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Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

10-14-2013 , 04:05 PM
In 2004, I was a late-30s white guy with a PhD in electrical engineering, trying to get back in shape so I could play soccer again, with an alcoholic ex-wife who I just divorced and an aspiration to keep doing fun stuff at work while trying to build a successful group. Then I discovered poker like the rest of America. I played hours on end (almost all online) and was moderately successful.

Flash forward 2 years. The UGIGA, or whatever the hell that worthless group of dream crushers is called, had to ruin the party and steal all the online fish. Well, once the dead money morons left the scene, as Darwin predicted, the strong survived. Unlike many around this time I did not came to the realization that I was not one of them. After a several years of break even to slightly losing poker, and an inability to realize that I was better at my job than online poker, Black Friday came and I finally stopped playing online poker.

I am quantph, and this is my blog. If my thread title and introduction are completely unfamiliar to you, then you should immediately go to one of the best 2+2 trip reports-turned-blog ever, mooremoney19ís:

You will not regret losing several days of your life to reading that. Of course, if youíve managed to make it all the way to House of Blogs on 2+2, itís pretty likely that you spend way too much time on 2+2 and are already familiar with AKAD.

A little bit of introduction is in order, so hereís a bit about me:

1) Who or what is a quantph?

Good question, glad you asked. Quantph is the short hand for the quantum physics section of the preprint server for the physics community:

Although my academic degrees all say electrical engineering, my work is really in applied physics (more on this later), and quant-ph is the area in which I publish.

2) How did you come up with the title for your blog?

Iíve been playing with this idea for a while. mooremoney19ís trip report/blog was just an awesome read, and I had to plan to write an extended trip report some day. I had a long-term plan to take off from my job for 6 months and travel around the US playing poker, but that got slightly derailed.

My alternate title was ďPronounced quant-pee-aitchĒ, along the lines of a Lynard Skynard album. But this seemed more appropriate for this forum.

3) Why did you start this now?

I am a furloughed federal employee, and I have too much time on my hands.

Thatís all for right now, Iím off to play in a PLO home game. More about me and poker and other stuff later.
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10-16-2013 , 02:59 AM
Well, the PLO game never got going, which I guess is okay since I was very tired anyway. Today I played some 30/60 LHE and some 2/5-100 spread limit HE at my local B&M. Had some serious run-good at the 30-60 game, flopped 2 sets in my first orbit, racked up >$1K to the good before the table changed enough for me to think that 2/5 would be easier money. Won a few hundred there, too, and came home early enough to work on this a bit.

A little bit more about me andpoker:

4) Where do you live? How is the poker?

Boulder, Colorado. I moved here for a job in 1996 and have no plans of ever leaving. The nearest casinos are in Black Hawk, about 1 hour drive. Colorado casinos have a maximum bet of $100, so there is no such thing as No Limit Hold ‘em here, it’s all spread limit and limit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, 1/2-100 means that you have $1 small blind, $2 big blind, and can bet or raise between $2 and $100 anytime (a raise must be at least the amount of the previous bet as is typical in NL). 1/2-100 plays very similar to 1/2 NL (I suppose a deep-stacked game would be different but this is atypical in my experience). But 2/5-100 plays much smaller than 2/5 NL. And it’s pointless to play 5/10-100, might as well just play limit.

5) What poker games do you play?

My preferred game is Pot Limit Omaha HiLo. Of all the games I play, I believe this requires the most skill and discipline. In limit O/8, if you flop the nut low you’re never going anywhere, especially in a multiway pot. In PLO/8, you can lose a lot more money playing just a low, with no chance to win the high. Getting quartered in that game can hurt. Unfortunately, the only time I get to play this game is at a Wednesday home game (5/10 PLO or PLO/8, dealer’s choice). At my local B&M, I’m a regular in the 2/5-100 O/8 game that runs on Friday and Saturday nights. I mainly play 2/5-100 hold ‘em at other times, and occasionally play the 30/60 limit game when the line up looks good.
When I go to Vegas, I usually call the Venetian my poker home. I play 2/5 NLHE and limit O/8 if the stakes are interesting (occasionally 8/16, but preferably 15/30 or 30/60).
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-16-2013 , 12:07 PM
I also like to mix in some PLO but that must be rough at a casino with a $100 max bet.

Any problem in the 30/60 raising to $120 or is each raise a separate bet?
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10-16-2013 , 01:10 PM
Are you one of those crunchy Boulder hipsters? If not, why not?
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-16-2013 , 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by Professionalpoker
I also like to mix in some PLO but that must be rough at a casino with a $100 max bet.

