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Old 07-24-2013, 06:50 PM   #1
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Location: NOT with Team GuppyKillers anymore
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Arrow Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Team GuppyKillers (TGK)
is back and better than ever, and we are looking for more horses and investors! We are still considering stakes for most games, formats, and limits, so if you would like to be staked just send us the application below and we’ll take a look asap. Also, we are still considering staking Americans, but we ask that only those who might consider relocating sooner rather than later apply.

Team Pros and Coaching

TGK is proud to announce the additions of nosebleed PLO player Harry “UgotaBanana” Kaczka and Bluefire coach Brian “bfizz11” Fite as our latest Team Pros! Bfizz is also playing for TGK and will be coaching our tournament players full time as well. On the cash side, coach Justin “coolrunnings” Cereste has been and will continue coaching our NLHE grinders, as well as UgotaBanana providing input for our PLO horses. We plan to continue adding to our Team Pro and coaching roster, so follow along to see the next big name that gets on board with TGK!

What is Team GuppyKillers?

TGK represents one of the first “crowd investment”-like poker stables allowing both players and investors an opportunity to take investments in a central bankroll managed by TGK. TGK is a reformation of GuppyKillers stable which was run profitably for over a year.

TGK follows an aggressive marketing and branding philosophy to bring the stable and its players the highest profile possible, and spent over a year developing the backend, methodology, and computer systems used in the stable. The backend allows investors to track the performance of the stable in real time, seeing player performance the moment it is updated. The management team consists of winning poker players and former poker site managers with real world experience in marketing, legal, and business administration.

Investing in TGK

The TGK bankroll being funded entirely by investors means that one of the primary goals of management is to produce a high and consistent ROI for those investors. Since opening for business in the middle of February of this year, we have done exactly that and more, managing to finish each month in profit and beat our aggressive projections. We plan to continue producing these kinds of results with even less variance as we keep adding more horses as our bankroll grows. If you are interested in making an investment in TGK and would like a prospectus or any other information regarding such, please send us a PM here (and don’t forget to follow forum policy post in this thread after doing so!) or contact us on our website at

What we offer Horses

TGK is not only a poker stable, but an exclusive group of players who are dedicated to excelling in the field of poker. With aggressive branding and close ties with many poker sites, TGK represents a potential stepping stone to co-sponsorship by these and other sites. Members enjoy the benefits of being in a great group of like-minded people who enjoy both a social life in and outside of poker. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best playing environments available in the poker stable industry.

We believe in a positive, professional, and fun playing environment, and that TGK is just as much a team as it is a poker stable. We will have group Skype chats, exclusive forums on our website, team bonuses, group activities and events. We will also make ourselves available for anything our horses they may need, like reloads, rail calls, general support issues, or just a friendly chat.

As former horses, we realize the importance of creating a positive and team-orientated attitude, and will do our best to maintain a high level of morale throughout the stable. Bonuses for stellar performances and outstanding behavior are just some of the compensation awarded horses. All horses are also given a “bonus” investment stake into the stable each time they have a winning month, so they will actually have a financial stake in their teammates' success while building a passive income. In some cases, we will even be willing to offer loans to cover real-life expenses if makeup gets large and money gets tight. All team members will also receive official TGK merchandise to denote their team affiliation at live events.

What we are looking for

Potential members must show a core competency in poker (or the talent to achieve such) and must demonstrate a passion and ability to excel in other areas of life. TGK does not merely seek a competent winning player; we seek people who bring to our team a winning attitude both on and off the poker table. It is also important that horses maintain contact with us and keep up a frequent and consistent level of play and volume.

How to apply for staking

If you would like to be a part of TGK, please send me the below information with “TGK STAKING APPLICATION” in the subject line via PM or email (both options available through 2+2, but PM is preferred). Also, as per forum rules, don't forget to reply to this thread with "PM sent" along with all of your poker site screen names after submitting an application.

-Real name, age, and location
-Email/AIM/Skype names
-ALL sites played on and ALL screen names
-Playing history (specify total number of games/hands played online)
-Any references you may have in the poker community
-Links to Shark scope/OPR/etc (links to/screen shots of graphs and stats are suggested)
-Reason for seeking stake and how long do you want to be staked for
-Games/limits you would like to be staked for
-Any other relevant/useful information you would like to share
-Please try and make all of this reasonably concise while including all of the necessary information

Once we receive your application we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible, but with the volume of apps we expect to receive and the amount of time we are dedicating to our players please forgive us if it takes a while. If we somehow fail to get back to you please resend the application as it is also possible that we may accidentally overlook or lose track of some of them.

Contact Us and More Information

If you would like more information on TGK and what we are all about, would like to invest, or would just like to keep track of the stable’s progress, you can find us on Twitter @TeamGuppykiller and Facebook at, or you can visit our website at Also feel pre to post any questions you may have in this thread or send via PM and we will be happy to answer!

Thanks for your interest!


