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08-14-2021 , 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by R*R
It's considered a good investment that helps with nice returns.

There are some panhandlers that make good money.

There was a panhandler we saw outside a bookstore I am sorry to say my wife and I gave money to regularly. Our local alternative newspaper did a story on panhandlers and he was one of those interviewed.

It turned out he owned a house, a couple of cars, and the year before the interview he made $80,000.

At the time, we didnít own a home and combined we didnít make $80,000.

We still go to that bookstore, but we haven't seen him in years.

Another panhandling sign that should make you stop and think is one that says, "car broke down" especially if the cardboard looks really clean. If their car broke down, where is it and where did they find a piece of clean card board.
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08-14-2021 , 04:25 PM
The wife just went to get us some fast food for lunch when she had a bad run-in with a panhandler.

A panhandler had approached the car ahead of my wife, but didn't get anything from that car. Before my wife could roll her window up, the panhandler approached her and asked for money.

After giving him a lot of change from a drawer in our car, the panhandler said he could see she had more so my wife gave him everything in the drawer. It then got really bad.

He told her how he wasn't from our area although his girlfriend was and he asked my wife for sex. She told him no and that she was married. She then got the window rolled up and pulled up to the window to pay.

The worker could tell by my wife's face that something had happened so asked if my wife was okay. Shortly after telling the worker what the panhandler said, the store manager came out and the panhandler took off.
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