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Re: Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

Originally Posted by quantph View Post
Thanks Munga! I have the FW trip all booked now, I'll get there on Thursday April 18th, until Saturday. Same basic plan as last year, 2 days of stud/mixed followed by 2 days in Boston/Cambridge. I'd love to explore some NEIPAs that aren't Harpoon (which I enjoy, I just like trying new stuff).

Speaking of FW: I posted in the FW thread asking about this 150/300 mixed game, which seems to run often now, including 2 tables on Sunday with 7 on the list. WTF?! Where are all these players coming from for the biggest limit game that currently runs regularly? I also heard a rumor that the 75 stud game got a lot tougher because the big stud game at Commerce died and several of the players moved to FW-any insight? That was a good game last year, I'm not a big fan of tough games
Hmm. That's a tough weekend for me but I'll see what I can do. Honestly don't know about the Stud game. It could be worse than last year but I haven't played it. Sent a PM about the mix, which has been white hot the last 2-3 weeks but could burn out by the time you're out here. Who knows.
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Re: Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

Sweet score q! Might need to change your name to Mr. Boat.

Sounds like traffic (players, not driving) was decent last weekend? Always a little skeptical to eat a ~2 hour drive in bad weather up from Aurora for there to only be a handful of "meh" games running.
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