Any problem in the 30/60 raising to $120 or is each raise a separate bet?
Yeah the spread limit O/8 game gets a little funny once there's $100 in the pot, essentially you're playing limit at that point. You might think it would change the strategy a lot, but in reality most of the players aren't thinking that hard (OMG! I have the nut flush draw! Must call (to try to win half the pot)). There was a PLO high only that ran for a while at the Isle but I never played it so I can't speak to how it played. I did play a little capped PLO online on FTP so I imagine it would be similar. In any event, I've seen $1500 pots on multiple occasions in the 2/5-100 O/8 game, so it can still play pretty big.

Each raise is a separate bet. So on the turn you can bet $60 and I can raise to $120, you can reraise to $180, etc. I forgot to mention that game plays with a kill to 50/100 as well. And in the spread limit hold 'em games, I can bet $100 and you can raise to $200, and we can keep going if heads up.
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10-16-2013 , 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Homeland Security
Are you one of those crunchy Boulder hipsters? If not, why not?
I'm too old (46) to be a hipster, although I admit to a penchant for PBR on a hot summer day, otherwise I'm a Colorado microbrew kinda guy. Also, I'd rather be playing poker or riding my mountain bike than sitting around the coffee shop, thinking great thoughts and cursing out "The Man".
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10-17-2013 , 12:09 AM
The teams in the 30 game don't worry you?
I assume as a reg you have learned how to spot and avoid them.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-17-2013 , 12:43 AM
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-17-2013 , 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Brown Keeper
The teams in the 30 game don't worry you?
I assume as a reg you have learned how to spot and avoid them.
I don't have a ton of hours in that game, but I have figured out who are the good regs and who suck, and when the game is overly reg-infested I play 2/5-100.

But I did encounter an outright attempt at cheating in my Tuesday session. Here's how it went down: I'm in the 2 seat, folds to me and I fold as well, the young Asian (I believe Vietnamese) gal (YAG) to my left, she's a reg and open limps from middle position. Older Asian woman (OAW) on her left calls. These two talk in between hands in either Chinese or Vietnamese, I believe it's the latter but I can't be certain and it's not too relevant. Folds to the blinds who both call. Flop is AAT. Checked to OAW, she bets, small blind calls (FWIW, he is also Asian but I didn't recognize him as a reg) . YAG also calls, and she says something very softly in Vietnamese. No way dealer could hear it and I couldn't understand it.

Now is when it gets ugly. Turn is a blank, checked to OAW who bets, SB calls. YAG now picks her cards up off the table and holds them up to eye-level, so that OAW can see them! I'm fairly sure that I see OAW's eyes dart in that direction before YAG tosses them into the muck. While this is going on, I say something like, "keep those cards down'. Dealer isn't paying enough attention, I tell her what I saw. She tells the YAG to be careful about exposing her hand, the two yell at me that they weren't showing cards, whatever.

I probably should have made the dealer call the floor, but none of the regular floormen were there at the time. The whole situation really bugged me. I know a couple of the regular floors reasonably well and will chat with them this weekend. The bottom line is that I don't think there's a lot that can or could've been done, it's just a he said, she said situation. Next time will be different, I was caught off guard this time since I've not seen that BS before. I put this completely on the YAG, she initiated everything. I would bet that her soft-spoken word would translate as "ten". And, the dealer was also a young Asian gal, these other two talked with her in Vietnamese between hands. I don't believe she was complicit, but I doubt this would've been attempted if a sharper dealer was in the box.

Any thoughts on this situation, and on other team play that goes on in this game, is appreciated.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-17-2013 , 01:08 PM
You might want to post that incident in the Regional forums. There's a Colorado Poker thread there where Black Hawk poker is regularly discussed. Other 2+2 Colorado regs may have encountered similar issues, if those two particular ladies make a habit of flashing each other's cards and/or breaking the english-only rules.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
10-17-2013 , 08:52 PM
Originally Posted by anotherFliplost
You might want to post that incident in the Regional forums. There's a Colorado Poker thread there where Black Hawk poker is regularly discussed. Other 2+2 Colorado regs may have encountered similar issues, if those two particular ladies make a habit of flashing each other's cards and/or breaking the english-only rules.
Thanks, this was actually on my to-do list for tonight, I am a fairly regular poster in that thread.

In other quantph news, variance caught up to me in my Wednesday home game (5/10 PLO;PLO/8) when my Q-high straight (high only this hand) got all the money in against a T-high straight on a T98 board and he caught running clubs for a flush. C'est la vie.

