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Re: Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

Originally Posted by quantph View Post
Thanks Munga! I have the FW trip all booked now, I'll get there on Thursday April 18th, until Saturday. Same basic plan as last year, 2 days of stud/mixed followed by 2 days in Boston/Cambridge. I'd love to explore some NEIPAs that aren't Harpoon (which I enjoy, I just like trying new stuff).

Speaking of FW: I posted in the FW thread asking about this 150/300 mixed game, which seems to run often now, including 2 tables on Sunday with 7 on the list. WTF?! Where are all these players coming from for the biggest limit game that currently runs regularly? I also heard a rumor that the 75 stud game got a lot tougher because the big stud game at Commerce died and several of the players moved to FW-any insight? That was a good game last year, I'm not a big fan of tough games
Hmm. That's a tough weekend for me but I'll see what I can do. Honestly don't know about the Stud game. It could be worse than last year but I haven't played it. Sent a PM about the mix, which has been white hot the last 2-3 weeks but could burn out by the time you're out here. Who knows.
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Re: Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

Sweet score q! Might need to change your name to Mr. Boat.

Sounds like traffic (players, not driving) was decent last weekend? Always a little skeptical to eat a ~2 hour drive in bad weather up from Aurora for there to only be a handful of "meh" games running.
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Re: Another middle-aged white guy Another dream

Another MGM NH Day

Hereís something you donít get from me very often: not only an update but a NLHE update! I was in DC for the weekend and took mom to National Harbor for a little slots action while I try to offset her losses at the 60/120 LHE game. Unfortunately, we got there a bit late and the game was full by the time I got there. I figured this was a good opportunity to finally play some 5/10 NL. Iíve played plenty of 2/5 NL and am a winning player in that game but I so rarely get to play it that I tend to make mistakes (as weíll see here I still make those). But I wanted to take a shot at it so that I can feel confident at those stakes if Iím ever at a place where NL is my only real option.

Thereís a couple of open seats at the only 5/10 NL table, I buy in for $1500 ($2500 max), I figure out quickly that I cover the 2 fish in the game. I come in behind and fold my first few hands then look down at QJ in the big blind. Hijack opens to 35 (standard open so far) button calls SB folds and I call. Flop comes T high with 2 hearts, I check, HJ bets 50, button raises to 100, I consider 3betting here but decide I should wait before putting more money in this pot and just call, Hj calls. Turn is an offsuit Q, and it chks through. River is an offsuit K and now I decide to bet?? In hindsight this doesnít seem well-played, Iím only called when Iím beat and I have a good bluff catcher. But I bet 150 into this pot and they both fold.

An orbit later weíre playing 7 handed, UTG opens to 35, I raise TT on the button to 135 (this appeared to be about the standard 3b amount) and the SB goes all-in for his last 200 (he is the obvious fish in this game), we both call. Flop is AKx, UTG chks and I chk back. Turn is a J, he fires 200 this time and I fold, river is a blank. SB shows his KQo, UTG takes it down with his A4s. Now Iím sure this is gonna be a good gameÖ

Now weíre playing 6 handed, I open AJ to 35, reg on my left 3b to 100 (a little light?), folds to me and I call. Flop is KJT, I ck/c 100, offsuit 7 on turn, I ck/c 200. River is a blank, I really want to get to showdown here but donít want to have to pay off a big bet here, so I decide to lead into the blank river for 275? He calls quickly and rolls over his KTo :-0

Now Iím stuck about 700, but I keep getting good cards and playing at least passably well. I open A7 HJ, KTo guy 3b to 125 this time, weíre heads up to an A64 flop, I ck, he moves all in. Good bet, I really want to call but think I should wait for a better spot and fold.

Things start to turn around for me when a new reg (nondescript 30ish white guy) joins the table and sits directly to my left. He seems like heís itching to get his money in the pot, puts out a straddle early on. I open QJ gun+2, N30WG raises to 125, folds to me and I call. Flop is AQ4, not exactly the flop I was looking for, I chk and he bets 75 into 265? Seems a little lite, not sure what Iím supposed to do here but since Iím a LHE player and I have a pair, I do what I usually do, which is call. Turn is 3, my hand is all but over, I ck and he cks back? Hmmm. River is the Q, either a great card for me or terrible because Iím now heading to showdown. I decide to chk and give this reg a chance to take a shot at this. He obliges and bets 350 into 415, I instacall and he rolls over AK, MHIG. My river thinking is that his range is pretty polarized towards AxK or AxKx, his bet size suggested to me that he wanted me to fold a smaller club.

