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Nice2meet885 and MonkeyBausss Group

Greetings to all Spin & Go Players out there,

Nice2meet885 and MonkeyBausss are writing these lines. As most of you might know we are 500$ Spin N Go players in Pokerstars and have succesfully been playing the format for the last few years.
Combining expert knowledge from both GTO (nice2meet885) and Exploitative (MonkeyBausss) styles in one place, we aim to launch a highly competitive international staking group.

Lead by two of the best in the current Spin N Go community, "X" is created with the responsibility to unleash the full potential of every single player who joins us.
We firmly believe it's not an option, but an absolute must, for you to grow as a player to the maximum of your capacity. We are here to make this growth happen.

All this sounds really good, but how can you make sure we will stand by our word?
On the one hand, our experience and results speak by themselves. However we want to go a step further and we want to prove our word by completing a new challenge that will show our best coaching skills. It will consist in taking 10 players under our wings and make them move up the stakes in record times.
More details about the challenge here:

If you are not interested in being a part of the challenge, you are a higher stakes player, or you would like to apply after the challenge has already started please feel free to do so at this other email address:


Please include the following details:

Experience in Poker (years and formats played)
Poker Screennames
Hours of play per week
Hours of study per week
Brief summary of your poker career
Life outside of Poker, any remarkable things such as hobbies or accomplishments?
Why would you like to join us?
References for reputation
Attach any graphs

We aim to be transparent from the start so here we explain our conditions and offer to join our group.
Please note we will treat each player separately and our final offer to yourself could vary upwards or downwards.
Deals are also flexible and we are willing to offer deal improvements for players that deserve it.
We offer three of deals to work with us:

1) Staking deal, only for players who show solid winning samplesize:
The standard deal will be a normal makeup deal at 80-20 for 20k games total. If everything went smoothly and volume + winrate goals were accomplished (or close to it) during the first 10k games, we will increase the deal to 85-15 for the remaining part of the deal.
For crushers at 60s+ we could offer a starting point of 85-15 depending on winrate and volume. And increase the deal up to 90-10 after the first 10k games if everything went smoothly.

2) Coaching deal:
For 30s and below: The standard deal will be a 75-25 for a period of 35k games.
For 60s: The standard deal will be an 80-20 for a period of 27.5k games
For 100s: The standard deal will be an 80-20 for a period of 22.5k games.

3) Coaching + Staking deal:
More or less just combine the numbers above The starting numbers would be the following. Keep in mind these numbers will be increased by minimum 5% after the first 10k games and possibly more if the player's work and effort deserves it.
For 30s and below: The standard deal will be a 55-45 for a period of 35k games.
For 60s: The standard deal will be an 65-35 for a period of 27.5k games
For 100s: The standard deal will be an 70-30 for a period of 22.5k games.

1) A player cannot leave the stake in makeup

2) This one is key, we don't think any group in history has offered this: A player can leave our deal if after months of coaching and work he doesnt move up the stakes and considers we're not providing him with value.
Minimum volume that needs to be played for this condition to apply is 10k games.

3) Minimum volume every two months must be 4.5k games. Unless specific life conditions or personal problems arise.
If minimum volume is not met, we won't be improving the deal as mentioned above.

As we will be the head coaches of the staking group, we thought you'd like a quick presentation written by us of our career in Spin N Gos.

I have started playing poker around 7 years ago. At first I was playing Hu sng turbo and Reg-speed. Then I moved to Spins as soon as they appeared.

I've never been super sick crusher or grinder, but i was always very solid and frankly i enjoy studying poker a lot more than actually playing. I think it has to do with repetition, because in poker 80% of the spots are very similar so u just have to repeat the same strategy which u have learned, which is not very fun for me. However when i study there is a lot of new stuff everytime, which i find very fascinating.
I don't consider myself very smart or talented, therefore i think i make for a great teacher, because I am usually capable of explaining advanced strategies in a very comprehensive way.
This happens due to me breaking down every spot very meticulously, so that
when I play I can easily navigate in even very difficult situations.

I've had helped plenty of students to move up to 100s. Probably 2 of my best students are 'ukrainianfla" and "fig6".
Both of them are currently playing 500s.
Fla's graph from 100s -
On 500s he has a very a very small sample atm( around 2k games) but right now he has about 38 cev.
Fig6 graph is unavailiable atm due to him having a new database and erasing the old one - but i'll attach it in a matter of days
My own graph on 500:
On 100s i have 47cev over a very long time period.

I started out as a part time Spin n Go player during the early days of 2015 at back when the maximum stake was 50EUR.

I was successfully playing mid-high stakes mtts at the time and I started to gradually shift some of my volume towards Spin N Gos after seeing of all the potential profit and opportunity.
It wasn't until late 2016 when I decided to flip most of my volume towards Spin n Gos. I believed you could get a slightly higher hourly rate at Spins than Mtts while avoiding some variance, and it turned out to be a good decision.

During 2017 I played the 100s stakes and I got results that are guaranteed to be among the Top 5 regulars in the world. Some of these results can be seen at my Twitter page. I continued playing 100s during 2018 and maintining pretty sick results, however I didn't feel too motivated
to go and play 500s until September of 2018.

I arranged a deal with Pro Poker Backing, with whom I previously had had very good experience on a 100s EV deal and I honestly think they're an amazing staking group, and I literally played 23 days straight 8-10h a day without any breaks.
I was battling any reg and playing any lineup just after a few days of starting to play. Before I started playing I had already prepared myself mentally that if I jumped in on 500s I would go All-In all the way and I would outlast any reg at the battling arena, this is also why it took me so long to fully dedicate to 500s. I knew it wasn't going to be easy so I procrastinated on my decision to move up. Once I made this decision and started, everything went incredibly well, an initial sick upswing boosted my confidence even more and there was no stopping me from there. Things could have gone very badly if I hadn't had that initial boost. I very honestly think
I was very lucky in this aspect and if not for the initial boost, I might not be in the position that I am at today. After Wcoop regwars some regs quitted, some others got demoted by their stables and others just demotivated to play, if I had taken their side of the variance the same might have happened to myself and my strong mindset back then might not have been enough to withstand it.

As for the project. You should expect extremely practical coaching sessions taught by myself without too much depth into theory. I don't have the coaching experience that nice2meet885 has, but this is why working together as a team will
make us one of the best Staking groups. I consider myself to be one of the best players in general aspects, and I consider nice2meet885 to be the best Reg vs Reg player and one of the most experienced coaches out there because of his
broad experience with his own staking group that has been running for a long time now. I have no doubt that our staking group and coaching will be up to worldwide class mark.

I don't have all hands in my database so I will just post HS Results on 500s and 1ks. Note that all this volume has been played without any game selection at all and over the course of 2.5 months where I had a 3 week vacation, which was quite necessary
Average EV$ per day played has been around 3.5k$ I believe.

PD: As you might have noticed, our brand "X" is not very developped. We would like to hear some names from you guys that will be suitable for our project. If we end up using a name that you created, you will get a free hour of coaching with us!

PDD: The Follow Up of the challenge at:

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Re: Nice2meet885 and MonkeyBausss Group

It sounds a lot of interesting, any tought about make ev deals?
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