At least I was able to go back to work today as the federal employee furlough ended with nothing accomplished. I did win $40 betting that 1) the government would shutdown and 2) the over/under on when government employees would return to work, he picked the 15th, I snap-called the over FTW. I am thinking about investing in some single malt whiskey but Ted Cruz seems to have discovered a strain that allows him to live in an alternate reality, I wonder if that strain is available in CO...
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10-17-2013 , 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by Wetdog
I already denied being a hipster, now I'm a hippie?! My long-hair days have long since passed, I did have some cool braids (for you soccer fans, think Baggio braids: Now I'm just trying to hang on to what I have left...
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10-20-2013 , 08:58 PM
Went up to Black hawk on Friday night and spoke to one of the floormen about the collusion I saw the previous Tuesday, he didnít seem at all surprised when I identified the culprit. He said heíd keep his eyes open, I didnít really think heíd be able to do anything.

Was crushing the 2/5-100 HE game while waiting for an O/8 seat, then ran my KK into AA. Oh well. The O/8 game wasnít too good by the time I got a seat in it, and I managed to play it badly for a little while before I decided to have another shot at 30/60 LHE. I had a great table (4th one, a must move) and it wasnít reg-infested. One guy was totally drunk and tilted, unfortunately he didnít tilt any of his $2K in my direction before he left. Fortunately, he was replaced by a guy who played almost every hand and called almost every bet/raise. He had to ask the dealer every single street how much he could bet, LOL. I did manage to catch some hands against him. Game was so good, even after I moved to one of the main games, that I ended up playing until 4 AM. Ugh, thatís always bad for me. At least I went home up > $500.

I managed to get up around 9 so I could go to Veloswap, which is a huge bike sale, lots of new and used bikes and parts. My friends who collects vintage bikes met me there and took me shopping for full-suspension 29ers. I ended up getting a sweet deal on a new Giant Anthem X: It was quite interesting going around with him, I needed to get pedals for this bike, and I would have just picked up any old pair of SPD-compatible pedals for $10, there were lots of these available. However, he insisted on finding me a pair of Shimano pedals that were made in Japan because they are so much higher quality, I would have never known. He also pointed out a couple of former Tour de France stage winners walking around, pretty non-descript in that crowd. Boulder is a bit of a mecca for road bikers, you never know when the guy (or gal) in front of you in the checkout line at the supermarket is a former Olympian or TDF stage winner.

Had a relatively short session at Ameristar on Saturday night because I was so tired, but I crushed the O/8 game for $550. Caught a river 4 on an Q32K double-suited board while holding AA5x to win a big pot, no other hands of note.

Since this is still a new blog, Iíll keep answering questions that I like to know about fellow poker players.

6. How did you get interested in poker?

I first became interested in 2003 but it had nothing to do with Chris Moneymaker. While I was living in my friendís basement while trying to get my divorce finalized, I got invited to a friendly, low-stakes home game by a co-worker. It was all work colleagues. I think the stakes were $0.10/0.25 with a $20 buy-in. Games were dealer choice, and we played hold Ďem, Stud Hi, Omaha/8, and Omaha Hi (all limit). It was a lot of fun, a good bunch of friends.

But what really got me hooked was reading Positively Fifth Street by James McManus. Before this was a book, it was a long article in Harperís, and I was a subscriber in December 2000 when that article came out. It was an awesome read, and I had intended to read the book when it came out, but forgot about it until now. Fortunately, the hostess of this home game had a copy and lent it to me. I read it and was hooked. I immediately sent bought a copy of Wilson Turbo Texas Hold ĎEm and played tens of thousands of hands of limit hold Ďem before ever playing online or at a casino. Times sure have changed, hard to believe that was around a decade agoÖ
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
11-12-2013 , 12:51 AM
Adventures in 30/60 LHE

Greetings readers, thanks for tuning in to the next episode of my blog. Iíve been a bit slow about posting updates since Iím back at work, and catching up from the government shutdown has been pretty time-consuming.

The weather here in Colorado has been spectacular for the past few weekends, and Iíve been getting in some fun rides on the new 29er. This is my first full suspension bike, and it rocks. Hopefully get to ride until Thanksgiving this year.

On to poker news: Iíve been playing a lot of 30/60 LHE the past few weeks, and a little 2/5-100 O/8 and HE. Iím afraid that the O/8 game is already close to dying. I played for a few hours on Friday, and the game was terrible. At least 3 people at the table wouldnít put money in the pot without at least 3 wheel cards. I ended up playing 30/60 most the night. And Saturday I wouldnít even sit down the line up looked so bad, the game ran short-handed for a few hours before dying completely. I donít think it will be going past Xmas.

So Iíve been working on my 30/60 LHE game, the variance and suck-outs are often unbelievable to me. Iím not one to complain about bad luck but I feel like I get run down at that game way more often than is probable. I keep telling myself the same thing I tell my friends that complain about the rundowns, ďYou want them to chase, you just donít want them to catchĒ. I know itís true but when they river the gutshot in a heads-up pot where you flopped top two, it still frustrates.

