun 21st we have that big meeting. However, because of the longest days... we should have a good four canyon hours both mornings, and Sunday afternoon. That's the plan Thu 18th-Thu 25th... try to get at least a shorter hike in once or twice a day.

Sabo's Complete Trail Guide to the Tri-Canyon Parks
, Big Weekend #2: June 17th-21st (above)
Sabo's Complete Trail Guide to the Tri-Canyon Parks
, Big Weekend #3: June 26th-28th (below)

Three full days of hikes are planned to conclude this extended Sabo Big Weekend™: Fri 26th in Rose, Sat 27th in San Clemente, and Sun 28th in Tecolote. Friday will be a redo of our 2014-6-23 hike from Nobel Park to the Miramar National Cemetery. Again, to be 'complete', we'll take mainly different trails. This should complete the Rose Canyon part of the project.

Saturday, the end of the longest daylight days, will feature a complete hike (no detours, etc) of the San Clemente Main trail from I-5 to I-805. This is perhaps the best stretch of trail in all three canyons... and Sabo's only been on about 100yds of it so far.

Sunday, the start of the latest sunset, will be a hike from the OTL Island, and the waters of Mission Bay, to the symbolic gateway and center of the Tri-Canyon parks: the Tecolote Nature Center. Hopefully, it'll actually be open when we visit... same with the Morena Club (dive bar #6), and the CBC Tasting Room. We'll finish this extended Sabo Big Weekend™ with sunset dinner on the patio at Sabo's favorite restaurant: Bull's BBQ.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-18-2015 , 12:04 AM

The Gwynn-Angel dog returns !!!1!

Originally Posted by MissileDog

I haven't received any notice if my dog day application has been accepted or not. It's two days after when notice was supposed to be given (6/15). FYI: I did send my dogs current vaccination records to this address.

My doggy, name of Sabo, is about a big of fan of the Padres that a little dog can be. He's already got his Padres gear ready. I'd really, really, really like to take him to this game !!!1!...
I've already got our e-tickets to the Dodgers game. The Giants say they'll be mailing paper tickets for their game sometime next month. We plan on just 'walking up' at the minor league game in San Bernardino. But... we were still waiting on the Padres to invite us to their game. They said they'd send emails by 6-15, either way. Nothing showed up. I was starting to get worried. So I sent an email to inquire (above). About three hours later, I got an email in reply (below). Bottom line... Sabo's going to go see his Padres again !!!1!

Note: the white fluffy doggy with the angel wings above was the same doggy that Sabo walked behind in the on-field parade at last year's dog day. FYI: The dog's mistress was just a guest like us. The broken pix at the top of Post #64 was the same dog in a different pose... a pose which clearly showed he was wearing a Gwynn Sr doggy shirt. Also note: The Padres email contains a pretty bad typo, as July 1st is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. They emailed a correction about six hours later.

Originally Posted by Padres
Dear Padres Fan & Pet Lover,

We are pleased to let you know... Petco will be providing complimentary tickets for you and your pet to attend Dog Days of Summer at Petco Park... When: Starting at 10 a.m., Tuesday, July 1...

Schedule of Activities:
10:00 a.m. - Dog Days of Summer tail-gate party at Park in the Park - stop by to learn about new pet products and pick up free samples!
10:45 a.m. - Dog Days of Summer Dog Show - join us for the annual contests including: Pet/Pet Parent Look-a-like, Padres Spirit, Best Pet Trick
11:15 a.m. - Line up for the on-field pet parade
11:45 a.m. - On-field pet parade starts
12:40 p.m. - Game Starts...
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-19-2015 , 02:43 AM

Sabo's Big Opossum Nemesis Strikes again !!!1!

Originally Posted by MissileDog

This last Sunday [6-7] morning ~4am, Sabo got another confirmed opossum 'treeing'. This one was a big one, significantly larger than Sabo. It was just on the other side of the chain-link fence, up in the 5-way Sabo corner. Sabo was jumping up and down to the so-called 'fourth terrace', where they were face-to-face, and giving that opossum a very stern yapping. I called him inside for the rest of the night...
This same exact thing happened at 4am this morning, and that same monster opossum probably cause the disturbance on the morning of the 4th.

It's amazing what hearing dogs, including Sabo, have. He can be laying next to me, seemingly dead to the world, and hear something out in the Sabotat that I can't hear... then quick as the blink of an eye, he'll out that Sabo-door and gone. Or I can pick up my keys... and I'll hear his jingle-jangles come a-running across Sabotat, leap at speed up on the Dead Man's Chair, then see Sabo explode through that Sabo-door ready to go-go-go.

