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**CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs **CLOSED**Offering Stakes for mtts/mttsngs

10-08-2010 , 10:53 AM
Hi Mickey, out of interest would it be possible for you give a general idea of the minimum amount of volume you're looking for from your horses?
10-08-2010 , 03:22 PM
sharkscope me : halengoil

i play around 100 sits a day using table ninja, im looking for 3.3$ or higher
want to make supernova till end of the year.
10-09-2010 , 05:28 AM
Thanks for all the applications guys but please don't send me follow-up pm's asking why you didn't get picked if I havent gotten back to you. I have a busy schedule and it would take a lot of time for me to get back to all those people and I have had to turn down a lot of people who met all the criterias for one reason or another.
10-09-2010 , 10:46 PM
sn Br@v0 on stars

pretty good MTT stats

take a look
10-10-2010 , 07:27 PM
PM Sent JGDavis44 Stars, _Check_Mate Cereus
10-11-2010 , 01:51 AM
PM sent. Piroclastica on Stars.
10-13-2010 , 02:04 PM
Pm sent. Illini213 on FTP/PS
10-13-2010 , 04:43 PM
pm sent

cjmcculley-stars, colinoscopy-ftp
10-13-2010 , 05:32 PM
pm sent

stars : RIVERH8SME
10-13-2010 , 09:46 PM
PM sent
10-14-2010 , 03:22 PM
pm sent
gfgjojo on Stars
10-15-2010 , 01:12 AM
PM sent

dawade on FTP
dawade on Stars
10-17-2010 , 01:10 AM
PM sent Antonz87 on stars
10-17-2010 , 08:37 PM
pm sent
dansaboss ftp
four1two stars
10-18-2010 , 02:10 PM
Sites played on and screen names:Thetrump12, bdtd1456

References:Chrisa8,wildo4,10eson, and my boy fitz and i have a cash friend named siva who takes huge roller coaster rides.
Previous staking experience: i got offered a deal from plstaking, he decided to change his mind. (when i found out I started playing mtt's and went bust)
Rakeback?/VIP Level: iron man

(check my charts, i have a few nicks in my game, I finally see the steals from other positions was hole one. hole two over estimating maniacs, playing five ten. I am sure you know what your looking for. If I fit some of that description.

10-19-2010 , 12:33 AM
pm sent

dag21 full tilt

scottynoplay stars
10-19-2010 , 05:18 AM
10-19-2010 , 12:00 PM
pm sent
10-19-2010 , 02:04 PM
pm sent.
A la plancha on stars.
10-19-2010 , 08:12 PM
Hey mement_mori, rail u all the time and have played pretty good bit with u at the table, sending pm super00tilt on stars
10-22-2010 , 01:16 PM
New to the marketplace and 2+2 in general, and unfortunatly unable to PM at this time. My name is Jon and looking for backing for MID to HIGH stakes MTT's.

Pokerstars name is siggy090, here are my stats...

Check my stats from 2009, as this was my most active year, and you will see that I am a very consistent player proven to be able to cash in these larger tournaments. I'm able to grind as many days and hours as possible depending on the stakings I receive, and will honestly and fairly comply with any terms of said stake.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.
10-22-2010 , 01:27 PM
PM sent
10-22-2010 , 03:33 PM
Yo, not allowed to send pm's. Long time player and staked from well respected player. Let me know how to contact you... profontaine (ps) & Cassius Ali (ftp). ty
10-22-2010 , 05:52 PM
Is there a way I can contact you other than pm?...we've played against each other for years and have background info you would probably be interested in (ie. preivious backer and such). I am new to the whole networking thing so dont really know how to navigate this site/ get in touch with you.
10-22-2010 , 05:54 PM
meant to give you my email ...