I was able to play on Sunday this week since Monday is Veteranís Day (thanks for your service, vets!) and found that both 30/60 tables were pretty juicy. I ended up with one bad reg, one terrible semi-reg, and one unknown who played about 80% of all hands. Despite losing two huge kill pots (kills to 50/100), I managed to rack up a winner.

Here are the two kill hands (50/100), I think I did okay in both of them.

1) Kill is on, in the SB, Iím in the cutoff with T8. Solid reg raises from UTG+1, 2 calls in front of me, so I call, button (terrible unknown) calls, SB (so-so reg) calls. Flop is 975. 3 checks to me, and I bet my draw, button calls, SB calls, one other caller. Turn is 3, checked to me and I bet again, button folds, SB raises to $200 with $25 behind, mid-position folds, and I raise his last $25 knowing Iím behind. River is 8, he shows 64 for a turned straight. Ugh, 80% flop equity and $375 down the tubes.

2) Killer is bad reg in the cutoff, folded to button (solid reg, weíve had some run-ins tonight and Iíve somehow managed to win them all) who raises, I call from the SB with pocket 4s, BB calls, killer calls. Flop is 554, this board is nearly perfect. Checked to button who bets, I call, BB folds, cutoff calls. Turn is 2, I lead in case button was just c-betting two overs, cutoff calls, and I think he must have the 5. Then button raises. He must have an overpair, I think, and tank while deciding whether to raise or call. Since cutoff has strong calling tendencies I raise, cutoff folds (!) and button 4 bets (!!). He never has 54 here, and I think if he had an overpair heíd just call. I call, and tell the dealer Iím thinking of a card. The bad beat jackpot qualifier is quads beaten, and $225,000 (they rake $2/hand), 40% to loser, 30% to winner, 30% table share. Iím pondering what new toy I could buy with $90,000 (loserís share) if the case 4 comes, but alas itís a Q, and I pay off quad 5s. $650 gone, sigh.

Iíve been putting in more hours at 30/60 since the beginning of October but still playing 2/5 HE when the 30/60 looks bad and/or tough. And Iíve just been crushing the 2/5 during that time, makes me wonder if the 30/60 game will ever be worth it. If I could consistently beat it for 1 BB/hr then sure, but the discussion in mid-stakes limit says 0.5 BB/hr is the new 1 BB/hr, and I can consistently make more than that at 2/5 without any $1500 lossesÖ

Thoughts on 2/5-100 spread limit versus 30/60 LHE welcome.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
11-15-2013 , 04:12 AM
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
11-17-2013 , 05:08 PM
Another Saturday night at the 30/60 LHE game

The O/8 game was running short-handed when I got there, and I was first up for 30/60 LHE with a weak-looking must-move starting lineup, so I took the 30/60. A bunch of good starting hands, some of which held up (QQ in SB with JT9 flop, J turn, Q river, I was good even without the boat), some didnít (AA UTG < Q8 in BB, gutshot came in on turn). There were at least 3 bad players when I sat down, but they gradually moved into the two main games. I eventually moved to the bad main game, put my name on the table change list as soon as I sat down and I was 6th on the table change list, LOL. I put my name on the 2/5-100 HE list but got my 30/60 table change before that seat became available. Although the uberfish was gone, it was still a good table, and I caught a few hands.

Hereís a hand that I won but I think I played very badly and probably won the bare minimum. I have QQ in the SB. 4 limps in front of me, and I just call. I know nobody is folding here, tons of lost value. BB checks. Flop is J54r, I check, BB bets, middle-position calls, button (decent reg) raises, I 3-bet, BB tank calls, middle-position calls, button 4-bets (cap), all call. Turn is 5, and itís checked through. Damn, more lost value, I hate playing big pairs out of position. River is 7, I lead, BB calls, other fold. QQ > QJ. But I lost $180 by not leading the turn, and $150 by not raising preflop. Thatís 5 BB, which is a lot to lose out on in this game. Still learning how to maximize my big hands while minimizing losses, I think I'm overthinking too many hands.

