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1.5 million to bankrupt 1.5 million to bankrupt

04-19-2019 , 06:04 PM
Thackersville, OK

Lover959 "What did you want to know? If there is black people in Addison?"

Ronald "Yeah. It say on Internet there is like 10%"

Lover959 "I don't know. Hey man I know how I can get your $1500 back"

Ronald "Just give me $500"

Lover959 "I don't have $500"

Ronald "well as I was saying , where do Asian people live"

Lover959 "Look, I just need money to pay this 40k loan and I can get a new one"

Ronald "I don't invest anymore in moving stocks"

Lover959 "How am I going to eat?! I don't have any money for food!! I have 5 play day loans going to bounce. I'm going to jail!!!"

Ronald "There are churches, charities, I have to go"

Lover959 "Wate!! It will be different this time!!!!"


Lover959 "I'm going wreck this ****ing jeep!!!!"

Newday "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Lover959 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! **** the world and the sky!!!!!!

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04-22-2019 , 09:52 PM
No More ... No More...

A small Texas Bar

Newday "You ain't going to start ****. That kid will kick your ass. You ask yourself what role did you play"

Looking down

Lover959 "I know"

Newday "Barking off orders the second you walked in here to his gal. Get the **** out of here. You gave it all away. Nobody took anything from you."

Lover959 "I paid the tab. Let's go"

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05-27-2019 , 01:51 PM
The Promises

Head down
Lover959 sob....

Newday "You got a lot of issues. I don't think running away is the solution"

Newday" Like Ronald said, you can't escape yourself"

Newday "I believe in my heart The Promises are real

1. We are going to know a new freedom and new happiness

2. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut door on it

3. We will know peace

4. No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others

5. The feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear

6. We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our follows

7. Self-seeking will slip away

8. Self-seeking will slip away

9. Our whole attitude will change

10. Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us

11. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us

12. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do

Newday "Now get off your ass!"

Stands Up
Tears Streaming Down and Look Up at Ths Sky


Gloria Ente Domine

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07-10-2019 , 08:13 AM
6:30 am

Texas sun slowly creeping up

Abandoned Toys R Us Parking Lot

Newday "wshhhhhhh...."

Lover959 "Yea"

Newday "How you going come up with this 10k by Oct?"

Lover959 "I'll find a way"

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07-31-2019 , 03:56 PM
Mandalay Bay

July 31,2019

Bayside Buffet

Lover959 "Who is this?"

Operator "Dynamic Recovery Solution we are calling about your Bank of America Card"

Lover959 "Wow when was the last payment on that?"

Operator "Because of age of debt we have to inform you that we can't sue you but it was May 2008"

Lover959 "Lol.. I've filled for bankruptcy a couple of times since than..


Newday "What are we going to do?!!
You ****ed up my vacation for thousand time"

Lover959 "I was going to check out that payday loan place by The Palms from the other thread. I got 10k coming in 2 weeks"

Newday "If that is the same company, you defaulted on, they are not going to give ****"

Lover959 "Man I'm tired. I want to take a nap"

Newday "We got run this $25 match play to get dinner tonight.

Lover959 "You going to tilted like a crack ho when we visit mom?"

Grabs Newday by the shirt

Lover959 "You better be acting and smiling like Tom Cruise *****!!!"
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08-01-2019 , 04:05 PM
McCarran International Airport

Real Time

Newday "Oh ****.. Here come the water works"

Lover959 "Man this song gets me... I got this.. I'm ok"
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08-07-2019 , 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Stormtrooper97
McCarran International Airport

Real Time

Newday "Oh ****.. Here come the water works"

Lover959 "Man this song gets me... I got this.. I'm ok"

I don’t know why I just read this whole thread. But it’s painful. You are not an advantage player in anyway. You have no emotional or self control. It doesn’t matter if you understand the math of any game. Your personality type is exactly how casinos and professional poker players make their money. Stop gambling ban yourself from all casinos. It will take years of saving to get you back on track.

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08-25-2019 , 12:01 PM
Most Incredible Compulsive Gambling Story of All Time

John Robs A Bank

3 parts




Not promoting or affiliated with podcast. Just an incredible story

Can someone 5 star my thread ?

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08-25-2019 , 12:42 PM
"The Universe is not smarter than me!!!"

Newday "How long can you go without sleeping?"

Lover959 "I feel invincible. I cured my eye, my foot and will fix my finances"

Newday "You are going to crash"

Lover959 "Maybe I reached the Budhist demigod realm.... I try to sing this song!!!" (Hoping around on one foot)

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10-29-2019 , 08:45 PM
Oct. 28
My life is a luxury so filled with hate. I got 50 slaves, heaping maggots on my plate... Dave Brockie

DC's Cocina Vvvvvvv

Las Colinas, Texas

The Gift

Meeting Moderator "How about the guy in the back corner. Would you like to share?"

Newday "Holy ****. You are sitting right next to him and he keeps passing you up"

Meeting Moderator "Ok that's eveyone"

Newday "Lol... What a major snub"

Lover959 "It's pretty obvious I'm not a real Alcoholic. There are no laaaadies at GA meetings"

Newday "Yeah.. Alcoholics don't usually say they have 12 payday loans and 5 tax liens."

Lover959 "Brad told everybody"

Newday "Brad's 8pm meeting with his Harlam of beauties is the bomb"

Lover959 "Yeah yeah!! (TBC squeak) , I love those meetings. It's a motley crew of addicts and babes. **** these old timers"

Newday "That X-Heroin addicts want you to work the steps"

Lover959 "I like that dude"

Newday "You should you should ! Walter is good guy (Nate squeak)

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10-31-2019 , 12:14 AM

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11-30-2019 , 09:10 PM

New Day “Uh.. oh I guess the Thanksgiving heater didn’t end well?
Lover959 “shut up.. I’m just making an artistic post!!
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06-17-2020 , 06:49 PM
Spring 2010

The Lodge

Lover959 “I love this song! Who is this?”

Sidney “I don’t know. We can ask the DJ”

Spring 2020

Kinwest Blvd

Lover959 “I love this song! Who is this?”

Newday “I don’t. Maybe DJ will say”

DJ “That’s Amrie, 1 Thing .... “

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06-17-2020 , 07:28 PM
Sun blasting down
94 degrees

Newday “You didn’t choose this life!! You were brought here!! Wipe your tear away!!”

Newday “You have no reason to feel, guilt, shame or loneliness!!”

Newday “Wipe your tears away!! You are not alone!!”

Lover959 “I feel something. I feel a rebirth”

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12-24-2020 , 12:11 AM
Only in My Dreams

Real life is strange

My old life was only in My Dreams

I had confidence and security

Now my youth is fading fast

I can’t find recovery and I’m sinking

I can’t see light anymore

Waiting for final crash

So I can crawl out of this rubble

And see where my new old life brings
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03-27-2022 , 07:36 AM
ermmmmmm ooof
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