Of course, such amazing hearing isn't always a blessing. About two hours ago, we both heard a couple of 'pops'. They weren't very near, simple noise-makers are legal, and it was before 10pm... so nothing to complain about. However, Sabo bolted upright on the first, and started shivering after both. I hugged him tight both times, and he was OK.

I'm happy I did a full perimeter inspection of the Sabotat this morning. And I'm reminded that in a couple of weeks, on Independence Day, I gotta plan on preemptively hugging him tight again. Gotta that Sabo-doggy !!!1!

Editor's Notes

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Broken Pix: Post #73:

The second pix, above the caption "San Diego State University" was a pix of a poster-like graphic showing SDSU's 2014 Football Schedule. FYI: they went 7-5, then lost at home in the Poinsettia Bowl.

This pix had a strange history... it first 'faded out'. It was replaced a few months later with a dimmed out version, with a note to 'click for full resolution'. Now, another few months later, it went broken. Oh well... it has been an eye-opening education in how others maintain their links. Not to worry however. I got my dog pix, and my maps... the stuff that really matters... hosted myself.

Sometimes Sabo don't wanna come (all the way)
inside to drink
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-20-2015 , 02:56 AM

Sabo's Nemesis Stalks the Sabotat !!!1!

(Sabotat or Nemesis not shown)

Early this morning, about 2 am, Sabo was out protecting the Sabotat by the power of pro-active yapping. I'm sure he didn't tree that pesky monster opossum, because he wasn't yapping non-stop... and he kept running inside. At 4 am I kept him in. But I'm also sure his nemesis was right near by, most probably in the yard of the long empty house that shares a point with ours up in the 5-way Sabo corner... behind the tall solid fences. There's some work being outside there now.

We'll see tonight...

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Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-21-2015 , 02:52 AM

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

And... another One Bites the Dust. Today at Dodger Stadium, with Sabo in attendance, the Giants (1-0) eliminated the Dodgers (0-1) by a score of 6-2. Tomorrow... still another team will eat the Dirt Sandwich. In DC, the Pirates (0-4) vs the Nationals (1-3) is a double elimination game.

However, recently a team that started the season ineligible, the Orioles, gained life (a chance to win).

That's a curious situation. An unfortunate situation is the recent typo regarding the date of this year's Card's dog day (see post #159) wasn't my creation... it was from several sources. Reaction to these two thingees, as well some other big Competition Committee rulings... TBA soon.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-22-2015 , 04:48 PM
Sabo wishes everyone a happy second day of summer !!!1!

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

And another one's gone, and another one's gone... another team eats the Dirt Sandwich. In DC yesterday, the Nationals (2-3) eliminated the Pirates 9-2. The next dog day is tomorrow in Pittsburgh, where the Reds (3-1) will try to stay in first place against the same Pirates (0-5).

The big announcements from the Competition Committee are...
  • To honor the memory of The Missile, any Angels, Dodgers, or Padres dog days 1997-2005, and any Cubs or White Sox dog days 2006-2009, are now recognized as official Sabo Dog Day Championship games. I tried to get that little Missile into the 2004 & 2005 Padres, and 2007 & 2008 White Sox games... with no luck . FYI: There was no such thing as a 'dog day' in the Flower era.

  • AFAIK the Angels have never held a dog day. OTOH their High Class A affiliate, the Inland Empire 66ers, do pretty much every Monday... one of which Sabo is planning on attending. Consequently, in the 2015 standings, and similar situations, the Angels Organization will be referenced as the 66ers... in place of the parent Angels.

  • Additional tie-breakers have been announced. To review, standings this year are by games above even, then winning percentage. Established tie-breakers are: home dog days, head-2-head. Additional tie-breakers are now: run differential, runs, h2h run differential, h2h runs, hits, least errors, other stats (TBA), h2h hits, h2h least errors, h2h those other stats, and finally least distance from Sabo's shrine: the Tony Gwynn Sr statue.

  • In light of 'Typo-gate', and also these newly official Missile-era games that need researching, the Competition Committee has authorized a Sabo-metric audit of the Sabo Dog Day Championship official game log. Upon completion, all standings posted before today might be re-stated.
Originally Posted by Editor's Corner
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Typo, Post #159: an unusual time, 4:15... for Fox MLBN TV...

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-24-2015 , 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by MissileDog
...Early [6-19] morning, about 2 am, Sabo was out protecting the Sabotat by the power of pro-active yapping. I'm sure he didn't tree that pesky monster opossum, because he wasn't yapping non-stop... and he kept running inside. At 4 am I kept him in. But I'm also sure his nemesis was right near by... We'll see tonight...
This happened again early this morning around 3:30 am. We'll see tonight...