No other hands of note tonight. The O/8 game was running strong when I left, and the lineup looked weak, but I had a 9 AM trail running session, and I went for a hard ride on the 29er in the morning, so I just racked up +$1375 in 6 hours, a very good session for me. The O/8 game ran strong both nights on the weekend (I didnít play at all on Friday, I followed on Bravo though) which is great, I was worried that it might be dying already.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
12-02-2013 , 02:00 AM
Working at 30/60 LHE

Iíd like to be posting these updates every week but something always seems to suck away all my time. For the week of Thanksgiving, I traveled to Northern Virginia, to my sisterís house. On Tuesday I took my mom to Hollywood Charles Town, she grinds the slots while I play cards. Iíve been following the fate of this room on Bravo, MarylandLive is just destroying it. Wish ML wasnít > 1 hr away, Iíd love to have that game selection. Couldnít even get a 2-5 NLHE table going on Tuesday afternoon, I played 1-2 for the first time in a long while. Game was supersoft and I won $67 in a couple of hours, despite losing a big pot with TPGK to a flopped set. Villain in that hand was so tight he didnít even raise my river value bet, thought I had a bigger set, LOL. My favorite was Old Man Coffee, sat down with $100 and proceeded to make stacks of 5 chips. He was directly to my right. Reasonably aggressive guy is on his right, tells him when he sits down that the game is playing like a 2-5 game, does that mean itís okay to raise without AA or KK?? Anyway, OMC is ridiculously tight. Aggressive guy (AG) raises two limpers to $10 from the button, OMC raises to $20 from the SB, I fold my rags from BB. Limpers fold, AG calls. I probably fold everything worse than KK to his 3-bet, heís never doing this with AK or JJ. Flop comes J high rainbow, OMC checks, AG checks back. Turn 4, ck/ck. River 9, ck, AG bets 20, OMC calls and tables QQ, AG shows his A9. Play is just LOL by both of these guys, I guess that's why I can beat 1-2...

Back to Colorado on Friday for some 30/60 LHE adventures. I got back home around 1230 and was at the casino by 3. Played some 2/5-100 HE for an hour or so until my 30/60 seat was available. Poker room was packed the whole time. 30/60 was swingy but my tables were great, lots of limp-calling. I had a couple of runs where I went ice cold for a couple of hours, before going on a massive heater at 3 AM, racked up at 5 AM up another 1K.

Hereís my massive suckout hand:
2-5 100 SLHE

Hero in BB with KQ. Villain is nondescript random guy, no reads, stack size $270, I cover.

Two limps, villain raises to 30, smells like a guy who is scared of JJ, I call, one other call. Flop is QT2, I check, ck, villain bets 100, and Hero c/r to 200, 3rd guy folds, and Villain shoves his last $70 which I of course call.

He rolls over 2 black Aces, FML, drawing to 5 outs. 2 on turn, FML^2, only a Queen saves me now. Q on river. Wow...

My last hand at 2/5-100 before they started a new 30/60 table was really tilting. Villain is a 30/60 semi-reg and I always try to play with him, heís absolutely atrocious. Heís horrible at 2/5-100 as well. I raise JJ from UTG to $20, 2 callers, Villain calls from BB. Flop is 984r, Villain checks, I check with the intention of checkraising, but neither of the two preflop callers accommodates. Turn is T, Villain donks $25, I raise to $60, 2 folds, Villain calls. River T, Villain tanks, then checks, I check behind. He tables his T6o (great preflop call!). Then he asks the dealer to show my cards. I toss them in the muck but she shows him. Such a douchebag move, Iíve only ever done that like twice ever, when I had a bad history with someone. If this guy wasnít such a donator Iíd have given him **** but whatever, we were moving to the 30/60 game together and I knew Iíd have a good chance to win a ****load of $$$ from him later that night and hopefully again in the future. He went on a massive heater early at 30/60 and ran $1000 to ~$5000 before getting must-moved. By the time I got to the main game (with him seated directly to my right) he was down to $2000, and he table-changed about an hour later with his remaining $600, without donating anything to me.

I'll try to write up some of the more interesting hands from the past couple of weekends shortly.
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
12-02-2013 , 11:13 AM
I am a winning 2/5 reg over a large sample. I study poker, work on game away from the table etc... I have family in CO and usually play ameristar 2/5-100 when I am there. Curious your take on the skill required to beat 30/60 vs 2/5-100... I have a limited limit background. What would you recommend buying in with at the 30/60 and just how soft is it?
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12-02-2013 , 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by gus1112
I am a winning 2/5 reg over a large sample. I study poker, work on game away from the table etc... I have family in CO and usually play ameristar 2/5-100 when I am there. Curious your take on the skill required to beat 30/60 vs 2/5-100... I have a limited limit background. What would you recommend buying in with at the 30/60 and just how soft is it?
If you're a winning 2/5 player with a TAG style then I think you can learn to beat 30/60. I typically buy in for $1200 and rebuy if I get down to $700. My strategy with regards to buy in is that I never want to run out of money in a limit game, and that includes kill pots (50/100). 700 is only 7 big bets in a kill hand, I don't think I've ever put more than that into a pot to date, although it's certainly possible.

