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Old 04-04-2017, 03:30 PM   #1
See my staking forum thread
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Spade DANMERRRRRRR staking+coaching

This is a staking and coaching deal for 6max and heads up nl players.

I am offering solid players the chance to join my team and develop into elite poker pedigree. I have some very lucrative games available ranging from $500nl up to $20knl.

A little about me: I am 23 years old, born and living in the UK. I started playing poker around age 17 and from there reached high stakes within 2 years. I am self taught and have never been coached. My understanding of this game is second to non. I have also successfully coached and developed a handful of players, most of whom are now on my team. Nowadays you will find me playing 6m and hunl online anywhere from 5/10 to 200/400.

  1. Must beat 200z 6m or any higher stake for 4bb/100+ (pre rake back) over 40k+ hands
  2. Must be a hard worker and motivated to reach elite levels in poker
  3. Must be able to communicate in English type

What You Get:
  1. Integrated into my team and study group
  2. 1 on 1 coaching
  3. Mental coaching
  4. Ample bankroll to play the stakes we agree on

How To Apply:

Please provide the following...
  • Your full name, location, age, nationality, Skype ID, and all poker screen-names.
  • Your availability and expected volume per month
  • A brief summary of your poker career so far
  • As many solid references as you can
  • Why you are seeking a stake?
  • Links/graphs/tables of all of your cash game poker history (all screen names).

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Old 04-05-2017, 08:23 AM   #2
old hand
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Re: DANMERRRRRRR staking+coaching


"Must beat 200z 6m or any higher stake for 4bb/100+ (pre rake back) over 40k+ hands"

does the similar requirement apply to hu players? Offer seems very interesting, but I'm a long time low stakes grinder, nl50 and nl100 zoom, who never desired to move up (hate the swings), last time I've played nl200 was somewhere in 2013 I think
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Old 04-18-2017, 10:36 PM   #3
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Re: DANMERRRRRRR staking+coaching


Name: Taus Lilius
Age: 29
Nationality: Danish
Volume: 50K+ hands/month
Reference: Alex Petersen and James Vonderhaar
Skype: Lilius1987
Screen names: T_Lilius (Pokerstars) VanillaCoke and VanillaCoke7 (Prima) VanillaCoke7 (IPoker) ifonzie (

I've played poker professionally for the past 10 years.
The past 4 years, my ev winrate has been 18bb/100 and i've made over 1.000.000$ in online cashgames.
My games throughout that period has been HU and 6max, both PLO and NLH.
My current main game is 6max PLO and live PLO and I'm being coached by Alexander Petersen.

Due to a series of events, i've found myself in the need for a staking deal.
This could either be for live cashgames in Las Vegas or online on both European, Asian and US sites.
The limits I'm seeking stake for would be anything from 1/2 to 50/100

Picture of graph linket below:

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Old 04-20-2017, 03:45 PM   #4
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: DANMERRRRRRR staking+coaching

Originally Posted by Lilius View Post
Alex Petersen and James Vonderhaar = AlexKP & ZepHendrix
you're welcome.
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Old 05-01-2017, 01:57 AM   #5
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Re: DANMERRRRRRR staking+coaching

Findnamehere PS
Findnamehere FT

31, Irish living in Holland, winning 5bb/100 on average in most games I play,.

Was a rinky dink player as we all are when I first started years ago, Spent time playing for Alex (onenoc) staking agreement all went well.

Had one bad experience doing MTT's for another staker, he wasnt an honest guy.

Life had ups and downs (variance in real life) but now settled down with wife and kid with no job so all the time in the world to put in hours at the table.

Willing to start low and prove myself over 50k hands in a month ( pick your stake ) .

Reason not rolled myself at the moment, getting married, having a kid, etc was busy enough not to get the hours in, so just ended up spending my roll to have blast,. now looking to get back into action and since I aint got a job, I cant see myself grinding from the Micro, too Small Stakes again, just take too long to see a ROI email,

skype was Findnamehere too, pretty much all my things are under that screen name,.


Drop me a line if you are looking for a horse that will do large volume in NLz and constantly wants to build on improve his game.

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