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

This evening, by a score of 7-6, the Pirates (1-5, elim) knocked the Reds (3-2) out of first place. The next dog day is Wednesday, July 1... an elimination game for the Mariners (0-1). The game will be right here in Petco Park... and of course Sabo will be there. Sabo's Padres (1-0) are one of the eight teams now tied for first.

Originally Posted by MissileDog
...[*]To honor the memory of The Missile, any Angels, Dodgers, or Padres dog days 1997-2005, and any Cubs or White Sox dog days 2006-2009, are now recognized as official Sabo Dog Day Championship games. I tried to get that little Missile into the 2004 & 2005 Padres, and 2007 & 2008 White Sox games... with no luck . FYI: There was no such thing as a 'dog day' in the Flower era...
The Competition Committee has decided to amend which retro dog day games are recognized as official.

In 1997 we didn't know Cinnamon Stick yet. We do know she lived in LA. If there were any Dodger or Angel dog days that year, her original master might have taken her. From 1998-2005 I could have taken The Missile to any Angels, Dodgers, or Padres dog days. From 2006-2009 I could have taken her to any Cubs or White Sox dog days. 'Artie' was a San Diego County stray. It's certainly possible his original master/mistress took him to any 2012 or 2013 Padres dog days.

As amended, these 'could have' dog day games are retroactively recognized as official.

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-27-2015 , 01:51 PM

If Sabo was a hotel chain... he'd be Double Tree !!!1!

Just after midnight yesterday morning, a seemingly dead asleep Sabo bolts upright, and in a microsecond has burst through his Sabo-door and is out yapping like crazy in the Sabotat. He ain't running in-and-out this time... so I drag my sorry behind the long away around inside the house and out into the Sabotat.

Sabo's up on the third terrace, in the Sabo corner, going nuts. Right up in that corner we have a tree, and just across the fence in the Chihuahua's yard, they also have a tree. In the tree across the fence was Sabo's enormous opossum nemesis.

It wasn't playing possum this time however, it was moving about, swinging it's tail around like a tom-cat, and making some kinda low level creepy opossum sound. Sabo, for his part, was running back and forth, yapping at his nemesis, but also yapping up the tree on our side.

I didn't see the other at first, as it was playing possum in the dark. But after a while, it quickly started climbing higher up in the tree on our side. This smaller opossum wasn't a baby... it was about Sabo's size. This movement sent Sabo's nemesis off with even more of that creepy opossum sound he was making.

Score a confirmed double treeing for Sabo. I took him inside for the rest of the night.

Originally Posted by MissileDog
... And, speaking of the local dive, we ran into bartender "K" out at one of the parks. She hadn't met Sabo yet... he made a good first impression...
Also yesterday, when we stopped by Dive Bar #1, Katie was working. Sabo hadn't seen her in a while... congrats to her & her fiance & their baby boy !!!1!

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo Quote
06-28-2015 , 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by MissileDog
This [solstice] weekend proper, Sabo & me already have a Sabo Big Weekend™ worth of events planned... as we're going up to LA for the Dodger game on Midsummer Night's Eve (Sat 20th), and on the first day of summer (Sun 21st) we have a big IWW meeting to host... not to mourn, but to organize part of the Joe Hill 100th Concert Tour...
As I've blogged, we made it to the Dodgers game. The big IWW meeting wasn't that well attended, but Sabo was there, and the relevant planning continues apace. The reason being it was Father's Day

Besides us forgetting Fathers Day (my bad too), once again, my brothers, who are mostly spectator sports anti-fans cracked me up. Someone said "Well at least the Chargers don't play on Thursdays". The issue being that our venue, the SDEA Union Hall, because of it's proximity to the Q, isn't available on game days.

Well, it turns out the Chargers aren't playing on the Thursday our concert is scheduled... November 4th. FYI: There is about a 33% chance the seventh game of the World Series will be that night. Of course, Sabo's Padres don't play at the Q anymore. FYI: the only third Sunday the Chargers play at the Q is December 20, we'll have to change our meeting day that month. And of course... there's always the possibility (<3%) that they'd host a Divisional Round playoff game on 2016-1-17.

... Wednesday [6-17] we'll return to Capehart dog park at 5:40 am... do Sabo's Guide to Soledad Park... Revelle Dr to Doyle Park... try to get at least a shorter hike in once or twice a day... Fri 26th in Rose... This should complete the Rose Canyon part ... Saturday will feature... San Clemente Main trail... Sunday... Tecolote Nature Center... the CBC Tasting Room... Sabo's favorite restaurant: Bull's BBQ.
As for our hikes... We celebrated dawn at Capehart Dog Park. It turns out there isn't another trail head into Soledad Park anymore. We hiked both trails round-trip anyways. Ditto with the other Rose Canyon revisted hikes... with the exception of the Miramar National Cemetary area. However, we didn't really get back into the lots-of-short-hikes habit we had working in Winter.