With regards to relative skill level, I can always find a 2/5 game at Astar in which I'm one of the best 3 players at the table. 30/60 is different. Sometimes the game is full of good regulars, where I don't think I have much, if any, edge. This describes many games during the week, when the game is reg-infested. On Friday and Saturday, I try to get on the third 30/60 game (it's a must move) and I get my name down towards the bottom of that must-move list. This must-move table is usually populated by bad regs/semi-regs, rec players, and a couple of strong regs. Eventually everyone gets moved to one of the two main games, and then it's all about table selection-ya gotta know your villains! I usually keep my name on 2/5-100 and roll it if the 30/60 is good, but it's also good to have a backup plan.

The difference between a good (soft) and bad (supertight) game is night and day. Good games have lots of open limping, even from late position, and lots of multiway pots. Bad games have lots of aggression and few multiway pots. It'll take you all of 1-2 orbits to figure it out.

I guess the other thing to note is that it is possible to lose $1500 at 30/60 by running bad in kill pots and making just a few mistakes. It's almost impossible to lose that much at 2/5-100 unless you go on massive tilt. Finally, I don't know if it's possible to beat the 30/60 game for more than 0.5 BBs/hr (the discussion in the medium stakes limit forum says this is the new 1 BB/hr) since I have all of 100 hrs in this game in the past 2 months. But if that's gonna be my win rate then I'll probably go back to 2/5-100 (either HE or O8) since I know I can beat both of those for more $$$, with lower variance.

PM me next time you're around, I can give you the rundown on the locals if you want to see what its like. It's certainly fun stacking $1000+ pots when it's almost all red chips!
Another middle-aged white guy Another dream Quote
12-03-2013 , 01:37 AM
Hero fades a huge number of outs to win 2 big pots

Here's a couple of the huge hands I won on Saturday night. The first is from the 2/5-100 spread limit O/8, I was running bad there until this hand. And I got called for 30/60 just as this hand started;

2/5-100 SLO8

V1 is an old (60ish) Asian woman, only plays strong hands, pretty passive, has been running good all night. Stack size ~ $1000
V2 is an old (65ish) alcoholic white guy but itís early so heís still sober, regular at this game, not especially good, overplays his hands frequently. Stack size $375.

Folds to Hero (stack size ~$700) in the hijack, I raise (A4)4T to 20, called by the V1 on the button and V2 in SB.
Flop is T54r, SB checks, I bet 45, V1 calls 45, V2 c/raises to 145! ($210 behind)
I tank for a few seconds, I know she has at least A2, I suspect he has A23+, maybe as weak as 2 pair with an A(<8) or A2Tx. Iím trying to decide if I want her to call, I decide I donít want to give up half of my pot and raise to 245 to isolate.

She calls! Did not expect that, she must have a monster draw. V2 tank-calls, and I know heís also on a draw. Pot is $695.

Turn is Q, putting 2 spades on board, V2 cks, Hero bets 100, they both call. Pot $995

River is 4! V2 cks, Hero bets 100, V1 folds, V2 calls off his last 10 and holds a card funeral when I show my quads. She shows A236, knew I had to fade a few cardsÖ

This next hand is from 30/60 LHE. I've been completely card dead for 2+ hrs but keeping my composure as my stack dwindles. Table is absurdly loose, lots of multiway action. This is often the way the 3rd (must-move) table works, the hardcore grinders have already been there for hours and are stuck at the main games.

30/60 LHE

V1 is non-reg, sat w/ 800, on a 2345x board he had to ask if an A-high str8 beat a 6-high str8, I drooled a little.
V2 doesnít matter cause I don't remember him
V3 is new to table, seen him before but nothing notable
V4 is aggressive reg and awful, losing player for sure
V5 is passive Asian gal, hasnít raised preflop in more than 2 hours.

V1/2/3 all limp early/mid position, V4 raises, V5 calls, I know all will call, so I call with 97 getting effectively 9:1. V2 unexpectedly raises, everyone calls. $540 in pot
Flop is JT8. I check my straight, V1 donks, V2 and V3 call, V4 raises, V5 cold calls 2, and I c/raise to 90. V2 is the only one who can find a fold now, we go 5-way to the turn and I know Iíve gotta fade close to half the deck. Pot is $1020.
Turn is 6, I bet, all call. Pot $1320
River is 5, I bet and only V1 calls, hemucks when I show what everybody else knew was one of the two possible hands I had. Pot $1440, and I go from stuck to up a bunch.