N30WG was pretty tilted by my call there which later worked out for me. We play another hand a few orbits later where thereís a MP limp from a guy whoís limped and cold called frequently, which is the equivalent of blood in the water to this agro LHE guy, and I raise AKo to 50 from the cutoff, N30WG calls from the button, blinds fold, limper calls and we see a flop of K96r, I bet 75, button calls and limper folds. Turn is an 8, nothing to really scare me too much, I decide to chk since I donít think my guy can resist the show of weakness, good read by me as he fires 300 at this pot, which I smooth call. River is a Q, I really donít care much for this card, KQ got there, JT got there, and I think my guy will fire again, but Iím wrong this time, he just rolls over his 33 and I win again.

One more hand against N30WG: the limper from the previous hand now opens to 20 from the HJ, I 3b red JJ to 105 from the SB, and N30WG makes it 325 from BB, opener folds, Iím trying to decide between shoving and calling, and I call because, well, Iím a LHE player. Flop comes J94, now Iím really hoping he has AA/KK/QQ but he chks back, really looks like AK here. Turn is an 8, I chk and he bets 250 into 670, I craise to 500? Damn, my bet sizing is so terrible, this should be more like a 1000, he tank-calls. River is an 8, I bet 500, he really tanks hard now but finally finds a fold, pretty sure he had TT, enough of an improvement on the turn to justify his bet/call there.

The hand that really convinced me that I kinda know what Iím doing here was this: I open AJo UTG to 35, gun+2 calls, HJ calls, and button raises to 135. Button is $20 opener from last hand, this guy is not very aggressive for a reg so when he 3b in position my hand doesnít look that strong anymore, and I fold without thinking very long. Other 2 players call, hands plays out as follows: 9 high flop gets chkd through, K on the turn and chkd to button who bets and gets raised by HJ, river is some scare card and it goes chk/chk, HJ has a set of 9s and button has AK (hero pats self on back).

Overall a positive experience for me, I ran superhot and won > $1000 in 3.5 hrs, more than offsetting momís slot machine losses. I recognize that I ran way better than expected (flopped a couple of sets, turned another, flopped a straight once and top 2 pair another time) so itís tough to say how I might do in this lineup on a regular basis but I didnít find anyone too tricky, a bit tougher than a typical 2/5 game but not dramatically so. Definitely made some mistakes, especially poor bet sizing, that cost me some money, but quite happy with my reads on people.

Iím on the plane coming back from DC now, so Iíll update you on a few hands I played a few weeks ago at the usual 30/60 game from Astar. Lineup is superjuicy, 4 limps and I raise TT from the SB, BB calls and all call, we see a T84 flop, I bet BB calls, few folds and button raises, I 3b to force draws to pay off, BB calls and button calls. Turn seals the deal, 4, I bet BB folds (?) and button calls, he calls a blank on the river as well. BB is an excellent player, he told me he folded a flush draw there, donít know how he does that in a big pot, I play all of my over pairs the same way, I have way more of those than I have TT, results oriented good play?

Later on the HJ opens, cutoff calls, and I 3b JT from the button. SB cold calls 3, Iím not super happy about this, BB folds others call. And Iím bailed out by the 987 flop, chkd to me and I of course bet, SB cr which folds out the others and I just smooth call. Turn is a blank, he bets I raise he calls, same on the river, he shows me his KKÖ

Later I open TT gun+1, gun+2 (doesnít play many hands, never seen him before) cold calls, gun+3 (agro wacky Asian gal) 3b, button calls 3 as does SB, BB folds and I cap, 5 to the flop ($630) of Qx73, I bet all call ($780), turn is 6, I bet gun+2 raises (?!), it folds to me and Iím not giving up that easily, I call ($1020). River is another Q, he chks back and I know his 2 pair are cfeit, big pot to me.

Not all sunshine however: 2 limps, I raise AK from HJ, our wacky agro Asian gal decides to cold call this one, blinds call and 6 of us see a 442 flop, this gets chkd through. Turn is Ah, chkd to me and I bet, now WAAG raises, hmmm, I doubt she has 22 since a 2 was exposed preflop, guess Iím showdown bound here. River is a blank and I k/c, she rolls over her 84o, and I burst out laughing.

Overall a good night for me, continued overall run good there, 9 winning sessions in my last 11.

Foxwoods this Thursday/Friday/Saturday morning, a little 75/150 stud (still a big game in my world, although last year I played it and ran good enough that I am no longer intimidated by the increase in stakes) and perhaps some 150/300 mixed if my balls are feeling swollen. Seems like its been running there a fair bit, although 300/600 mixed ran this past weekend, I shrivel up for a game that big. Hope to have a positive report for you next weekend/early next week!
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