I've decided if I'm going to blog the east of I-805 segments, I should make a good faith effort to investigate further the access situation. This also possibly effects San Clemente Canyon east of I-805. So once again, I held out the best trail from Sabo.

We did finally make it to the Tecolote Nature Center, which while modest, was nice. It's dog friendly... the pretty young docent gave Sabo a dog treat. Which he promptly rejected. We opened up the CBC tasting room at 11am. Natalie, the pretty young bartender, had her two little dogs in. Another customer brought his big dog in... so we had twice as many dogs as customers for a bit. And to finish the extended Sabo's Big Weekend™... we're off to Bull's BBQ.

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Flower, Cinnamon Stick, &amp; Sabo Quote
06-29-2015 , 12:58 PM

Our ants are were pretending they can't swim...

Originally Posted by MissileDog
... Again, [f]or reasons unknown and unrelated, the ants have completely disappeared. Maybe they know they're not supposed to be able to swim, and when I say I'm going to go all scientific on them... they back down to keep their little 'secret' safe.
Last year, and recently, when the ants swam across the moat to get all in Sabo's rocks, I used a shallow tray, exactly like in the pix above. When I decided to go all 'science' on them, I used a cooking pot, as deep as the food bowl, and twice the diameter. The reason being is that I couldn't see exactly how or where, or even for sure if, the ants were swimming across. I still keep it filled only about half an inch.

So, did the ants all just move to Australia or something? To be all 'science' about it I'd have to run an experiment... leave some rocks outside the moat. Which is not something I was really pining to do.

However... Sabo to the rescue. Sabo is a quirky dog. One of his quirks (undoubtedly linked to his 'resource guarding' issues) is that when he feels like eating some rocks... he'll kinda sneak up to the bowl, grab up a couple of rocks, then quickly move to door as if to go right outside. But then he'll stop, crunch up the rocks, and go back over to the bowl. After a round or two of this, he'll start eating his rocks like normal. Then, when he's tires of eating rocks, he'll just wander away.

Sometimes, doing his Sabo-shuffle, he'll drop a rock or two. Which is what happened. Yesterday, the ants found those two tiny rocks... and all were quickly removed. So I guess the ants didn't all move to Australia, after all.

However... just after I'm blogging the above, I went over to check Sabo's rocks. I spy a single ant in them. That ant climbs out of the bowl, and down into the water, then starts swimming towards the pot. About half way across, he does that antenna-bump thing with another ant swimming the other way towards the bowl. Sure enough, there's four on the outside pot, and a dozen more starting a raged line across the hardwood floor.

OK... our ants can swim. On to Plan B...

Originally Posted by MissileDog
... he wasn't yapping non-stop... and he kept running inside... I kept him in... I'm also sure his nemesis was right near by... We'll see tonight...
Ditto just after midnight this morning. That pesky nemesis...

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, &amp; Sabo Quote
07-01-2015 , 02:53 AM

Yep, we got another extended Sabo Big Weekend™

Sure, when June 30th is a Tuesday, the next weekend is a three-day weekend. But this being 2015: The Year of Sabo we're going to extend it to a whole week: Tuesday-Monday. And yes... that means there was only a Monday, yesterday, between consecutive extended SBW™. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

Today felt just like the Eve of Xmas in July. Tomorrow, of course, is Sabo's big day at Petco Park. Like last year, I decided to treat Sabo to a pre-game spa day. So off we went to our local Petco store... where I spent more than 3x a Padres SRO ticket. I guess this Dog Days of Summer promo really does bring the customers in. I checked my email for any Petco e-coupons... no luck. Right after we got back, they sent one for 50% off, with a bonus Independence Day doggy bandanna.

Sabo got a bath, had the hair trimmed between his pads, got his nails clipped... and got that doggy bandanna anyways. Well, actually nails grinded, as that's what they do now. I was concerned that I might have let his nails grow too long, as I hadn't had them trimmed since last Petco day... 11 months. But the groomer said they looked great, it looked like I had them done last month. He's an active dog, and I bet jumping up and down those terraces all day long helps a lot.

Again, the groomers said Sabo was just the best little boy. I came to pick him up just as they were grinding his nails... he was a bit scared, and I could tell he'd just rather be with me after my absence... but he was a trooper and it was all over in a minute or so. He also got to say 'hi' to one of his favorites... his personal trainer C. He's a good little boy !!!1!

Sabo swims here !!!1!
The third
fourth time's the charm ???/?

Independence Day observed is Monday. However, as we have other plans, Sabo will be observing it on Friday. By tradition, that means the core Sabo Big Weekend™ runs from noon Thursday, to noon Monday. Saturday is the 4th of July. I shouldn't even have to announce the theme for this SBW™.