I'll try to post some more 30/60 hands in the next couple of days, this time focusing on my mistakes.
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12-06-2013 , 01:50 AM
Mistakes Were Made

The key to being a winning player at 30/60 LHE is limiting mistakes. I'm still new to this game (most weekends for the past couple of months, ~ 100 hrs) so I'm still making plenty of mistakes, here's a couple of hands that I could've played better and either minimized my loss or maximized my win.

1) One pair is never good here

V1 is passive Asian gal, limps a lot from any position, total calling station.
Loose passive table (lots of open limping in early position), multiway pots every hand. V1 limps from early position, 2 additional limpers, Hero raises TT from SB, BB calls, all limpers call. Pot is $300.
Flop is 852r, Hero bets, V1 calls, one other limper calls. Pot $390.
Turn is 9, Hero bets, V1 calls, limper folds. Pot $510.
River Q, hero bets, V1 raises! Pot$690.
Iím getting 11.5:1 so I call, but I know Iím beat 100% of the time. She shows Q5s.

I think the Balugawhale Theorem applies here: (I browse and sometimes post in LLSNL as well as Medium Stakes Limit and O/8). Although Iím getting ridiculous odds to call here, she is never raising me without 2 pair or better. A superpassive fish is never raising without a better hand than one pair. Simple as that. In fact, thereís probably only one or two players who would raise this board as a bluff, because nobody ever folds here. But itís the right play, and I knew it, but just couldnít do it.

To add insult to injury, she then told me that she was sorry, but if she plays good cards she always loses. I was a bit tilted and had to force myself to say, no problem, just keep playing the way you want to.

Hereís a different kind of mistake, this one is probably worse than the previous one (that one is a tough fold because of the amount of money in the pot). I donít know if thereís a ďreverseĒ Balugawhale Theorem that applies to limit (something like ďvillains never fold 2 pair or better on the river, even if thereís a 4-flush or 4-straight on the boardĒ), but if there was, this is a hand to apply it.

2) Raise, cause bad players never fold

V1 is in middle position, heís an okay semi-reg, probably a losing player since he calls too often, but decent aggression.
V2 is in the SB, terrible calling station, bluffs too often, plays too many hands, just generally bad.
Hero is in the BB with KQo.

One limp from EP, V1 raises from hijack, button calls, SB calls, Hero calls, limper calls. Pot is $300.
Flop 9TJr! SB donks(!), Hero just calls with nut straight, limper folds, V1 calls, button folds. Pot $390.
Turn is a K. FML. This card sucks for me, but V2 again donks. Hero decides to call to keep V1 in the hand, and he obliges by calling. Pot is $570.
River is a 4. V2 leads again! Hereís my mistake: I just call again. I donít want V1 to fold, and I canít imagine V2 betting again without a Q in his hand. V1 calls.

V2 says I flopped it and shows 87 for the ignorant end. I roll over my KQ, and V1 mucks his KT face up.

Thereís probably a >50% chance that V1 would have called here, and V2 was calling 100% of the time. Even if V1 managed to find a fold, I win the same amount of money. So another mistake was made, one that could have been easily avoided.

Thatís <2> BBs more that I could have won, if those are the only mistakes I made (definitely not the case) in a 6 hour session then it cost me 0.33 BB/hr, which is a good fraction of a good win rate at medium stakes limit.

So now Iím going to keep trying to improve and make fewer mistakes than last time.
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12-07-2013 , 08:33 PM
subbed. keep it up!
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12-08-2013 , 01:36 PM
Another Friday Another Winning Session

Brag: When the 2/5-100 O/8 game started in July, I started with 12 consecutive winning sessions. Friday night was my 7th consecutive winning session at the 30/60 game, and 9th out of 10.

Last Sunday I ran for an hour in shorts (okay, I did have to wear a long-sleeved jersey). And then the cold came. It didnít get above about 12 F for 4 days in a row, and Iím freezing. It was another long week at work, so I was really looking forward to some more poker adventures on Friday night. I call in when Iím about 40 minutes from the poker room, put my name on 30/60 LHE, 2/5-100 HE and 2/5-100 O/8. I show up and theyíre calling down the O/8 game. Huh? The game usually starts around 3 on Fridays. This is the second table! I grab some chips and take a seat, we start 6 handed. First guy busts his $200 stack in 10 minutes, the guy that busts him then racks up, we play 4 handed for another 20 minutes or so. Iím getting good starting hands, and the other 3 players are pretty poor, but I canít complete a hand and lose a ton of money. Then we get a burst of 4 players and the game is healthy again. I bleed off several hundred in one of the best O/8 games Iíve played in a long time, just too impatient. I play for 2.5 hours before they call a 30/60 must move (3rd table), and I decide to take seat.