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Old 07-25-2013, 05:40 AM   #2
Phil X
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Remember all app are to be directed to "JoeDeertay" or emailed to -- DO NOT PM (Me) "Phil X".

I am the cash game manager for TGK (Team GuppyKillers) and wanted to introduce myself and talk a little about what our "Team" is about. What TGK is about, at least from the cash perspective.

We are looking for professional poker players who are winners, and by winners, I am not just talking about your poker skill. We are looking for people who are not only poker winners but have a winning attitude -- Both on and off the poker table. Excelling at poker is quite a feat, but we are also looking for people who want to excel in both poker and life.

TGK is a team in the "true" sense of the word. As Joe has already mentioned, every horse receives a financial stake in the stable. When the stable wins, you win. Not only do you have a stake in your personal winnings, you will have a stake in the team winnings.

We are friends, and we play video games, bet sports, participate in fantasy sports, go clubbing and chase women (or men for our few female members) together. At TGK we interact together as a team.

Every TGK horse is a representative of TGK, and we are looking for people who are great poker players, fun, and social. We are constantly improving our game and every one of our horses should have a "always can be better" attitude. And no egos in our locker room.


There are a lot of great stables out there, and many of these other stables are friends or acquaintances of ours. Obviously each stable is unique and has benefits of their own. I wanted to add a few things to Joe's original post to give you all a better idea about what TGK is all about.

Our Coaches:

Our coaching team consists of professional poker players. Not only is everyone of them a great poker player, they are also good teachers. On the cash side our coaches and Pro Team players are all solid 6+ digit winners. Most notable of course is Harry Kazcka "uGotaBanana" who has over 4.5 million dollars of online winnings and has had more than one 7 digit year. Playing up to 200/400 NLH and PLO Harry has taken on the toughest players in the world.

All of our coaches not only are coach poker game skills, but include a balance of bank roll management and mental game, etc.

Our Team Wear

We are a high-profile stable, and we want our horses to be respected (and maybe feared a bit). You may have seen our team at WSOP 2013, and here is some pictures of our TGK logo and brand. Our horses receive team wear upon passing probation.

Our Brochure for those who like simple reading

And finally, just cause Harry (ugotabanana) likes this shirt alot

Just got to post this here because Mr. Kaczka likes this:

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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM sent, "toAndrei" on Pokerstars
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Pm sent

Amiralsanji @ PS
Sanji1 @ PS
Sanji1 @ 888
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent
zidix - stars/ftp
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Old 07-26-2013, 02:28 AM   #6
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Good day I am Brazilian and play poker with the stars and fulltilt nick antipagapau with nick tprado31

how do I participate in the project of you facebook me is

I wonder how the project staking of guys and how and selection process ...
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent

ji-_-ge on stars. Interested in " Investing in TGK"
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent

cheferlix1 pokerstars
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent

Zenni11 - stars
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Old 08-01-2013, 10:07 AM   #10
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM sent:

Merge: Manateepower

Merge: Madmanatee

Intertops: Manateepower

WPN: Manateepower
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM Sent.

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Old 08-01-2013, 11:19 PM   #12
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Hi im new to 2+2, i registered excluisively to look for a particular stake deal, but i just found out i cant pm or start threads, so i will have to just coment here.

My name is Javier, javoramos (stars, party, ongame) beny76xx (ft, carbon).

Ive played cash small/medium stakes succesfully for about 5 years and turned to mtts.

Im willing to work and improve, what im looking for is a stake for high stakes mtt (ftops/wcoop that kind of stuff thats out of my bank atm) and / or live backup for lapt, bsop, and argentinian live tournaments since thats where i live.

if ur interested in contact, my skype is javier.mescua / or via email

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Old 08-02-2013, 09:41 AM   #13
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

email sent,

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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent

19eza89 @888
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Pm sent
Dansaboss- FTP
Dansaboss22- carbon
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent

pepinos10 at stars
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Hello everyone. We're still looking for horses, so keep those apps coming! Unfortunately, I recently noticed that many of you who emailed your applications had your emails sent to Spam or other folders because of using a different subject line. If you would like to email your application, please make sure the subject line just says "TGK Staking Application" or else it may get filtered and overlooked as I did with many apps already. I'm going to try finding any missing apps and respond to them asap, so if you applied and I haven't responded by Monday night please resend your app.

ALso, for those of who who sent in your app via PM and I haven't responded yet sorry about that but I'll be sure to respond to everyone by Monday night. Thanks again!
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM sent.

spire8989 merge/ftp
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Pm sent

Stars: BandShooter
Party: Rigrider
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Pm sent Joe!

Pokerstars screen name: JohnyB@nanas
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Cool Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM Sent (via Email :/)

PokerStars: dannyo123
888: fuEurope
Winamax: MrPhussy MrPhussy
iPoker: digireach

Thanks !
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Email sent

sickduck42 - stars/ftp
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

Email sent.
Krille3000 on Stars.
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

pm sent
miyavi_AA at stars
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Team GuppyKillers wants more horses (and investors)!

PM sent - TwistedEcho on all sites
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