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Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside! Staking offered for various games and levels - Details inside!

07-02-2010 , 09:17 AM
Still looking for more. Get those apps in. I have no limit on the number of players i'll stake.
07-02-2010 , 09:21 AM
PS. Concerned about getting a reliable and solid backer?

Originally Posted by Megenoita
I've been staked by this company over the last month. I've also entertained staking offers from other people/companies, and SharkStaking by far is the most impressive. They're extremely professional, well organized and they have a ton of horses. Communication is consistent, terms are more than fair, Nick and David on Skype are excellent. From my first few days perusing the site once I had access, I could see their business is well thought out and practically implemented. It's as if they've already thought of everything such that for someone like me, everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

I was a little nervous getting into the whole thing, never having been staked before, but knowing all I do now I can give SharkStaking my highest recommendation.

I wont be following this thread so if anyone has specific questions, feel free to PM.

Originally Posted by unterperson
Hey all, Ive been staked with Sharkstaking now for 5 months, and it has been nothing but a pleasure. Very professional, and friendly experience so far, and the guys have helped me move up comfortably nearly 2 stakes. i say nearly, because I am currently in the process of moving up the second stake, but thanks to the coaching and votes of confidence all round, I am 100% confident at a stake that I used to be nervous about.

Im no veteran, but the guys have helped me see the potential in both my game, and as poker as a whole.
Originally Posted by shaffrey
Just wanted to chime in with and agree what has been said already, I have been staked for the last month and they are very professional and always on hand for any problems or queries also willing to move up if winning etc. Would highly recommennd
Originally Posted by Mark Norm
They are very easy to work with and are understanding. I have been staked by sharkstaking for a couple of months now too and have nothing but good things to say.
Originally Posted by yannick501
I'm not exactly a ''know'' player but i've been stakes by sharkstaking for the last few months and i've had to say it's the neatest, well organized, easy to work with group ive been staked by, and i've been staked a couple of times before.
Originally Posted by Matsamuy
I've been staked by these guys for the past month, and have had no problems whatsoever. Between Nick and David, someone is available to answer your questions almost 24/7, no matter how mundane or straightforward. The ability to upload raw HH took me a few times to get used too, but now it is second nature and I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

This is my first stake, and support has been there for me every step of the way. Definitely recommend.
Originally Posted by dumdum214
This is the 2nd time i have been staked by them. They are great to work with always answers questions, always there to help you, and great coaching. There system to send them results is extremely easy and takes 5 mins. I have never been staked by anyone else before and probably wouldn't leave Sharkstaking for another stake. Definitely recommended.
Originally Posted by ShipThisPLZ
I am staked by this staking site and they are amazing imo.
You can talk to them anytime and they always help you out if you have any questions.
The tracking of your results is very convenient and user friendly.
No need to send them excel sheets every couple weeks because you just update right through their site.
They are are very organized and make it as easy as possible for the horses to have a great experience.
Its a quality service and only getting better.
I'd recommend this staking service to anyone who wants to succeed in poker and take your game to the next level.

Originally Posted by Biscuits33
I have been with Sharkstaking for about 8 months now and they are a great site to be with. Very professional and easy-to-use results reporting. They are flexible and understanding about your play and swings. They were my first stake and probably will be my only one.

The coaching is very good and they are always around to answer questions. And I think the best thing about them is the results reporting. You literally just fill in your latest numbers, click a couple of buttons and the program they have takes care of the rest. No need to deal with endless spreadsheets. I highly recommend them if you are looking for backing.

- Biscuits33
Originally Posted by chknpotpie
Hi, just wanted to vouch for sharkstaking. I'd been playing online for 7 years successfully and had never been staked. But due to worrying over the UIGEA, I had been not been able to get a decent bankroll back together, specially for my skill level. They have been really easy to work with and very accommodating to my game and mixed cash/mtt schedule. With proven success, they have allowed me to work my way up through the levels. They also have a very simple, quick, and easy to use system, which makes the process a lot less stressful.
Originally Posted by sinobrody
I would also like to confirm that they are totally legit.
Ive been working with them for 10 months now.
Originally Posted by fredd-bird
Just dropping in to say that SharkStaking is an extremely well run staking business. David runs a tight ship and is available to answer questions about the stake all the time.
Originally Posted by Sorrybadbeat and the people who run it are class acts.I am staked by them, they are always helpful and friendly, a good bunch of guys.
07-02-2010 , 10:34 AM
pm sent

hitmeratkid Stars
hitmeratkid iPoker
jokki ftp

hopefully we will be in touch soon =)
07-02-2010 , 04:30 PM
ConfusedPenguin - FTP
Kany0n - Stars
07-03-2010 , 01:06 AM
FTP - AntiRake_Com
Stars - edzwoo
07-03-2010 , 11:55 AM
I have just filled out the application form.

Full Tilt: OwenP
07-04-2010 , 08:40 AM
Applied on site.

Pokerstars: tin_cantwin
FTP: etinks
07-05-2010 , 02:21 PM
I submitted a 263K stat sample from this year showing a profit but got turned down. Are you able to elaborate on what areas my application was rejected, so that I can improve future chances of getting staked?
07-05-2010 , 03:12 PM
Applied on site
Producer86 on stars, Sickrivercall on FTP
07-05-2010 , 10:21 PM
07-06-2010 , 12:38 AM
Stars: Clubbedboat
FTP: HojoMofo
07-06-2010 , 03:22 PM
Application sent.

FT- ThePolkaMan
07-06-2010 , 04:04 PM
I sent an app @ sharkstaking, hope ill get some new fast...

07-07-2010 , 04:55 PM
ok sent my app in super00tilt on stars.
07-07-2010 , 10:18 PM
karstenshea- microgaming, pokerstars
elvinjones- ipoker
07-08-2010 , 02:23 AM
Applied on site.

PokerStars: Eltbus
07-08-2010 , 01:37 PM
Tipsy PS
07-08-2010 , 01:45 PM
FullTilt- JGpp1101
PStars- Beefloaf2000
07-08-2010 , 02:50 PM
applied on site

mikelong 11 on PS and FT.
07-09-2010 , 05:19 PM
app completed on site (jdawg91)

slayerv1fan on stars, jsh1991 on ftp


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See: and

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07-10-2010 , 09:36 PM
App'd on site
Redpanda86 PS/FTP
07-11-2010 , 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by areyoulocal?

I am looking to stake at least 10 new players at various levels and games in the next few weeks. All details are in my thread in the commercial section of the forum.

Basic requirements for backing are:
  • 1) You have great checkable refs and an unblemished history
  • 2) You are a consistent winning player, with a decent sample size at, or around the levels you are looking for staking in. With a lot of hands/mtts or sngs played
  • 3) You are willing to put in great volume

If you feel you have something to offer please apply using the link in the commercial thread, no need to pm me. But obviously feel free to do so if you have any questions at all. Please send any pms to the following username:

If you apply you must post your pokersite username in this thread (not the thread in the commercial section) or your application will be ignored. The only exception to this is if you have a superb long term reputation and wish to keep the fact that your are applying for a stake private. If this is the case please inform me in your application.

please look at my post:

122% lifetime ROI across 4500 + games. uncforte on stars
07-12-2010 , 07:45 AM
foldemfedero stars and tilt. I play full time on stars. Looking for staking for nightly tournments.
07-12-2010 , 10:17 AM
Applied on site

unnamed 13 - FTP
07-13-2010 , 05:05 PM
razyn_kayn on Stars.