I think my ďonly start at the must moveĒ strategy is working out well. The average player is not quite as strong as the main games. Friday was a great 4 hour session (in terms of overall winnings) for me, +$1700, although not yet mistake-free. I was folding a ton of weak starters before I caught fire later on. I tried tracking every single hand with my phone (just entering my hole cards), but somehow my notes got lost, grrr. Hereís a few interesting hands.

This first hand is early in my session, and Iím mainly providing this as history for the follow-up hand.

Villain is old Asian man (OAM), I have no history or reads. One limp, OAM limps, Hero raises QQ from hijack, SB, BB, and 2 limpers call. Pot $300.
Flop 863 2-tone. Ckd to Hero, I bet, SB calls, OAM calls. Pot $390.
Turn 4, chkd to Hero, I bet, only OAM calls. Pot $510.
River A, OAM leads. ****. Iím pretty sure Iím beat, either he has 2 pair (A-rag) or his flush draw turned into top pair. I call getting just under 10:1, he shows A6o. Crap.

About an hour later, after folding all my crappy hands, I finally find a good hand: TT, in middle position.
V1 is the OAM from the previous hand. Iíve been watching him limp-call any A or any two suited and bet and checkraise a ton of hands with just top pair (not always the A).
V2 is new to the table, young Asian guy, seen him a few times but wouldnít even classify him as semi-reg.
V1 limps UTG+1, Hero raises his TT, V2 calls, folded back to V1 who calls. Pot $225.

Flop is 843r, V1 checks, Hero bets, V2 calls, V1 c/r! Not totally unexpected, based on watching V1 for the last hour or so. I decide to smooth call and re-evaluate on turn. V2 comes along. Pot $405.

Turn is 7, V1 donks, Hero raises, V2 cold calls again (!), and V1 3-bets. Hmmm, havenít seen this from him before. Maybe heís got 2 pair? Iím not folding, considering a 4-bet, but instead I decide to call and probably call down the river. V2 also calls. Pot $945.

River is another 4. V1 bets, I think my 2 pair is now good and raise. V2 tanks-folds, and V1 just calls. I know Iím good and take down the $1185 pot. V1 mucked, so I donít know what he had. V2 is the one who lost out: he showed the guy on his right JJ and put me on AA/KK. Aggression is rewarded! I think I played my hand right, I could never put V2 on that strong of a hand since he never raised. I was totally focused on V1 this hand, obviously an error but it worked out.

Hereís the hand that I made my biggest mistake in:

V1 is terrible semi-reg, heís the dbag from my JJ vs T6o hand in the 2/5-100 game, described in post #17 in this thread, last paragraph. He has probably never folded a pair in his life. Not terribly aggressive preflop, likes to limp-call, so when he raises he has a big hand.

V2 is a weak young Asian gal, been at the table for about 30 minutes, open limps 40% of her hands from any position.

Hero is in middle position with 55.

V2 limps EP, Hero limps with 55, button limps. SB calls, v1 raises from BB raises, all call. Pot $300

Flop853. V1 bets, EP limper calls, Hero raises, others fold, V1 & V2 just call. Pot $480

Turn Q, putting a possible flush on the board. V1 checks, V2 bets, Hero calls (!), V1 calls. Pot $660.

River T, V1 donks (?), V2 calls off her last $15, Hero just calls (!). Pot $790.

He rolls over KK with K, she shows Q8 for a turned 2 pair, and my set is good.
I completely butchered this hand, I should have raised the turn, V1 is a huge calling station and is never folding his overpair and flush draw for 2 bets, heís going to call even without the flush draw . Then he confused the **** out of me by donking the river. I thought that maybe he had turned the flush with AK, but 1) heís not raising preflop with this and 2) heís c/ring the turn with this. So I lost another bet by not raising him, heís never folding here. So I lost 1 or 2 BBs on this hand (itís possible that if I raise the turn he c/c river).

I expect to play again this coming weekend, then Vegas, baby! From Dec 15-20, I got a screaming deal at the Venetian so Iím staying there for the first time. Will try to do a trip report as well.
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12-12-2013 , 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by quantph
If you're a winning 2/5 player with a TAG style then I think you can learn to beat 30/60. I typically buy in for $1200 and rebuy if I get down to $700. My strategy with regards to buy in is that I never want to run out of money in a limit game, and that includes kill pots (50/100). 700 is only 7 big bets in a kill hand, I don't think I've ever put more than that into a pot to date, although it's certainly possible.
Do you think the size of your stack changes how you're perceived by the other players, and they subsequently play different against you specifically? Like they're more likely to try and bet you off your hand cause they feel you're short stacked and more likely to fold, that sort of thingÖ
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12-12-2013 , 01:48 PM
A PhD in electrical engineering and you are still playing PLO?
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