Yeah, I've called this one every big summer season holiday since Sabo's been Sabo. Sure, we've had some things come up, in particular last 4th's wild-and-scary run around the Sabo'hood. But the core problem was the earlier Sabo Twist of 'no bridges' make this way, way, too much to do on even an extended weekend. So we'll try one more time, with the reverse-inverse Sabo Twist (underlined) instead...
We're going to spend four nights and five days at the Beach Shack. Sabo's going to swim from PB Pt (False Pt), to the OB Pier. And also swim all the way around Mission Bay and it's islands, but only if you need to cross a bridge to get there. Where it's not safe or sane to swim, he may walk the shore, or cross a bridge.

Sister J... doesn't fly China Southern either.

Sabo will believe his extended Sabo Big Weekend™ has finished at the OB Pier Monday at noon. I still haven't told him that his favorite Aunt is flying into town that day. We'll be driving over to Lindbergh field Monday evening to pick her up.

Oh yeah... I was just rudely reminded that while Sabo was at the groomers, wonder-of-wonders, we had a brief electrical storm. As I've blogged, Sabo really don't like the thunder. However... the groomers said neither they, nor any of the dogs, noticed at all. The building is kinda a cave, and with the nail grinder, or electric clippers, or hair blower going all the time, people at least can't hear a thing.

I was rudely reminded just now, while typing this up, by someone in the Sabo'hood setting off a 'popper'. Sabo just got up and crawled scared under the furniture. I called him out and hugged him tight until he felt safe, then until he fell asleep in my arms. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, &amp; Sabo Quote
07-01-2015 , 11:36 AM

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Well, I now have our paper Giants tickets in-hand. But the big news, of course, is… The Big Game of the dog game season is today. That’s right, it’s the Padres' Dog Days of Summer at Petco Park !!!1! This just has to be the best of the dog games. This dog game has (a) the Tony Gwynn Sr statue, Sabo’s shrine, as it’s centerpiece, (b) the Park at the Park as the venue, (c) the best gift bag & swag (d) always features Sabo’s Padres, and (e) it’s free to both dogs & people.

This year the dog game is a day game… just like Sabo’s previous two dog games this year, in Peoria & LA. Hopefully the sun won’t get to me like these previous two games. Here’s the forecast:

Originally Posted by
Partly Cloudy; 77℉; Precipitation 20%; Winds 10 mph
Here’s the story: On June 20th, Sabo & me headed out from the Sabotat at 11am. I figured that would give us plenty of time to meet our Uncle B in LA, then drive into Dodger Stadium. However I-5 is now a K-Rail Giant Slalom through San Clemency. For some reason… they weren’t working on Saturday… it was 15mph all the way from Carlsbad, through Camp Pendleton, on up to Dana Point. Ouch. We just barely made it, driving direct, in time for the 3pm pet parade.

I didn’t have any breakfast… because our seats were in the all you-can-eat Dodger Dog section. But I did have a big Gatorade for the drive up. It was a warm morning in San Diego, so I cranked the AC when we left. Unlike San Diego, a coastal city, LA is inland. When it’s warm in SD, it’s typically hot in LA. It was scorching hot in LA this day.

Dodger Stadium is an island adrift in a sea of asphalt, a sea so vast it has it’s own gas station. This day, that asphalt is hot enough to cook a dog’s foot pads. But the Dodger’s Pups at the Park volunteers are all over this, encouraging everyone to carry the smaller dogs… and with ice water wading pools set up inside & outside the stadium.

Sabo took a poop of course. So I was carrying a dog, a full poop bag, a binocular case, and trying to juggle more than a dozen loose sheets of paper, and shuffle cards in-and-out of my wallet (3 game e-tickets, a parking e-ticket, 4 pages of waivers, Sabo’s rabies certificate, my DL, Sabo’s vet card, along with a program, and some pages of ads/coupons they gave me), while signing a buncha stuff, and getting a wristband… all in a crosswind. FYI: The Dodgers also checked the vet card for Sabo’s other shots… unlike his previous three dog games, where they only checked rabies.

Dodger Stadium... holds the heat well

We got in the gate just in time to queue up for the pet parade. Sabo, proving he’s a true Padres fan… took another poop as soon as he stepped on his hated rival's home field. Like at Petco, but unlike at Chase, we got to go all the way around the field… staying off the grass, of course. Now Sabo’s never been to Dodger Stadium before. I, however, have been to more games than I can remember, both regular season and playoffs. But I’d hadn’t been in a while, since before they added all those seats behind the dugouts… which Sabo & me got to check out right up close.

