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Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside! Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside!

08-10-2010 , 12:46 PM
Pyromantha on sharkstaking
Freyalise on FTP
08-14-2010 , 10:32 AM
Filasse on Sharkstaking

Filasse on Pokerstars
08-15-2010 , 03:18 PM
pm sent

zenzaznz (Stars/Expekt/UB), stanky legg (Bodog), narak mak mak (FTP)
08-15-2010 , 05:16 PM
Lastemperor7 -stars
08-16-2010 , 02:57 PM
feldo - stars applied on site
08-17-2010 , 11:34 PM
application sent

hemc on stars
08-22-2010 , 03:37 PM
PS- Gophers25
08-22-2010 , 05:41 PM
ft raisidaisi kiste
08-22-2010 , 06:49 PM
Scarer (stars/ftp/party)

08-22-2010 , 08:44 PM
I am very interested.

FT- J_Weise11
PS- Gophers25
08-23-2010 , 12:27 PM
PM send
tehopo1 pokerstars
08-25-2010 , 02:11 AM
FT - The Lion
08-26-2010 , 06:10 PM
1. Full Tilt Poker-MasterPUA Have played mostly under this name.
2. PokerStars-Captain83 has been a few years since I really played on Stars.
3. looking to play.50/1.00 full ring to start
4. I hit a fairly large streak were I was running at a very small win rate and near break even. I took a few months off and I am now looking for someone to bankroll me. Previously I have been staked and coached for years by 2plus2er Nation. He is currently unavailable for staking so I am looking a new stake.
5. By getting staked I hope to improve my win rate and build an amiable and profitable relationship with my backer. I plan to play full time putting in large amounts of hands at least 100,000 a month and would prefer a stake that allows me to do monthly splits so that I can dedicate all my time to poker.
6. References Nation on 2plus2 please feel free to contact.
7. My additional info is as follows. My primary poker history is as full ring multi tabler playing 9-18 tables mainly .50/1.00. I have made all my income for the last 3 years from poker. I use and understand the utility of Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manger. I have played a copious amount of hands online ranging into the low millions and am profitable over the whole term. Currently under Masterpua on it only shows about 700,000 hands at which I ran pretty much break even at 0.22 win rate. long term I am running a little over 1 poker tracker big bet. I plan on not only putting in the playing time but also the time to improve my game. Reviewing hands receiving coaching from the backer if available as well as other coaching and coaching tools such as deuces cracked. Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read this. I can be reached by email at
08-30-2010 , 04:57 AM
ft- mpuskad3
stars- puska_zg
09-01-2010 , 10:01 AM
Keep them coming
09-02-2010 , 12:00 PM

AIM: Carlos Arrua


sry my english is so me pls !!!!


09-04-2010 , 01:38 AM
Hi: i cant sent PM

Poker Stars: Ska-pado

FTP: Pitbullpro

Skype: j.m.paul

PokerStars / Ska-pado

FTP / PitbullPro Reset 23/4/2010

09-06-2010 , 04:23 PM

Tyren0 (FTP)
Tyren0 (Pstars)
DjBiO (Everest)
09-08-2010 , 06:28 PM
FT- hollisterb22
09-09-2010 , 12:59 AM
app sent
caesarosky22 - stars
caesarofthesky - ft
09-09-2010 , 09:13 AM
Latuz - stars
Latuz - fulltilt
09-10-2010 , 07:49 AM
application sent.

09-14-2010 , 11:28 AM
hi my name on fulltilt poker is HomelessOnWiFi i am looking to be backed for the $11-26 45 man Sit and Goes because thats where Ive had the most success at and its where i feel most confident at. These are my stats in the $26 45 man level: $20 - $40 $26,253 $7,303 39% $26

As far as volume and hours are concerned, i can play up to 6 tables and put in 40-50 hours a week. I have also been backed before by a credible source which can be provided upon request.

AIM: HomelessOnWiFi

please let me know if any interests.

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09-17-2010 , 08:33 AM
application sent

SQUi5HiiFiSH - stars