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1.5 million to bankrupt 1.5 million to bankrupt

08-30-2016 , 08:15 PM
**** Im****ing starting to cry in this meeting. ****. I need to stop.
08-30-2016 , 08:17 PM
**** I need to talk now. Use my shirt to wipe my tears
09-01-2016 , 09:29 PM
Another wrecked weekend coming

Another Abusive day at work. Went off and played video poker when I got off. I was playing dollar deuces wild and ran up $150 to $850. Went down to $500. Got crazy and jacked it up to 25 dollar bets. Ran it up quickly to $1200 and then lost it all.

Get paid tomorrow but I will be depressed and punish myself all weekend now thinking what I could of done with extra cash.

Garage still broken. Back out of whack after lefting 3 car garage up and down for 3 months. Urli offered to help me fix it after meeting Tuesday night

I want to crash.. Exhausted ...can barely keep eyes open. Got a bunch of projects do tomorrow.

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09-01-2016 , 09:37 PM
Got to get my new SUV in garage before I crash. I get paranoid someone going to **** with it every night. I surrendered old truck. Ford took that vehicle faster than I could sneeze.. I still owed 14k on it. I ran it into the ground driving back and forth from OK but it was only 4 years old.
09-01-2016 , 09:42 PM
My lawyer says my chapter 13 BK payment could go up to $2400. No way in hell I can do that. Maybe I'll just dismiss the whole thing and let everybody sue me. I'm not behind on mortgage or new car note.

I think I did it more out of guilt to clean up my debts but this getting to be a bum deal.
09-01-2016 , 09:45 PM
I'll just get one of those direct deposit cards. I live Texas so no wage garnishment.
09-01-2016 , 09:47 PM
Good deal is if I do dismiss in the next 2 months I'll get my $1700 dollars back that I sent to Trustee this week.

Chapter 13 is good if you owe like 200k and make 30k a year and are behind on your mortgage. That's not me.
09-01-2016 , 09:50 PM
**** the world!
09-01-2016 , 09:58 PM
10 years ago before I got my big pay day, I maxed out 18 credit cards on strips clubs and online poker.

I did nothing. I let everybody come after me. I got sued 5 times and answered my own lawsuits and settled every one of them for 10 to 30 cents on dollar. After 7 years my credit score was 700
09-01-2016 , 09:59 PM
They called like **** tho. They called my mom, sister, brother, friends, girlfriend, boss, director. lolol!

That skip trace is the bomb.
09-01-2016 , 10:01 PM
This time around the debts are more of serious nature. This ain't your run of the mill consumer stuff. Credit cards and consumer debts are mosquitos to me.

I could swat those things all day long with my hands tied and blindfolded.
09-01-2016 , 10:15 PM
The reason that I still go to meetings is I don't want to start doing crazier **** and embezzling money or stealing

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09-01-2016 , 10:19 PM
And get my cheeks busted!!

09-01-2016 , 10:56 PM
My body feels like it's on fire. Going do some night swimming.

09-02-2016 , 09:40 AM
Went back out with 500 and ran up to 1800. Gave it all back and the 500. Made it to work. Sitting in my cubicle numb.
09-02-2016 , 09:51 AM
totally relate, I had to just say **** it and drop the booze and the gambool and just button down for 30 years and rebuild. hang in there

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09-02-2016 , 02:50 PM
Move up stakes IMO.

You are due some run good so make sure you do it where they respect your raises.

Wtf did I just read? OP no intention of quitting etc. No idea why is he bothering to blog this ****e
09-02-2016 , 10:33 PM
Went back out. Almost break even now. Hit a wild royal on 1 dollar deuces wild. Switched to lower stakes and now pounding on quarter -9 6 jacks or better. I hit like 4 quad deuces on wrong machine and stakes... Lol. Trying just pound out a regular 1k Royal. I can slam like 1000 hands an hour.
09-02-2016 , 10:34 PM
My eyes are blurry ... Lol take a breather walk around then go back and pound some more. May stop after another 2 hrs.
09-02-2016 , 10:35 PM
You will never be able to get back to even.. It's robbed you of everything, only giving it up will get you back to even with the people that matter.
09-03-2016 , 12:48 AM
op no disrespect, you cant see that you are not winning at gambling, also no strategy at playing slots, amirite?
you should just work as much as you can, pay your family and friends back, stop drinking,
it seems you have lost respect for money, do this at least until everybody is paid back and you got at least six moths living expenses in the bank for life emergencies,
gl maybe one day you will share the story 1.5 to bankrupt
09-03-2016 , 04:07 AM
3:00 am.
Did not hit the quarter royal but
Just hit quad deuces on dollar machine - chaching!! $1000 dollars
I'm up like 660 now for weekend. I think I've had enough. Going get off roller coaster
09-03-2016 , 04:10 AM
I've hit like quad deuces like 5 times tonight! Thank goodness one of those was deuces wild.
09-03-2016 , 04:12 AM
What I don't understand, how OP doesn't get rationally, that he won't be making money at slots?

He is not dumb, so he should be able to grasp the concept of EV. I understand, that he doesn't get it emotionally - GA is a *****. But at least rationally he should be able to grasp, that he will be loosing money forever and also able to calculate how much per spin.

REALLY. OP, pls, invest some hours in a theory of gambling.
09-03-2016 , 04:13 AM
Good night all .. Sweet dreams