After the parade, we had just enough time to grab a gift bag. The Dodgers gift bag itself was definitely the least impressive of the three Sabo has gotten (the Padres being the best)... it was a generic cloth shopping bag. But Sabo did get some goodies in it… and as they were breaking down the table, they handed Sabo half the box of the dog food samples they were giving out. Sweet.

Another thing they had working was dog painting. Sabo was a little scared of the process, but I held him tight while he got a red baseball stencilled on his back. Which turns out was a waste of time… as he’s much too scruffy for dog painting to work. That little Missile however, had the perfect coat for painting (she never was), and as a Dodger fan, would have been all about the Dodger stencils & Dodger Blue paint they had.

We met our Uncle B just before the game started (4:15pm), and then took our places in the right field bleachers… all the way up in row W. Sabo, like all the dogs, ignored his assigned place on the bleachers, and staked out his spot in the shade underneath them. Having the dogs in the all-you-can-eat section wasn’t the disaster I expected it to be… however there was significantly more food stockpiled in the stands. The bleachers at Dodger stadium are set off from the row behind it… just about the width of a dog’s head. So all over the bleachers peeps got to experience a seemingly dismembered doggy head popping up out of the blue, investigating the out of reach food stockpiled on the row behind. Very nice !!!1!

Padres dogs eat Dodger Dogs for lunch !!!1!

Sabo had an absolute blast. Once again, he was so well behaved at the game he drew compliments. Man… I just wish he’d react all the time like he does at these games. He really is a good little dog !!!1! He was representing his Padres, of course, with his shirt and jingle-jangles. As the only Padres dog in an army of Dodger dogs… he got all sorts of positive attention, especially along the pet parade. Almost as much as he got for his striking good looks… people really like the two-tone & scruff… and for his inquisitive nature. More important perhaps to Sabo… he got a whole Dodger Dog at the game, and I took two more home for him later. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

It was a good game, and a great time was had by all. The Dodgers did a great job hosting the event. However, I had an issue, once again, with the sun. Just like in Peoria after my first beer, in LA after that first Dodger Dog… I just felt a lump in my stomach. By the middle of the 8th, I started feeling light-headed. After almost five straight hours in the scorching heat & relentless sun, I was done. We went down under the bleachers, where there are some picnic tables in the shade… and listened to Vin Scully call the rest of the game. Then I puked up that Dodger dog, in addition to all the Gatorade & water & lemonade I had got down. I’m not a fan of the all-you-can-eat section anyways… and this time I got the nut low, netting out zero.

After finally getting out of the sun, unburdening myself of that Dodger Dog, and rehydrating with the AC cranking in the car during the infamously slow clearing of the Dodger Stadium parking lot (I know rushing is futile)... I felt fine again. Thanks to Good Nurse Sabo… there’s nothing like a doggy to make a peep feel better. The drive back to the Sabotat took slightly less than two hours.

Sabo surfing the interwebs
Flower, Cinnamon Stick, &amp; Sabo Quote
07-02-2015 , 03:52 PM

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Yesterday morning I geared-up Sabo. He's always wearing his skull & crossbones (cat-) collar with his Padres jingle-jangles proudly up front. For the day, I added his Padres blue shirt, Cinnamon's red collar, and got out his red straight leash. Sabo knows what this means... he was one happy and excited little boy. At the game, I added the bright red "Dog Days of Summer" bandanna he got.

Sabo still won't get in a bag... so ring up another $20 for parking on his account. They open the Park-at-the-Park a couple of hours early, just for us Dog Days of Summer guests... so the parking lot was pretty much empty. We parked as close to Petco as you can, if you don't drive a Lexus. That was in the second row. I've never parked anywhere near this close to a large event. Also, I know school's out, and we left after 9:30am... but there was hardly a car on the road. Best stadium drive ever !!!1!

Sabo, like always, gave me a poop walking up to the gate. However, unlike the Dodger stadium parking lot, there's plenty of trash cans on the city streets. The Padres require all the dog & vet info be emailed in ahead of time, and as we're guests, we're on the guest list. So no fumbling with paperwork... they just asked me my name, verified my dog's description, and handed me the tickets. We were inside the Park-at-the-Park at 10:15, as amazingly quick as the drive in.

The first thing Sabo wanted to do, of course, was get a sniff at his shrine... the Tony Gwynn Sr statue. So we sat for a while, and rested in quite remembrance, upon the pedestal bench under Mr. Padre's backside. It really doesn't get any better than this for a dog (and his boy). Then we found Sabo's personal trainer C, who was again working the game for Petco. He's one of Sabo's favorites... Sabo was so happy to see him he got all frisky (which he rarely does).

I guess last year's customized zippered travel bag was an anomaly, as we got generic shopping bags this time. The number of vendors was down too... but there was still 3x what the Dodgers had. Again, I filled up that bag full-o-goodies for Sabo. He did, however, reject all the dog cookies offered... he can be picky that way.

