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Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside! Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside!

07-13-2010 , 05:35 PM
I applied via your website

mpitts on FTP
mpitts on PokerStars
07-14-2010 , 12:45 AM
Applied via sharkstaking before seeing this thread, sorry.

Username on Sharkstaking is FiLL

FTP = FiLL000

Cake = ThePokrHolic
07-14-2010 , 07:38 PM
Applied via your website. Uncforte on stars
07-14-2010 , 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by jdawg91
i have $800-1600 on ftp (joshua hoesel)
need $800-1600 on stars (joshuahoesel)

has to be an escrow though unless its like a mod pretty much

pm me if you want skype info

edit: see
Originally Posted by jdawg91
app completed on site (jdawg91)

slayerv1fan on stars, jsh1991 on ftp
Wait, what?

You started yet another FTP name??
07-15-2010 , 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by gtpitch
Wait, what?

You started yet another FTP name??
Yet again I need to thank gt
07-16-2010 , 10:21 AM
LeFores on FullTilt

and AGibson87 on pokerstars just created a few months back and haven't had the $$ to deposit on there.

I have much to offer. I feel i have a nitch for the game get at me
07-20-2010 , 05:43 PM

knght11 on site.

teddykgb212 on FTP
07-22-2010 , 04:42 AM

Stars: i4betbluff
07-22-2010 , 01:03 PM
Shahriver on PS and FTP
07-22-2010 , 03:48 PM
Pm sent.
Stars: rmarquez
07-22-2010 , 06:38 PM
Application sent on your site.

Stars: Bored Social
FT (never used): Iiznaked
07-22-2010 , 07:27 PM
i just like ub i got 69 percent roi 394 games played ive won huge tournies live im foxwoods fab looking for some ub fabdog on ub...easy money baby!!
07-23-2010 , 01:23 AM
ButtonSmashN on your site

PStars: ButtonSmashN
FTP: DrPepper44
07-27-2010 , 07:02 PM bosynurek
Poker Stars: bosynurek
Full Tilt: bosynurek
07-28-2010 , 11:24 AM : chavarie
Pokerstars : chavarie
FTP : chavarie
07-28-2010 , 12:40 PM
Applying for stakes,JksRbetter is user name on all sites and all forums
07-29-2010 , 08:07 AM
applied on site
heincz on stars
heincz17 on tilt
07-29-2010 , 12:33 PM

Ace_Pasty (Stars)
07-29-2010 , 07:28 PM
i'd like to offer my services to you in the form of staking me. i have a great record, pm me. trying to get up to a higher limit that i have consistently beat before. pm me, and i would be happy to discuss details.
08-03-2010 , 04:47 PM
Jon7alt88 on your site
Pokerstars SN: Jon7alt88
08-04-2010 , 05:50 PM
Application sent through SharkStaking


FullTilt- bighusla

PokerStars- bighusla

SharkStaking- bighusla
08-05-2010 , 05:25 PM
PM sent
08-08-2010 , 02:38 PM
Application about to be sent.

SnKKermit - Poker Stars
08-08-2010 , 09:53 PM
Application sent on SharkStaking.

OMG MikeTran - FTP
08-10-2010 , 05:12 AM
Application sent

OAFK ( username)

pasty11 Pokerstars.