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1.5 million to bankrupt 1.5 million to bankrupt

05-28-2016 , 06:05 PM

Swipe right


Swipe right!!
05-28-2016 , 06:46 PM
5/28 5:47 pm

"Hi long time no talk"

Shannon (beautiful inside and out Texas blonde)
05-28-2016 , 06:49 PM
Waiting for response sitting in this ****ty truck with sun blasting in my face
05-28-2016 , 06:52 PM
you drive truck?
05-28-2016 , 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by ScreaminAsian 1.5 million to bankrupt
you drive truck?
Not by choice I'm stuck! I'm stuck 300k
05-28-2016 , 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by Lover959 1.5 million to bankrupt
Not by choice I'm stuck! I'm stuck 300k
what kinda truck?
05-28-2016 , 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by ScreaminAsian 1.5 million to bankrupt
what kinda truck?
Scared to say .. Getting paranoid
05-28-2016 , 07:43 PM
is that why you cropped out those ladies' faces? so we can't geolocate you?

you're right that is paranoid
05-28-2016 , 07:52 PM
worst OP and worst blog ever
05-28-2016 , 07:59 PM
Originally Posted by WateryBoil 1.5 million to bankrupt
worst OP and worst blog ever
Thanks. I honestly can't disagree with you. This sucks. I just come on here to vent.

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05-28-2016 , 08:39 PM
Have you seen in OOT thread "my job is driving me nuts"? You remind me of the guy with your posting style. Same way strung-out.
05-29-2016 , 10:10 AM
5/29/2016 9:08 am

Missed a million miles of fun

Wish I had the money and free time to go to Cali to visit friends and family like I used to

I ****ed everything up

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05-29-2016 , 10:23 AM
5/29/2016 9:23 am

Sunday Funday

discover card "we noticed your late"

Lover959 "yeah yeah I'm going to schedule payment myself in a week"

Discover card "we have your account. We can do it for you"

Lover959 "really ill do it myself." Click
05-29-2016 , 10:30 AM
05-29-2016 , 06:40 PM
5/29 4:00 pm
Beautiful Texas /Ok Red River

Lover959 table for 2/5 please
05-29-2016 , 06:41 PM
5/29 5:40 Pm

Flying high again

Hit back to back sets... Gotta big stack in front. My mind so clear. Maybe I'll play all weekend.

I can see every move 5 steps ahead. I can see everything. I am knocking everybody out even the Asian on my left.

I'm no longer afraid. I can conquer the universe.

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05-29-2016 , 07:16 PM
Everybody at my table is weak now. Asian guy left. There is one cute Asian girl sitting in front. She is good but got some really bad beats. She is giving my big stack a pouty look.

She is almost out of the game.

She is probably only 23 but I like her.
05-29-2016 , 09:49 PM
FYI you're currently sitting in a big tent in tornado alley.
05-29-2016 , 10:02 PM
over/under on how much to love you long time?
05-31-2016 , 10:54 AM
this is super boring but i cant get enough
05-31-2016 , 07:01 PM
5/30/2016 11:00 am

Lover959 "I feel like ****.. I have been up for 24 hours

Tom "did you go back out?"

Lover959 "yeah"

Tom "keep going back out, you are going to run out of options"
05-31-2016 , 10:36 PM
Rehab too won't help. You are just not so far. It doesn't work this way. You seem to still have a house. And whoever is Tom, he is a really good friend.
Have you checked-out the possibility of manic-depressive?
06-18-2016 , 06:15 PM
How are you ?
06-18-2016 , 08:26 PM
I made a living gambling throughout most of my 20s. There's nothing wrong with gambling. The problem is when it becomes an addiction. It would be the same with alcohol, drugs, chocolate, sex, etc.

Good luck with your recovery.

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