In the queue for the dog parade, I got talking to a couple of MILFs shepherding an extensive child/dog pack. One said last year she was annoyed that, while on the field, the staff relentlessly hectored them to keep moving along. Well, in less than a year, I've gone from a complete noob to an experienced reg at these events. That's been our experience too... and I found in my research for The Audit, it happens everywhere. I'm sure it's only because we were right near the front of the parade this time... but it didn't happen this year at all. The other difference was this year we went clockwise around the field.

By noon, we had filled the gift bag, been on and off the field, and were sitting cool in the shade, enjoying a big plate of Phils BBQ with a tall beer, in the Park-at-the-Park. Sabo got a little left over Phil's too. I'm going to guess that Bull's is still going to be Sabo's favorite... but Phil's was really good. Sabo didn't care at all for the macaroni salad, however.

Sabo got to invite two peeps as his guest. He chose another one of his favorites... our union brother P. This is the second time they've spent the day together (see Post#39). The game itself started at 12:41. It was a real good game, scoreless into the sixth, and 2-0 into the 8th. Sabo actually watched parts of it... a first. Brother P had to leave after the 8th, as he was the chef yesterday at home. He missed the Mariners piling on four in the ninth, making the final 7-0.

Johnathon Smith, b.1971-1-17

After the game, Lil Jon was spinning a set in the Park-at-the-Park. To my amazement, they reopened the beer stands too. So as we were having so much fun... I had another, and we stayed for the show.

So, we were sitting on the grass, waiting for the show... and Sabo showed a side I've never seen before. He went around to all the other groups of peeps sitting on the grass within his six foot radius, strangers all, introducing himself and gladly getting petted. He even flaked out nestled between the ladies in front of us. He's such a sharp looking dog, that peeps, especially children, are always walking up, asking to reach down towards him to give him a pet... I usually say 'no', but this day I tried 'yes'. He was even happy about strangers reaching down towards him and petting him (which he usually doesn't like at all). Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

But enough about Sabo, right... how'd I deal with the sun? Well I still got my butt beat, but in a different way. The forecast was correct, except for the rain part. It was however, quite humid for us. But it was only the mid 70s, and we had heavy overcast, and a strong cool breeze off the harbor, pretty much the whole time. A little strange, but an excellent day to be out for almost seven hours. I did great... except I forgot to reapply my sunscreen. For the first time in ~10/yrs I got a mild sunburn.

As for the Sabo's Dog Day Championship standings... The Mariners (1-1) win keeps them alive. With the loss, San Diego drops out of the eight-way tie for first. The next dog day is Tuesday, July 7th. It'll again be Sabo's Padres (1-1), now facing elimination themselves, in Pittsburgh (1-5, elim).

Flower, Cinnamon Stick, &amp; Sabo Quote
07-07-2015 , 02:53 AM

Happy belated Independence Day (July 4) !!!1!
Happy belated Flower's Birthday (July 4) !!!1!

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Flower, our family dog growing up, should be everyone in the family's all-time favorite. She's still Grandpa's favorite, without question... but then again, she was Grandpa's dog...
Flower, she was a good dog. I had hoped starting this blog, and Sabo sharing the same yard, would prompt me to dredge up some stories about her... but alas I haven't found that muse yet. However, I'm going to ask Sabo's Aunt J, while she is here, to help me scan some pix of her that are currently mounted in a collage... which will be a little tricky. Maybe that will get me off my blogging butt regarding her.

So... moving right along... there was Cinnamon too. But now... how did Sabo's Big Weekend™ go ??

Well, I blogged about Sabo's spa day, and the Dog Days of Summer the previous two posts. At 4am on the 2nd, Sabo had another (unconfirmed) treeing of his nemesis. Today, we picked up Sabo's Aunt J at the airport. I made sure not to tell him... but he's a smart dog, so he knew something was a foot. Aunt J's flight was delayed, so we ended up listening to most of Sabo's Padres 1-2 loss at Pittsburgh while in the cell phone lot. We know how Sabo gets into the game... so when she did finally show up, Sabo was quite surprised, and very happy, indeed. Sabo has his favorites... gotta that Sabo !!!1!

So the beginning and end went great. These four things, just by themselves, alone makes it a SBW™ worth remembering.

Four Strikes & You're Out !!!1!
(Sabo ain't swimming here... ever)

This middle part fizzled again. Thursday, the symbolic beginning half-day, I decided to rest my sunburned skin inside for a day. Friday, which was going to be the main swimming day, we had another plumbing emergency at the Sabo'home. Saturday, the 4th, I permanently scuttled the whole project because of the fireworks issue. There won't be a fifth try I promise. Yesterday, I needed to get the house back in order, now that the plumbing is fixed, for Sister J's visit.

