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**CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs **CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs

02-01-2011 , 06:31 AM
Wow, a lot of guys want to be staked. I dont have PM privileges yet but I can tell you I have about a 50% ROI over 1200 games. Mostly MTT SnGs. I play on FT: jarrodsb
I have to admit my online ring game play needs work, but I am improving.

Can you tell me what does one have to gain by getting staked? I have enough in my account to grow my roll on my own, but am willing to try something if I can profit greatly from it.
02-01-2011 , 08:22 AM
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BadPoker999 on Stars
02-01-2011 , 12:34 PM
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ibetyoucantcall on FTP
lolucalled on Absolute
02-01-2011 , 02:55 PM
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davrowon stars
02-01-2011 , 06:16 PM
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fulltilt - nitroven
02-01-2011 , 07:39 PM
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snowmanshan stars
02-01-2011 , 09:32 PM
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dfa2001 stars
02-02-2011 , 02:35 PM
Hi Mickey,

I'm hoping you can give an update and maybe an idea of where you have decided to go with this. Reading your OP,
I am currently looking for a maximum of 1-2 horses who plays midstakes to add to my stable. This thread is mainly for gauging interest
you mention only looking for one, or two horses and were gauging interest. The thread has gotten pretty big and it's been a few months and I skimmed the pages looking for an update to no avail, so I guess I'm just basically hoping you can give an idea of where you are at with this endeavor and if you've decided to take on more people or are still in the gauging interest phase. I also seem to remember a thread where you had someone accepting the apps for you, or was acting as a sort of mediator and I didn't see that in this thread so I'm wondering if I've missed something along the way that was key.

Thanks for any clarification,


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02-03-2011 , 04:35 PM
Can't Send Pm cause I'm new to the site but i'm interested.

FTP and Stars name: Armando2833

Mainly play on FTP though. Also when looking at my history please consider that I started taking poker seriously at the beginning of 2010.

2010 results:

2011 results so far:

02-03-2011 , 10:49 PM
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fulltilt poker: PST-AUK110
02-04-2011 , 04:17 AM
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02-25-2011 , 04:39 AM
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woody1234321 on stars
02-25-2011 , 10:44 PM
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hitme1tim3 stars/ftp

02-28-2011 , 07:09 PM
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