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**CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs **CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs

10-22-2010 , 06:29 PM
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Dropkick1 tilt
99rampage99 stars
10-22-2010 , 08:49 PM
Stars: rmarquez14
10-23-2010 , 03:56 AM
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BadPoker999 Stars
10-26-2010 , 06:54 AM
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fchenri FTP
10-26-2010 , 12:40 PM
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10-26-2010 , 02:59 PM
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Macknot stars and full tilt
10-27-2010 , 01:50 AM
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10-27-2010 , 01:57 AM
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10-27-2010 , 07:35 AM
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lnormajean ps
sakuraroze ftp
11-01-2010 , 01:53 PM
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11-02-2010 , 12:52 PM
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rnb333 on ps
11-02-2010 , 02:43 PM
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jet409 on tilt/stars
11-02-2010 , 07:35 PM
cant send pm but im very instereted in a deal for 180 man and higher mtts
11-02-2010 , 08:11 PM
Hey Mickey,
We spoke at EPT london at the 1k side and 300 turbo. My name is Joe Walsh if you cant remember, and I play as walshy101 on full tilt.

I am a student currently studying maths and would be looking for staking for tourneys ranging from 10 dollars to 109's. Essentially september was extremely expensive for me and I bricked everything resulting in me losing a substantial amount of my roll (BRM ftw!). As a result I now require backing but upon taking all of those shots I have now learnt a lot and I'm willing to apply my current level of skill and put in far more volume, whilst always getting better to progress up the ranks and try to become world class.

I have a reference should you require it from James who you also met at the EPT.

My Sharkscope stats for MTT's on full tilt are:

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
walshy101 519 $11 $26 143% $5,515 - 85 FullTilt Sch. Only

I also played breifly on stars for a small period but I really have no sample on there and I am not a huge fan of the site.

Anyway I am 19 and I know I have lots to learn from people like yourself and I always try to surround myself with good thinking players who i respect, have great results and have a professional approach to the game. Which is actually the main reason I wish to get backed as I believe the discipline of being staked would enable me to win at an even higher rate and make us a bunch of money hopefully.

Ty for consideration and keep pushing the cardrunners vids. Any further questions just pm me.
11-03-2010 , 04:27 PM
My name is Iv. I'm playing poker 3 years ago. I want to play 18 man turbo SnG at Poker Stars. I have a possitive ROI at all levels between 1,75 - 16,50. But I try to play 3,30$ rebuy 180 players SnG and I lost a lot of my money. So I wanna be sponsored for 6,50 - 11 $ 18 players turbo SnG. I play 12 - 14 tables at the same time 4-5 hours per day. That means I can play about 50 - 60 SnG per day. I'm sure that I will got about 10 - 15% ROI at this levels, may be more. I need a bankroll of minimum 70 - 80 buy ins. I thing 50/50 is a good deal.
My nick names are 'xHNx' at PokerStars and 'Ivcata' in Microgaming.
Please find me at sharkscope, cause I spent my searches today and i can't give you a link.

Best regards, Ivtzata.
11-04-2010 , 09:41 AM
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Emaa (stars)
Mando208 (ftp)
11-05-2010 , 04:23 AM

kgabes11 - stars
11-05-2010 , 09:33 PM
Sites played on and screen SN:weedamins13
Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100
weedamins13 415 $4 $19 39% $1,777 Tilt 78 Merge

Reason for seeking stake, how long do you want to be staked for: I recent had to with draw 2k to pay the rent due to my mom wasn't going to be able to pay this month. I left my self 200 in my account and tried to still play the 60$ rebuys and the 80$ double stacks and went on tilt. I have found the leak in my game. I would need to be staked for 2 days to a week
How many tables you play/Volume: I play 2 mtt's at a time, and if not a mtt in my bankroll rules I play a sng double up 6-max
Will poker be your main source of income?No, currently a college student and working part-time for an escrow company.
Software you use while playing: none, but I have been thinking of trying hold'em manager since been advised by my friend who is a 100nl grinder on ft
Any other information you want to share: Also am looking for some stakers for the LA Poker Open.
Thank You,
Nick B.

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11-26-2010 , 03:44 PM
pm sent
testurkungfu both
11-29-2010 , 07:47 AM
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FTP: degord2
PS: degord2
UB: degord2
Cake: degord2
11-29-2010 , 07:36 PM
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ftp: hojomofo
pstars: clubbedboat
11-29-2010 , 10:40 PM
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CMLLovesDegus on tilt
CMLIsAwesome on stars
11-30-2010 , 02:06 PM
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11-30-2010 , 05:55 PM
Over 20k In Profits This Year : OPR #'S : $73,844 $21,352 41%
12-01-2010 , 09:23 AM
PM on Pocketfives as i cant PM on 2+2

Pokerstars - Peanut172
Full Tilt - Peanut172