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...Sabo and me had an exhilarating, and in our own ways, frightening ~ten minute experience during the Independence Day fireworks. I broke my 'virgin' getting teary-eyed over Sabo blogging this... We were both out-of-breath, drenched in sweat (it was a hot night), high on adrenaline, and were both oh-so-happy that Sabo was safe in my arms again...
I didn't want a repeat of the experience quoted above. So we stayed home at the Sabotat for the 4th. At least this year all the noise makers were off a little in the distance (and weren't illegal fireworks, as far as I could see). Not like last year when some a-holes were popping off illegal fireworks straight overhead.

When the sun went down, and people started to pop off noise makers, Sabo went straight to find Grandpa... then crawled under his bed. Sabo always thinks of Grandpa when he's scared. I coaxed him out, and we spent the duration in the Sabo Room, with both the human & dog doors closed. At first, Sabo crawled under the chair, but later he came out and snuggled up to me... I hugged him tight until he stopped shivering... then kept hugging him until he fell asleep. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

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News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

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... As for the Sabo's Dog Day Championship standings... The next dog day is [Today]. It'll again be Sabo's Padres (1-1), now facing elimination themselves, in Pittsburgh (1-5, elim)...
This is a pivotal game in Sabo's Padres dog game season. So... this afternoon I'm going to gear up Sabo with his Padres shirt, etc., and we're off to watch Pups at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Free for dogs, $30+fees per person, pix above.

Now I figure my (perhaps singular) readers are thinking: I know Sabo's fast, but how the heck is he going to get all the way to PA by the 4:05 pm pdt start time? The answer is... he's not.

Sabo hasn't been to watch a road game at the Park-at-the-Park all year long. So... we're going to go back downtown for another visit to the Park-at-the-Park, watch part of the game, give Sabo another sniff at his shrine, and go happy-hour patio bar hopping down in the Gaslamp district.

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News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Well, we tried to go watch part of the game in the Park-at-the-Park. However, yesterday it was closed, as they're are 'loading in' for Comic-Con... our annual mega convention of illiterate, costume wearing, geeks. As the State of California went out of their way to teach me to read as a child, I've never had any use for comic books (or 'graphic novels', lol).

Of course Comic-Con has moved far beyond the comic books too. What it appears to be about now... judging from all the frenzied work going on in the Gaslamp last night... is a showcase for the commercial networks, and HBO, to plug their upcoming shows I've never heard of, and won't watch.

That didn't confront Sabo however. We walked all the way around Petco & the Park-at-the-Park... so Sabo got to see & sniff his shrine from several different angles, albeit at a distance. We also did the Gaslamp shuffle... going up 4th to Broadway, then back down 5th... hitting a few patio bars along the way.

Comic-Con... 1% of 1% are hot chicas

We ended up on the dog-friendly patio at '207', which is the Hard Rock Hotel's lobby bar, named after their 5th Ave address. The bar itself is actually on the corner of 6th & L, literally in the shadow of Petco Park. We got excellent service, and although not cheap ($7 domestic pint), for the Gaslamp it is 'reasonably' priced.

I've been here a handful of times before. You'd never know it by looking, and so far nobody who works at 207 has heard of this little historical fact... but the bar building, which was integrated into the modern hotel tower, was originally the National City & Otay Railway train depot c.1886. The long abandoned NCO was a short-line which ran from here to the border at San Ysidro, with a branch out to La Presa.

The game itself was great. We would have ended up getting kicked out of Park-at-the-Park halfway through the game anyways, as there was a two hour rain delay in the third. It looked funny, but a groundskeeper got caught up in the wind-whipped tarp... a potentially very dangerous situation. It was good to see the Pirate players, led by the best player on the field, A.McCutchen, come to their fellow worker's aid. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. Later, in the 5th, J.Upton robbed A.McCutchen of a two run home run several rows deep in the stands.

Comic-Con... gotta love these slaves running around town for a week

During the 7th inning stretch, which was after a deluge and ~11pm on a Pittsburgh work night... the broadcast highlighted the actual Pups at PNC Park. Amazingly alotta them had stayed. The game was tied 2-2 until the bottom of the 8th, when the Pirates scored what turned out to be the winning run. After the game, in an attempt to cheer up Sabo... we went down to Missile Beach and did some Midnight Missile Recon scofflawing.

Sabo watched in stunned disbelief, as the Pirates (2-5, elim) eliminated his Padres (1-2) by a score of 3-2. The next dog game is tomorrow... the 66ers (0-0) vs the Mariners (1-1) in Seattle's Bark in the Park. The Angels will represent the 66ers system in this double-elimination game.

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